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( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography RYAZANOV Alexey
photo RYAZANOV Alexey
(27. 2. 1920 - 1. 8. 1992)

P Yazan Aleksey Konstantinovich, squadron commander, Major-4-IAP (287 th IAD, 4-th Air Army, the North - Caucasus Front). Born February 27, 1920 in the village of Great Kochetovka Tokarevsky region Tambov region in a peasant family. Russian by nationality. Member of the CPSU since 1942. In the Soviet Army from 1939. Graduated from Borisoglebsk military aviation school pilots. During the Great Patriotic War, A. K. Ryazanov fought on the South-West, Central, Bryansk, Stalingrad, Southern, North-Caucasian, 2 nd Baltic fronts. Was a squadron commander and then deputy commander of the air regiment. He flew about 550 sorties, conducted more than 100 air battles, shooting down 32 enemy aircraft in person and 16 in group. Awarded the Order of Lenin (three times), the Red Banner (four times), Alexander Nevsky, World War 1 degree (twice), Red Star (twice), "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces' 3rd degree, medals. Honored Military Pilot of the USSR. Bronze bust installed in the village Tokarevka Tambov region

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star Medal, the squadron commander 4 th Fighter Wing, Major Alexey Ryazanov was awarded on Aug. 24, 1943.

. In the Torah medal "Gold Star" deputy commander of the 4 th Fighter Wing, Major AK
. Ryazanov was awarded on Aug. 18, 1945.

After the Great Patriotic War, he graduated from the Military Academy named after M. V. Frunze (1950), and then the General Staff Academy (1958). Since 1950, he worked at the headquarters of the Moscow Military District, then the headquarters of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces. Since 1959, the responsible post in the army since 1962 in the headquarters of Air Defense Forces. Since 1970, General - Air Force Major. Since August 1975 Alexey Ryazanov - was in stock. Lived in Moscow.

Died Aug. 1, 1992.

AIR fighter

With amolet with Nazi swastika on the plane and the fuselage was flying over Soviet soil. He was flying open, openly, not even trying to disguise.

It was June 22, 1941.

"Henschel-126" steered to the east. However, halfway between the state border of the Soviet Union, and the capital of Ukraine plane with a swastika was attacked by red-fighter. A short fight - and from "Henschel-126" remained on the ground only a pile of rubble poluobgorevshih ...

Shot down this Nazi plane in the June memorable Sunday in 1941, fighter pilot Alex Ryazanov. A few days later from his well-aimed bursts found his second loss of the Nazi aircraft - this time a heavy bomber, Heinkel-111.

List of military victories AK. Ryazanov, then one of the famous pilots of the Air Forces of the USSR, was opened.

A token Ryazanov was barely exceeded twenty, he had not yet been made wiser by the combat experience. His life, in fact, no different from the lives of millions of other Soviet youths.

He studied in the Soviet school. Longed to be like the heroes of the civil war, the exploits of which have sounded like a legend. Envied those who built Komsomolsk, Magnitogorsk, erected Dneproges, stormed the North Pole, made long-distance non-stop flights. Youthful desire for romance led him to aviation - in our country, everyone can choose a profession for the soul. He graduated from college, became a military pilot. In the drill hard to master the skill of the fighter. The life had just begun.

And war ... It was hard to our army at that time. The enemy rushed forward, trying to use its temporary advantages. To help ground troops to keep this fierce onslaught, the Soviet command shoving everything in stock were planes. For each pilot, who was then in service, accounted for the limit load.

No Aviation Regiment, which served Alexey Ryazanov, led the fighting in the Ukraine, on account there were already four pilots shot down enemy planes.

P Rochelle first year of the Great Patriotic War. Twice a decorated captain Ryazanov was appointed commander of the squadron of fighter regiment. Now on his shoulders lay the responsibility for a team fighting for his education and training.

Year of continuous heavy fighting was a huge school of combat skills. Fighting with the enemy, Ryazanov persistently studied, did not cease to improve their knowledge and skills. Enhance a culture of air combat - this principle was a young commander in the basics of working with crews. He judged with pilots held every battle, typical techniques and methods of the enemy, their successes and failures. In accordance with this outline plans for future actions.

The indisputable merit of the squadron leader was that he taught every pilot unit used in the air radio.

Now it is impossible to imagine that the pilot could go to the flight and do the job without a set of radio and radar equipment. But in 1942 things were somewhat different. Although radio had already firmly established in aviation, not all pilots, especially fighter aircraft, used it.

The reason is simply. The structure of the flight crew of a bomber as is known, is a few people. For example, the pilot is fully absorbed in control, that is piloting the plane in the air. In order for a flight took place precisely in the desired direction, . on board is the navigator, . which paves the desired course on the map, . makes the necessary navigational measurements and calculations, . continuously monitors, . where the airplane is flying, . as he left to the target and t,
. d. Air gunner-radio operator maintains radio contact with the ground, in the case of an attack on the plane reflects the attack fire machine gun or cannon, which has at its disposal. Thus, each crew member performs a certain part of the general duties.

In contrast to the fighter of the functions of all crew members are combined in one person. In flight, the pilot, of course, is undesirable in any additional load, especially if it does not seem very necessary. Therefore, some fighters are treated with a known bias to the complex radio equipment on the aircraft. In habit it was thought that the radio is not necessarily in flight. As always, the new conquered the right to life in the struggle with the old.

While on the plane did not radio, fighter, rising into the air, operated, relying entirely on their own capabilities. He literally remained "one of the endless skies. If flying group, then it ran commander - the leading. But how? At his disposal for this were several teams that he could convey in advance by the motion of the aircraft, such as swinging from the wing on the wing, dive toward the target and t. n.

To bring the tactics of air combat in line with the combat capabilities of aircraft, it was necessary to resolutely put an end to the underestimation of existing radio to control aircraft in the air. The traditional and, perhaps, the principal at that time the command: "Do as I do!" - Should quickly implement radio with its enormous capacity of a clear and continuous management.

Captain AK. Ryazanov has done much in this regard in his squadron. At the same time, he considered a matter of primary importance for a, . as commander, . not to withdraw fully from the weapons tested in the aviation command: "Do, . like me! "- because in the broad sense it means, . that the commander - is an example for his subordinates always and everywhere,

The commander of an aviation unit - is leading in the full sense of the word. On the ground, before the fighting, he heads the school of their pilots, organized, systematic training, periodically flies to each of them separately. He was subject to many experts the most diverse professions and skills. Squadron directs the efforts of each and the entire unit as a whole on exemplary decision combat missions. In flight, he personally led his group and usually throws in the first attack on the enemy. If, . example, . commander of a rifle battalion or artillery battalion directs the actions of their units, . being on the team or the observation point, . and they need not serve in combat, . let, . submachine gunner, . gunner, . a squadron commander put in other terms,
. By controlling the unit, he was united with him in the ranks, is fighting the same means, the same weapons as its pilots. He - the leading, all the rest - his followers. Do I have to say that in such circumstances the force of personal example, increases a hundredfold

. It is quite natural desire of each pilot to learn as clearly and easily manage your airplane, . bend it to his will, . be able to quickly and unexpectedly for the enemy to carry out a maneuver in battle, . like his commander, he strives to be as brave and resourceful, . same endurance and keen, . his commander, he wants to strike enemies as accurately and mercilessly, . his commander,
. All this makes the immutable law of the existing rule: the commander of all to be a head taller than subordinates.

That is the commander was for his pilots Communist Alexey Ryazanov. First of all, he constantly studied the experience of veterans, fellow soldiers, such as a squadron commander Captain A.G. Karmanov, was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Now he has, Alexei Ryazanov, studied, his personal example was followed by new air fighters. One of them was I.N. Stenanenko since the beginning of 1942 became his follower. Under the guidance Ryazanova Stepanenko held their first dogfight on the Bryansk Front June 12, 1942, and after three days and scored his first victory, shooting down a Junkers.

. About buchaya and educating subordinates, Alexey increased and his personal battle account, July 12, 1942, eight of our fighters covered the actions of ground troops in the area Zemlianskaia on the Bryansk Front
. Meet them flew 24 bomber Ju-87, accompanied by eight "Messerschmitt". A group of Soviet airmen boldly entered into an unequal battle against superior forces of the enemy, not allowing him to drop bombs on the military formations of ground troops. As a result, the battle had been destroyed seven enemy machines. Captain Ryazanov in this battle, he personally shot down an enemy bomber. And all for just one week in three air warfare conducted after the appointment of a squadron commander, Ryazanov destroyed three Nazi planes.

In Skaare command had brought the regiment, which included a squadron Ryazanov, on the other part of the front, which became crucial in that difficult time for our country's summer and autumn of 1942. Here, between the Volga and Don, the air battles were unprecedentedly intense. Each flight - this is a dogfight, and, as a rule, with the superior forces of the enemy. August 21, six fighters, led by Captain Ryazanov, covered the group of its ground-attack. When approaching the object group attacked the eight ME-109. Fighters repelled the attack, destroying two "Messerschmitt". One of them knocked Ryazanov. Our attack aircraft losses were not.

In another departure AK. Ryazanov had the opportunity to cross arms are no longer with the "Messerschmitt" habits which he had thoroughly studied, but with their Italian counterparts - "Mackey-200. And once again won a victory. As a result of this battle on a personal account Ryazanov than aircraft of all types of German production actually an Italian fighter. And so day after day, from departure to the departure forged, polished superb quality indomitable fighter aircraft.

Spring 1943 began intense air battles in the sky Kuban. The Soviet air force was fighting for total domination in the air.

A number of pilots and innovators, among them, and AK. Ryazanov, contributed to a diverse arsenal of tactics and techniques that make up the science of winning. Search, rapprochement with the enemy, attack, out of the battle, the prosecution - all these elements of air combat in the performance of different innovators tactical maturity, depth of design, technical polished. Increasing number of victories, which were a consequence of their high professional skills and culture of air combat.

From this perspective, revealing the battle, our fighters carried out four against four ME-109 near the village of Abinskaya. Skillfully using the tactical and technical data Yak-1, our pilots were able to force the enemy the least favorable conditions for him. As a result of this battle the enemy lost three of four cars directly over the area of battle, while the fourth went to the front line lined.

The next day Ryazanov took on the job six "yaks". Again Bitter dogfight, in which the enemy lost four fighters. Captain Ryazanov continued prosecution of the fifth to the airfield near Anapa, already in the enemy rear. The situation became more complex. In the vicinity of the airfield the pilot discovered six German bombers. They flew to the aid of a large group of fighters.

Quickly assessing the situation, Ryazanov realized that he now found himself in the position of the hunted. In such circumstances, the best defense - attack. And the pilot has entered into an unequal battle. From a distance of 50 meters from the first stage, he lit one of the bombers led. Soaring "Messerschmitts, in turn, struck a bold fighter.

Located in the heart of enemy planes, Ryazanov beat out one by one continuous enemy attacks, seeking to whatever was close to the front. And he succeeded! Moreover, he shot down one of the enemies were pressing. However, over the front line of his crippled plane lost control and crossed into the sheer height. Now all the possibilities for continuing the battle had been exhausted. The pilot jumped out of unmanageable car and landed in the mountains, right at the line of contact between our ground forces with the enemy. Friends infantry helped Ryazanov reach their trenches, and then taken to the airfield.

We kazom Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in August 1943, AK. Ryazanov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. By this time he made 407 sorties, he personally shot down in aerial combat 19 enemy aircraft and 16 - group. And this victory by the hero has always continued to grow!

. Starting June 22, 1941 the hard way a soldier from the state border - the Prut river - and passing through Stalingrad, Bryansk, Baltic States, the famous air warrior of the great army reached the borders of East Prussia
. 509 times he climbed on a combat mission. This was the cover for ground troops, and patrols and reconnaissance, and escort bombers and attack aircraft, and flights to intercept enemy aircraft and ground attack on its troops, and the blocking of airfields, and "free hunt".

. January 26, 1945 Ryazanov spent his 97-second dogfight
. It happened south of the city in the Baltic region Saldus. 13 of our Yak-9 circled over the battlefield, providing fighting bombers and attack aircraft. They met with 20 Hitler "Focke-Wulf". In battle Soviet pilots destroyed 10 enemy aircraft, and we did not lose a single. Major Ryazanov personally shot down a fascist fighter - 31 th in his battle account. In this battle, the pilot was wounded. For the third time during the war spilled AK. Ryazanov their blood. At this time the injury was serious. Nevertheless, he left tank, lined with antiaircraft guns, and has managed to put it on its territory.

The victory was already close. And although Ryazanov could in those days to get up in the air, he walked toward her with his unit, which had risen to deputy commander of the regiment.

For unparalleled heroism and courage in battles with the enemies Alexey Ryazanov was again presented to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union. The commander of the connection, characterizing Ryazanov, wrote on this view: "The best pilot connections, fearless air fighter.

A. Kiselev

. Additional Links:
. Biography at the Soviet aces.

. ---
. Sources:
. 1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary
. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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RYAZANOV Alexey, photo, biography
RYAZANOV Alexey, photo, biography RYAZANOV Alexey  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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