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Sevastyanov Alexey Tihonovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Sevastyanov Alexey Tihonovich
photo Sevastyanov Alexey Tihonovich
(16. 2. 1917 - 23. 4. 1942)

With evastyanov Alex Tihonovich commander of the 26 Fighter Regiment (the 7 th Fighter Aviation Corps, Leningrad zone defense) Second Lieutenant. Born February 16, 1917 in the village of Hill now Likhoslavl area Tverskoy (Kalinin) area. Russian. He graduated from the Kalinin Carriages College. In the Red Army in 1936. In 1939 he graduated from the Kachin Military Aviation School.

In Private World War II from June 1941. All during the war Lieutenant Sevast'yanov A.T. made more than 100 combat sorties, shot down 2 enemy aircraft in person (one of them a battering ram), 2 - in the group and balloon observations.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Tikhonovich Sevastyanov posthumously awarded June 6, 1942.

. November 4, 1941 Lieutenant Sevastyanov on the plane I-153 patrolled the approaches to Leningrad
. Approximately 22.00 enemy aircraft began flying over the city. Despite antiaircraft fire, one He-111 bomber managed to break through to Leningrad. Sevastyanov attacked the enemy, but missed. He is the second time went on the attack and opened fire at close range, but again by. Sevastyanov attacked a third time. Coming close, he pulled the trigger, but the shots are not followed - ran out of bullets. In order not to miss the enemy, he decided to go to ram. Reaching back to the "Heinkel", he cut off his tail propeller. Then he left the damaged fighter and landed by parachute. The bomber crashed into the area of the Tauride Gardens. Jumping by parachute crew members were taken prisoner. Fallen fighter Sevast'yanova was found in Baskov Lane and restored by specialists 1 st rembazy.

April 23, 1942 Sevast'yanov A.T. died in an unequal air battle, defending the "Road of Life across Lake Ladoga (shot down by only 2.5 km from the village Rahja, in this place is a monument). Buried in Leningrad Chesme Cemetery. Forever enrolled in the lists of the military unit. Its named after a street in St. Petersburg, House of Culture in the village of pervitine Likhoslavl Area. His heroism is devoted to the documentary "Heroes do not die."


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

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Sevastyanov Alexey Tihonovich, photo, biography
Sevastyanov Alexey Tihonovich, photo, biography Sevastyanov Alexey Tihonovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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