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Oleksandr Nazarov

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Oleksandr Nazarov
photo Oleksandr Nazarov
(25. 5. 1925 - 7. 2. 1945)

A LEXANDER A. Nazarov, second lieutenant, platoon commander of the 1 st Battalion, 243rd Regiment of small Volga 181 th Infantry Division, was born in 1926 in a. Low Lopuhovka Volsky (formerly. Cherkassky) district of Saratov region. Russian. He graduated from junior high school in Mr.. Kaspiisk, where before the war he moved to permanent residence.

In 1942 he voluntarily went to the Red Army, he studied at the Infantry School. C 1943 to the day of death (7 February 1945) fought on the 1 st Ukrainian Front. Took part in forcing the Dnieper, the liberation of Ukraine and Poland. For fighting differences Jan. 20, 1945 was presented to the Order of the Red Star.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Alexander Alexandrovich Nazarov posthumously awarded June 27, 1945 for a high act of sacrifice, which was wrecked by an enemy counterattack.

. In Dagestan g
. Kaspiisk AA. Nazarov monument, was named secondary school N 2, in which he studied before going to the front.


At the end of January 1945 the regiment, which served Nazarov, crossed the Oder, northwest of Breslau and took a foothold on the left bank of the river
. Departments have begun to prepare the offensive in the direction of Liegnitz - Regional Center of Silesia and the strong strong point defense. The operation was supposed to begin on February 8, but before the enemy struck at the site of defense 243rd Regiment, pre-emptive strike. Bloody battles ensued, during which, and made his immortal feat of Lieutenant Alexander Nazarov.

. Platoon took Nazarova defense at low altitude, in the direction which the enemy on Feb. 2, 1945 he delivered his main attack
. Initially, the position of the platoon came under intense artillery and mortar fire, followed by thick chain Nazis went into the attack. After letting the fascists at close distance, the soldiers on the team Nazarova opened friendly fire from rifles, machine guns and machine guns. Enemy chain quickly thinned out, the Nazis did not stand the rain of bullets and took cover, and then retreated to their original positions.

. Nazarov knew, . that the enemy will not rest on this, . and acted, . to prepare to repel repeated counterattacks: replenished supply of ammunition and grenades, . replaced by two retired gunners down, . increased surveillance, . asked to prepare a company commander on the right flank barrage of artillery or mortars.,

. Resubmit the Germans began a counterattack with the same abroad and in the same way
. Drunken chain Nazis marched in growth, randomly firing their machine guns in the direction of our troops. Paving the battlefield corpses, they crept ahead, however, not having succeeded, once again retreated. This was repeated twice more. Before the positions of platoon Nazarova fighters counted 60 enemy dead. Although the loss of our soldiers were several times less, yet they were very noticeable - the platoon remained half marksmen.

In the afternoon the enemy made one last - the fifth in a row - and especially a strong counter. Against a handful of Soviet soldiers rushed two medium tanks and three self-propelled gun with troops tommy. Nazarov called on his colleagues staunchly maintain their positions. He himself moved along the trench on the site, which moved tanks and self-propelled guns. When the enemy vehicle approached at close distance, they flew grenades. Two self-propelled guns were hit by fighters Nazarov, one tank was set ablaze the fire of our artillery. But the surviving tank and self-propelled with a group of machine gunners could want in the location of the platoon. Nazarov was well aware that a break through the enemy's height will cast a flank attack the whole battalion. That in no case could not be allowed.

P odnyavshis upright, brave officer with two anti-tank grenades in their hands ran under the tracks of an enemy tank. Enormous explosion shook the air force. The tank went up in flames. Move on after his self-propelled gun fled. Sacrificed their lives Nazarov stopped the enemy advance.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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