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Eugene P. Shnitnikov

( Hero of Russia)

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Biography Eugene P. Shnitnikov
photo Eugene P. Shnitnikov
(8. 9. 1953 - 6. 8. 1996)

W nitnikov Yevgeny Petrovich - Nizhny Novgorod Chief razvedotdeleniya SOBR police captain. Born Sept. 8, 1953 in Perm. Russian. As a child, enjoyed tinkering with machinery and dog-breeding - involved in the Club of young dog handlers in the Palace of Pioneers.

From 1972-1975. been serving in the Border Forces. In the bodies of internal affairs since 1975. In 1982 and in 1983-1984. on mission in the Republic of Afghanistan. Then he served in the bodies of internal affairs - a policeman-driver, . Desk Officer criminal search, . platoon commander of the regiment PPSM, . detective SOBR ATC Nizhny Novgorod region, . detective SOBR Volga-Vyatka regional department for combating organized crime.,

. Three times, went on mission to Chechnya
. Died Aug. 6, 1996 in Grozny.

W tion Hero Russia Yevgeny Petrovich Shnitnikovu conferred posthumously on Dec. 18, 1997.

He was buried in Nizhny Novgorod on avtazavodskom Cemetery. In the name of the hero named street in Nizhny Novgorod, on the house Б•¬ 16, where he lived, a memorial plaque.

. He was awarded the medal "For Military Merit, the Order of Courage, Medal of the Order of Merit of the Fatherland" II degree and other medals.


B Tp, driven by a captain Shnitnikov, rode away from the building, which houses the Office for Combating Organized Crime Ministry of Interior of the Chechen Republic
. No sooner had the car to go and hundreds of meters, as shot grenade flashed armor, filling sweltering belly of flame and smoke. Militants attacked first. When a second after the explosion of consciousness returned, the captain Shnitnikov gave the order to leave a burning armored personnel carriers, and he moved to the place of a gunner. And before landing leaned hatches and the first sobrovtsy done saving dash to the nearest building, away from the ailing car, talking guns, and APCs.

This was the first surprise, matted plans Б•  Б•L wolves. They hoped that from now fuming Б•  Б•L boxes thrown out the stunned, dazed, shell-shocked or wounded soldiers, who are easy prey for snipers and machine gunners. Instead - aimed fire short, shrewd queues. It was enough to come to confusion. Advantage of this and successfully passed the shoot site, sobrovtsy took refuge behind the walls of the house. APCs, which were about to take off munitions, the last left Captain. Friends covered it with fire. Fewer and fewer steps away from Eugene saving entrance ...

Leg suddenly give way, ceased to obey. An unknown force dropped to the ground, and burning pain heavy weight crushed her. Two policemen tried to jump out of the house, help the captain. His cry: Б•  Everybody back!.. Snipers work! .. Б•L - stopped the boys.

Terrible pain could not blur the mind. The second time for the brief moments of battle Eugene replay Б•  Б•L fighters advance proschityvaya and guessing their moves, thus saving the lives of friends, risking their own.

. Firing a machine gun, the captain continued to crawl back to the stone walls, leaving a trail of blood.

. Because automatic bursts nobody heard the shot sniper
. Realizing that the lure of the open space of the new goals Б•  Б•L not work, he stopped the puck optical sight on his chest and the captain pulled the trigger. Eugene, dropping the machine, stood on the ground.

Jumping out of the building, two co-brovtsev dragged into the entrance of an officer. He was still alive. All that could be done in those moments for the wounded captain, my friends have. But the battle with the wolf pack Б•  Б•L continued. And in this day and the next, and for many days.

Almost three weeks held in Nizhny Novgorod SOBR fighters in a burning house. The fire started after an intense fire from grenade. When drowned several assaults and bandits realized that in open battle sobrovtsev not win, they decided to burn the building UO-Pa. Fire itself was not so bad. More pestering smolder, mordant eyes and lungs.

In the smoke and choking weak from loss of blood Eugene Shnitnikov, August 6, he was gone.

Ammunition over and sobrovtsy decided to break out of encirclement. Through minefields through crowded city of insurgents, they still broke, carried the dead officers and brought with them four captives.

1) Heroes of Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Moscow 2002

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Eugene P. Shnitnikov, photo, biography
Eugene P. Shnitnikov, photo, biography Eugene P. Shnitnikov  Hero of Russia, photo, biography
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