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( Greek novelist)

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Biography Heliodoros
Heliodorus; Heliodoros, III (or IV) in. n. e., Greek novelist. In the conclusion to his novel G. introduces the reader to the Phoenicians, the son of Theodosius Emeza. More precise information about his life we do not. Narration G. includes 10 books and is known as the Ethiopian story of Teagene and Chariklo or - in brief and often eaten form - Aethiopica (Aithiopika). This novel holds a special place in the history of the Greek novel. Like other novelists, Mr.. set out to entertain the reader, but surpassed his predecessors talent and originality. It affects primarily the incredible virtuosity of narrative technique.

Following the example of Homer, he immediately introduces the reader to the very heart of the action (in medias res), but the previous events, we learn in the course of the narrative of the conversations and confessions heroes. This arrangement allows the reader to keep in constant tension, and the novel is read with unabated interest. His support is deliberately used by the author of developmental delay action, unpredictable plot twists, interruption of the narrative thread of the most interesting place, interlocking motifs, forming a harmonious unity. The plot of the novel T. history of a young Ethiopian princess, abandoned his mother. Brought to Delphi and reared there Greek Chariklo, Harikleya became a priestess of Artemis. Seeing the beautiful Teagena, she loved him. Together they left the temple and the Egyptian sage Kalasirisom went home Chariklo.

After many adventures storm threw them ashore in Egypt at the mouth of the Nile. There they fell into the hands of local bandits, this scene and the novel begins. Then we see them surrounded by bandits in the swamps of the delta, and then in Memphis, exposed to the greatest dangers; fate that connects them, then separates again, but in the end they come to Ethiopia, where the rights parents Chariklo, Gidaspov and Persin. Young people, however, appear there as an unknown strangers. Recognition takes place only when, in accordance with local custom, they should be sacrificed to the god of the sun. They manage to escape death, the parents happily accepted the new-found daughter and give her in marriage Teagenu. And in their country now abolished the bloody sacrifice. The image of the Sun God, perceived as a universal deity and is identified with Apollo, shows the influence of the East. The novel reflects and astrology at that time, the belief in dreams and magic. Innocence and impeccable morality of the protagonist in the Byzantine era made people talk about didactic and moralistic nature of the work and led to his allegorical interpretation of how the struggle of reason against the passions and inclinations, with the ultimate victory of the first,
. G. possessed the gift of the storyteller, and his novel enjoyed incredible success in the ancient world and in Europe the new time.

He was the favorite reading of the Byzantines, Scaliger, author of the famous Poetics, put it above the Aeneid, he valued Montaigne, and Cervantes wrote a piece on the model Aethiopica Love suffering Persilii and Sigismund. Among the followers of Mr.. can also call Calderon de la Barca, Torquato Tasso, Madeleine de ScudцLry. Scenes from a novel G. Rafael wrote. He quoted Shakespeare. Racine knew it by heart. Many imitations novel G. appeared in France and Germany.

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Heliodorus (Heliodoros)

Heliodoros, photo, biography
Heliodoros, photo, biography Heliodoros  Greek novelist, photo, biography
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