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Onetti Victoria (Victoria Onetto)

( Actress)

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Biography Onetti Victoria (Victoria Onetto)
photo Onetti Victoria (Victoria Onetto)
The only actress of Argentina, which openly declares its desire to become a star of erotic genre. Because of her girls have long wear brooches in the form of butterflies, and the boys happy and looking at her photo and fantasize. She had a difficult life journey on which she met neither more nor less than with the professor of philosophy ...

Because of her girls have long wear brooches in the form of butterflies, and the boys happy and looking at her photo and fantasize. But in fact, Lina - Butterfly from "Wild Angel" - very different from the actress playing this role. In giving an exclusive interview for "Viva Plus", Victoria Onetti appears before us as a serious young woman who had a hard life, with whom she moved closer, no more no less, as a professor of philosophy.

. In life, as well as in the telenovela, Victoria is full of optimism, joy and life
. And it is not surprising, since beauty Onetti brought to the character, who played very much on my own. Lina - a sweet and optimistic butterfly, and this by nature of its heroine Victoria came up with the authors of "Wild Angel". So what are the reasons for her happy life, maybe it is because for 27 years she has found happiness as a woman, finding a man, whose name is Herman. And surprise, Lin also could not long remain one and so twisted affair with Bobby, best friend, Ivo. Photos, which can be seen on the Internet, we are told that these relationships end up in a very even romantic.

- Victoria, you and Herman live together?
- (Laughs) What do you think?
- He is an actor?
- No, thankfully. He is a professor of philosophy and literature. We are together just a few months, but it was love at first sight, and I am very happy. It allows me to see anything other than the actor's environment and it is wonderful.
- Professor of philosophy? How did you meet?
- I met him on the beach, it was perfect. Herman did not know who I am or what I'm famous. He had just arrived from London, where he taught for two years, so that he fell in love with me, but not in my name.


He loves jazz, hates injustice

. Not always Onetti was so happy
. Her elder sister, and she grew up without a father, he was killed when his mother Victoria was on the fifth month of pregnancy. She began working at small papers in a very young age. When she was 14 years old, she discovered the actor's environment, but life without a father was very hard. "You can say that it was rather cruelly. Yes, it is. My father, Manuel Balon, was killed in the army in carrying out their duties, when my mother bore me under your heart. For a long time I thought it was an accident, but it was a story made up by my mother to protect me. He was 24 years old when he was killed, and I am impressed by the fact that now I'm older than him. Since the days of my youth has passed for some time now I have become stronger and more independent, I am constantly in the center of attention. "
. - I suffered a tragedy as your mother?
. - She lives with this and to this day, but at the same time she was able to start life anew
. She remarried and lived with her second husband, from whom subsequently divorced 15 years. She has no other children, except me and my sisters, my senior by two years.
- This is the first time we see you on television Israel. "Wild Angel" - your first telenovela?
- No. I work in this business since 14 years. For three years I played in telekomedii "Code of the Sun" and since then has never stopped. I appeared in several serials, among them there and "Princess", starring with Gabriel Corrado Marikarmen Regueyro, an actress from Venezuela. I began to study acting after that, began working as an actress. - Who were you the most powerful influence in your life?
- Grandmother - father's mother. She is still alive and plays a huge role in my life. She always helped me not to give up in difficult situations and achieve all of what I could only dream of.
- You always wanted to be an actress?
- No, I wanted to be a dancer. I began to learn this when I was still quite small, but life turned to me the other side, and I took it quite another place. I came from a family that has always remained close to the art. My uncle - an artist, and aunt - actress. If, and I also did not become an actress, make sure you would do something that would be close to this.
- How did Lina started this character?
- It was my idea, and I am very glad that the writers liked. They allowed me to improvise, and this is the most interesting actress in the profession. But most of all I like the fact that the audience liked my Lin. When "Wild Angel" was released to Argentina, the girls all started to go with pins in the form of butterflies, it has become very fashionable.
. - Lina differs from Victoria Onetti?
. - For many people, Lina - It's Me: yumornaya, sensual, very strong, and sometimes very cold
. Sometimes I actually was producing the impression of sexual woman, full of force, but if you look inside of me, then you can see Victoria and other, more profound.
. - And what, then, Victoria Onetti really?
. - I know how to live a full life, with great speed, is something that I love very much
. But also I have a sad side of life, but this does not mean that I fall into a depression, there. I'm really happy, but sometimes life turns to you and other place.
- What makes you sad?
- Injustice. I am grieving because Argentina is the poor economic situation. Parents do not have the money to buy their children enough to eat, and it makes me feel sad.
- And what makes you happy?
- A good dinner with Bonbino - my favorite. Jazz, a good film, friends, family. Traveling is also good effect on me. I like to learn different cultures. I was recently in Paris, it was simply wonderful.


My friend Andrea and letters to Natalia

. - What do you think of such a huge success of "Wild Angel"?
. - I think that the success of the series is an excellent script and great actors and actresses who have worked on this novel
. This show is awash with humor, it entertains you. Viewers liked the characters, they were surprised to see many of the actors in a new way.
- You parted friends with the other actors of this novel?
- Mariana Arias (Andrea) - my good friend, and Natasha, I often write letters, since it is impossible to find in one place. A month ago I returned from a trip, and I would like to see her.
- How do you to work with Natasha?
- Well, it is a good partner.
- You also sing?
- Not really. I dance and sing only for myself.
- You always enjoyed success with the opposite sex?
- Actually, yes. I do not like to say this about myself, but it's true.
- I saw your nude photos online. What is it?
- What are you? I still cook book with pictures of the exit. These photos will be accompanied by text. Most of the stories there - this is fiction. The book will be called "Sensual Onetti, we hope that it will exit soon.
. - You work hard on his body to keep him in such great shape?
. - No, I'm just dancing sometimes, that's all.
. - What are you doing now?
. - Now I work in a theatrical comedy "The food of fools."
. - You worked hard in the theater?
. - I really love the scene
. A couple of months ago I played in the formulation, which was about how a man sells his soul to the devil. I also participated in the play "Comedy that kills."
- What do you prefer: film, television or theater?
- I believe that an actor needs in all these three things. While I'm playing, I'm happy, no matter where it occurs. Theater - a wonderful place, a place where you can not make mistakes. Here you have only one option - to do everything as best as possible. On television, you certainly have a choice.
- "Wild Angel" - is your most significant achievement?
- Maybe, just outside of Argentina. In the same country, people know me for a long time, and crowds of fans for me is nothing new.
- It's bothering you?
- (Laughs) Sometimes. The fact is that television gives the audience a sense that they you know, and so they want to touch you, because you spend too much time at their home. Recently I traveled to England and France, to have fun, and there happened to me couple of funny things. I left because I had to spend time away from the fame and popularity. So, I was in Paris, where the street met companies from Israel, they began to shout: "Butterfly, Butterfly". I was shocked because she did not know that the story is in Israel, but also because the globe is big, and I could not even imagine that someone would recognize me in Paris.
. - You could live somewhere else, except Argentina?
. - Two years ago I lived about two months in New York, I think that there I would be able to live
. Also I would like to live in Madrid. There is my family, with language, too, no problems, but it seems to me that people are always eager to return to their roots.
. - What do you see in your future?
. - Like most people, I hope to be happy, especially that luck is on my side, because I've got work that I have chosen myself, but it happens rarely
. I want to form a family and continue working in this business.
. - If you could making a three wishes, what would they be?
. - First - that the world was not hunger, and the second - that I've always had the opportunity to choose what I want to do, and the third - to all women in the world was able to buy a beautiful dress.

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Onetti Victoria (Victoria Onetto), photo, biography
Onetti Victoria (Victoria Onetto), photo, biography Onetti Victoria (Victoria Onetto)  Actress, photo, biography
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