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Vyacheslav Volgin

( Scientific)

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Biography Vyacheslav Volgin
photo Vyacheslav Volgin
Born in the village of Rila Borschevka county province of Kursk in a family with revolutionary traditions. His father, Pyotr Nikolayevich, son of civil servant, was an active participant in the organization of "Land and Freedom", for that of 1877-1878. prosecuted the famous "process 193-x", lost his right of residence in the capitals of the empire, and in 1882, Mr.. for participating in student unrest was expelled from Kharkov University. Volgin himself received his secondary education in school and Chisinau in 1897, Mr.. entered the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow University.

Student Life Volgin, with interruptions associated with participation in revolutionary activities, lasted until 1908, Mr.. During this time he changed his specialty and finished university at the rate of History and Philology, has twice been deported under police surveillance in 1901. joined RSDLP and later joined the Menshevik organization, leading an active advocacy and organizational work. And yet, after graduation in 1908, Mr.. Viacheslav was left at the university to prepare for a professorship. Even then, define the scope of his scientific interests of its history became a utopian socialist thinkers of the Western XVIII of the first half of the XIX century. One of his works was devoted to the views of the French educator Jean Melle. Since 1914, Mr.. Volgin began teaching at the Moscow City People's University. AL Shanyavsky, and after the revolution became a professor at Moscow University on the faculty of the history of socialism. In 1920, Mr.. joined the RKP (b).

Since the beginning of the organizational changes in science caused by the revolution, Volgin was among the initiators of their. Thus, he was one of the organizers of the Socialist (later Communist) Academy and one of the first professors of the Institute of Red Professors, in 1919-1929 he was. was a member of the State Academic Council, in 1921-1922. Deputy. Chairman of the Main Committee of vocational education Narcompros (Glavprofobra), . actively participated in the creation of the Institute of History Association of Russia scientific-research institutes of social sciences, . Institute of History under the Communist Academy, . was among the founders of the Society of Marxist Historians,
. Viacheslav 1921. headed the committee on Education of the Belarusian University.

Organizer and first dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Moscow University, Volgin on the order of Narcompros replaced in May 1921. as chairman of the Provisional Bureau unpopular among faculty corporations DP Bogolepova and took the lead in "revolution mobilized and called to the main university of the country.

. In September the same year the Soviet Government had approved the Regulations on higher education, according to which all universities subordinated Commissariat and Glavprofobru
. The activities of the university under the new statute led the Board of 3-5 people, whose members are appointed by the Commissariat. Establish boards of high school, which, in addition to the Board, with representatives from concerned departments and representatives of professors, teachers, researchers, students and employees.

. To restore and develop the national economy dictated the need for multiple staff profiles
. In 1922, Mr.. in Physics and Mathematics Department was established 12 research institutes: Mathematics and Mechanics, . physics and crystallography, . Mineralogy and Petrography, . Zoology, . Botany, . morphogenesis, . Anthropology, . Geology, . Geography, . Chemistry, . astrofix, . soil,
. A significant development was the establishment of a natural branch of physics and mathematics department of Soil Science, headed by V. Gemmerling (closest disciple AN Sabanin). In general, faculty were revised curriculum in the direction of the organization of more practical training, expanded range of special courses. In 1924, Mr.. Faculty of Medicine called the clinic of occupational diseases. In the same year created the Association of Research Institutes Faculty of Social Sciences of Moscow State University.

Continuing policy of the State of proletarianization students. All departments since September 1922. implemented the principle of taking a class at the expense of workers' school and loaned to the study of the RCP (b), the Central Committee of Komsomol, the All, the Commissariat, natsrespublik. At the same time suspended from teaching irreconcilably tuned to the Soviet government professor.

In 1922, Mr.. opened student club (indoors University Church of St.. Tatiana!), Erected monuments AI Herzen and NPOgareva front of the University of Moss Street. Since 1923, Mr.. operates recreational University in Gelendzhik. In 1924, Mr.. was organized by the evening dedicated to 100 anniversary of the Maly Theater, held dispute flight to other worlds.

. In general, the rector has an extremely difficult environment to strengthen the position of the University and send it to address the critical challenges for the entire country.

. At the end of the rector's term Volgin took the deanship ethnological department (until 1930).

. In 1930
. Viacheslav was elected a member of the Office of Arts (History), and during the Great Patriotic War, Vice-President (until 1953), USSR. He was one of the initiators of the organization of branches of the Academy of Sciences of the whole country.

Until old age distinguished scientist more productive. Two months before his death in "Questions of History" was published his article on A. I. Herzen.

Vyacheslav Volgin was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery.

Vladislav Remarchuk, department head IAAS of MSU,
Dmitry Gutnov, an employee of the Museum of History, Moscow State University
Media Center of Moscow State University. M.V. University

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  • Michael for Vyacheslav Volgin
  • Thanks Vladislav Remarchuku and Gutnov Dmitry for a good, informal biography of the VP. Volgin. My grandfather - historian Eugene A. Morokhovets was friends with him since the time of participation in the RSDLP. He also belonged to the Menshevik faction. But the correspondence between them, unfortunately, not preserved. I think that it was destroyed for safety reasons in mid-1930. I would like to write a biography of his grandfather, but the details remained little. The fact that I know, put on the site vgd.ru. If you find something else, I will be highly appreciated. Sincerely, Michael Morokhovets
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    Vyacheslav Volgin, photo, biography
    Vyacheslav Volgin, photo, biography Vyacheslav Volgin  Scientific, photo, biography
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