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( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography OCTOBER Mariya
photo OCTOBER Mariya
(3. 8. 1905 - 15. 3. 1944)


M aria Vasilievna October (nee Garagulya), Guard sergeant mechanic-driver of the tank 2 nd Guards Tank Battalion, 26 Guards Tank Brigade Elninskaya 2-Guards Regiment Tatsinskaya
. Born March 8, 1905 in Crimea. Russian by nationality. During the war years on their own savings built tank combat Friend ". She graduated from Omsk tank school and from October 1943 on his tank fought on the Western Front. January 17, 1944 in the station Krynki Vitebsk region in the tank "fighting friend" was shot caterpillar. The mechanic tried to October under enemy fire to eliminate damage that exploded near a mine dangerously wounded in her left eye. March 15, 1944 Mary died in the October front-line hospital in Smolensk. Ibid and buried at the Kremlin wall on Tverskaya street cemetery. Awarded the Order of the Patriotic War 1st degree.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Marie Vassilyevna October conferred by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council SSSSR on August 2, 1944.


C hild and adolescent years were Mary October in breathtaking scenery Kryma.V Simferopol Mariya met with Ilya Fyodorovich Oktyabrski
. Tall and handsome, he immediately liked it. Nothing like Mariya keep up with her husband. She read a lot, learned, excellent shot with a machine gun, revolvers, was able to drive a car. Mariya has actively participated in the groups of Red Army initiative, enthusiastically sang in front of the soldiers of Russian folk songs.

. Interesting, diverse life was at Maria Vasil'yevna, but destroyed voyna.Muzh went to the front, Maria evacuated from Chisinau in Tomsk
. Ilya Fedorovich stated in the letter about themselves, about how a border regiment fought with the enemy.

. -Believe me, darling, trust, victory will certainly be behind us, - wrote Ilya Fedorovich October - we will destroy the Nazis.

. But to see the victory he did not have
. Under the city of Kiev, leading soldiers into battle, he was smitten by a machine gun ocheredyu.No great sorrow did not break the strong-willed woman, she decided to go to the front.

. M aria V. decides to sell all their belongings and the money to build a tank
. But this money is not enough, then she took up her embroidery and labor produced the missing amount.

For two months, day after day lasted stubborn and hard work. Finally, the money collected and deposited in the state bank. Mariya sent a telegram to the Kremlin to this effect:
Moscow, Kremlin, Stalin Stalin. Dear Stalin! In the battles for the home my husband died Regimental Commissar October Ilya F.. In his death, the death of the Soviet people, tortured by the fascist barbarians want to take revenge on the fascist dogs, which contributed to the state bank to build a tank all their personal savings - 50 thousand rubles. Tank please call "fighting friend" and send me to the front as the driver of this tank. Have a special driver, possess excellent gun, I am Voroshilovsky shooter. Mariya Oktyabrskaya

Soon came the answer:
Thank you, Maria, for your concern for the armored forces of the Red Army. Your desire will be fulfilled, please accept my greetings. Supreme Commander. Loganberry.

Soon after Mariya was sent to Omsk tank school, successfully completed its. Finally came the day when Mariya saw his "militant Friend". Tank Plant, presented at the appointed time the tanks. Some military friends on the right flank was a tank commander Lieutenant p. Chebotko, beside him, wearing overalls and tankoshleme, mechanic m.V. October. To the left of it - Jasko gunner, radioman Misha Galkin. With this crew Mariya go to the enemy.

A September 1943. In a small forest glade Guardsmen gathered on the front rally. Mariya asked for the floor and went ahead. I never said it with such passion, as it is today:
"Dear my friends, I am proud that I will fight with the hated enemy of the famous Guards connection. I know how to be soldiers of the compounds. Prior to Germany's borders are not so close, but we get to it. We get to the lair of the beast and forever otobem hunt war against our country. I swear to you that the tank crew "fighting friend" does not fall behind you. I will smash the fascists, while banging my heart. "

In the first battle Mariya Oktyabrskaya satisfied excellent qualities of his car. The battalion commander, thanked the crew on the radio "Fighting Girlfriends", has congratulated the successful execution of combat missions. Combat baptism received. The front moved to the west. November 14 was transferred to the part of a new direction, where resistance was particularly fierce. "Fighting friend" was in the first wave of attackers. M.V. October saw a fire under her car, stumbled, fell fascists. The tank sped forward rapidly. Suddenly the "fighting friend" shuddered and began to wrap in the direction. Projectile iskorezhilo of caterpillars. The crew on the battlefield, decided to fix the car, which was done. Ahead again battle. Especially remembered for its brutal battle at the farm "Krynki". The enemy drew up the new forces. Head-tanks, including "fighting friend", yaroctno repulsed the attacks of the enemy, waiting for his infantry, which had been cut off by heavy machine gun and artillery fire. In the evening he heard a voice headset battalion commander:
"Fight as tank crews fought the Fighting Girlfriends". Only for today the crew of the glorious machine destroyed a platoon of Nazi thugs. "

The situation remained grave. Nearing the end of dry rations ran out of ammunition, the offensive. Along with all rushed to the village for the farm "Krynki" and "fighting friend". But only until the first trenches are destined doyti.Iz she was ambushed at close range hit the German gun. Torn tank tracks lifelessly sprawled on the snow. Tankers rushed out of the car. October looked. A few meters waning "ferdinandt". How to repair the tank under fire, and even right caterpillar, an open enemy? Must have a lot of self-control and courage, that in such circumstances to fix the tank, remove it from the fire and accomplish the combat mission.

. M aria V. withdrawn from the wing spare truck and jumped to the ground
. She did not hear the moaning howl mines, and, perhaps, heard, but how could it stop it? There was an explosion. Immediately Mariya felt pain in his left eye. Immediately surrendered to the pain in his left hand in the thigh. She fell, losing consciousness. On the battlefield it carried on a stretcher. It was January 17, 1944. The aircraft was taken to Mary Vassilyevna Smolensk. An elderly surgeon examined the wound. It is difficult to do anything. The thorn, piercing eyes, touched the cerebral hemispheres.

Big blood loss. The general condition of the weak, "- noted on the card nurse. After operands Mary Vassilyevna moved to the House. On the same day, towards evening, the October visit to a member of the military council of the front L.Z. Mehlis. He reassured her, saying that the crew is healthy. But doctors said that Mary Vassilyevna ready to be sent to Moscow. But the health of all deteriorated, increasingly advanced memory lapses, severe headache, fever, delirium. When Mariya came to himself, then to her first question was about our boys. Great joy brought Major furnaces, arrived to give her the Order. Major brought gifts and letters from the boys.
"Hello, my mother Mariya! We wish you a very speedy recovery. We deeply believe that our "fighting friend" comes to Berlin. For your injury, we will mercilessly retaliate enemy. An hour later we go to the battle. I embrace you all. Greetings to you sends our "fighting friend". "

. By Mary Vasil'yevna rolled down his cheek a tear: "Tell them, Comrade Major, which is very happy for them and grateful Б??." Mayor handed Mary Vasil for his courage and heroism of the Order of Patriotic War I degree.

. After his visit to one of Maria Vasil'yevna does not happen - doctors banned visits
. By nightfall health has deteriorated. She no longer wakes up and at dawn, March 15, Maria died October. But two hours after her death from the headquarters of the Frente rushed machine. Representatives Front Command arrived to inform the October that the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council she was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

P Ohorona M.V. Smolensk Kremlin in October, on the banks of the Dnieper near the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812 goda.V her memory Tomsk school number 24 is named after the heroine in the courtyard of the school she built the monument, by sculptor SI. Danilin, and the Museum School are carefully kept a few relics and materials on the brave woman.

Biography of Sergey Serov.

. ---
. Sources:
. 1) Certificate of native

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OCTOBER Mariya, photo, biography
OCTOBER Mariya, photo, biography OCTOBER Mariya  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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