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Alexander Nosov

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Alexander Nosov
photo Alexander Nosov
(1924 - 3. 10. 1943)


A LEXANDER Mikhailovich Nosov, Guards Junior Sergeant, assistant commander of the small platoon of 15-th Guards Rifle Regiment, 2 nd Guards Rifle Division of the Red Banner, was born in 1924 in Dr.
. Scherbinovke Atkarsk (formerly. Durasovskogo) district of Saratov region. Russian. He graduated from junior high school. In August 1942 he was drafted into the Red Army. He fought in the North-Caucasian Front, and in the Independent Coastal Army. Participated in the defense and liberation of the Caucasus, in the defeat of Nazi troops in the Crimea. Thrice wounded. For military distinction was awarded the Order of the Red Star (1943).

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Nosov was awarded on Oct. 17, 1943 for the destruction of one of the battles on the Taman Peninsula, 70 enemy soldiers and officers and for displaying courage and bravery.

. P skirting October 3, 1943 in the battles for the liberation of Taman
. Order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR was ever enrolled in one of the lists of military units. Buried in the article. Starotitarovskoy Krasnodar Territory.

L and assuring the fall of 1942, Soviet troops fought defensive operations in the foothills of the Caucasus. The enemy tried to occupy the oil-rich areas. Rifles, which served Nosov, with heavy fighting retreating to the town of Ordzhonikidze. In the area of the village Chikola erupted a fierce battle with tanks and motorized infantry of the enemy. In this battle Nosov was wounded, but remained on the battlefield to fully reflect enemy attacks. Tags fire with a machine gun and hand grenades, he destroyed 2 tanks and 6 of the Nazis.

After curing in the hospital Nosov was sent to the Guards of. In the battle near the village of Gizel in November 1942, he again distinguished: a hot battle killed 12 Nazis. Again, was wounded, but remained in the ranks. Command assigned a brave warrior rank of junior sergeant and assigned as assistant commander of the platoon.

. August 7, 1943 2 nd Guards Rifle Division, which served Nosov, launched an offensive to a height of 167.4 and farmstead Mining and Cheerful (Crimean region of Krasnodar Krai) to improve their position
. During the attack many of our tanks ran into a minefield. Only three cars, which acted platoon Nosov, successfully passed the enemy's barrage. Nosov first went into the attack after the tanks. His example was followed by a platoon of soldiers. When the tanks approached the front of the enemy defense of the trench ran a German officer with a bunch of grenades, intending to undermine one of them. Machine gun Nosov struck fascist. Then he threw two grenades into the enemy trench and the first burst in him. Bursts of automatic junior sergeant killed a group of Nazis, and soon with his guards took the first trench.

Further advance platoon prevented bunker, from which the Nazis were machine-gun fire. The soldiers took cover. There were wounded. Platoon commander was killed, and Nosov took his responsibilities to himself. He ordered the machine gunner opened fire on the bunker, and typing in the pockets of grenades, he crawled on their bellies forward. In the bunker embrasure Nosov threw one after the other three "pineapples". Gun stopped. Brave warrior immediately rushed into the bunker and fire a machine gun killed 8 of the survivors of the Nazis. The platoon immediately resumed the attack and took the second trench of the enemy.

At this time the Germans threw in his reserves to counterattack. Ahead were four tanks for them - tommy. Nosov ordered the men to cook grenades. Guardsmen, inspired by the courage and valor of his commander, coolly met the enemy. The first tank was hit by a platoon commander personally. The other two turned sharply to the right, and the fourth was set on fire fighters at a time when he had passed the trench. Guardsmen opened fire on the gunners, and forced them to retreat with heavy losses.

During the day the soldiers Nosova rescued five enemy attacks and by the end of the day captured the height of 167,4. п-.п°. Nosov personally killed 70 soldiers and officers and tank.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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Alexander Nosov, photo, biography
Alexander Nosov, photo, biography Alexander Nosov  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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