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Legostaev Philippe Mihailovich

( Scientific)

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Biography Legostaev Philippe Mihailovich
Philippe Mihailovich, died Oct. 13, 1999. Write these bitter row could someone else, who knew better than late, but for reasons unknown to me this sad mission fell to my share. I say as I can. Philippe Mihailovich was ten years older than me, was born, then in the first decade of the past 1900. I think that somewhere in our capitals, but do not know exactly. He received his military education and was close to the service to the highest military leadership of the Red Army. Participated in the ill-fated campaign, and Finland, in particular, in the ensuing installation of a new Soviet-Finnish border. I was studying in Bolshevo Military Engineering School (near Moscow).

We met here already, in Venezuela, in the early 50-ies. Philippe Mihailovich arrived here with his family is probably a couple of years before me and made a physio-therapy room, an expanded later in the school, which exists and poseyden, under the direction of his granddaughter, Sasha. This work arose undoubtedly from his past military education (like me: when I became a sapper Surveyor). But the most basic features of this remarkable man was his constant concern and participation in the affairs and lives of others, . wherever he was: during the war - at the critical areas of Vlasov's Liberation Movement; here, . Venezuela, . - In the leadership of the Organization set up for mutual support among former fighters Liberation Movement, . SBONR, . in the organization of social life of our newly created Russian colony, . especially relating to the creation of our Orthodox parishes and their Temples, . Finally - all, . concerns the relationship of our Colonies with the local population and authorities, . ie,
. permanent removal of support at the proper height of our Russian name. Philippe Mihailovich had a very solid patriotic outlook and, . Being a worldview is deeply based on life-experience those, . to verify in their own struggle and activities, . directly and bluntly put it at the forefront in any of its terms,
. It appeared to many, even some sharpness, especially those who gave no trouble to get to know him as a. But I can say with absolute certainty, . that Philippe Mihailovich was quite accessible opposing arguments: our mutual point of view on some issues diverge almost radically, . but our first acquaintance grew with time into a good friendship,

. It remains for me to express here only one thought, . namely: in the person of Philippe Mihailovich our little Russian team in Venezuela had, . and now - lost, . one of our most active and helpful staff, . our homeland - one of its true citizens, . and our hospitable Venezuela, . rewarded him with its high Emblem differences, . - One of its valuable workers,
. Do not leave them in the darkness of indifference his good name and the eternal memory of him.

The last days of his life the outstanding features of severe for him, his wife Nina Andreyevna and granddaughter Sasha: two days before the death of Philippe Mihailovich Tata died on his daughter, Tatiana Filip, long time struggled with his illness. That did not help himself and his father, also heavily bolevshy over the past few years. Who would have dared to explain this mysterious sequence of almost simultaneous departure from the life of his daughter and father? ... Inscrutable ways of the Lord. Kingdom of heaven servants of God Tatiana and Philip.

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Legostaev Philippe Mihailovich, photo, biography
Legostaev Philippe Mihailovich, photo, biography Legostaev Philippe Mihailovich  Scientific, photo, biography
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