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MEYER Christian (Christian Meier)

( Actor)

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Biography MEYER Christian (Christian Meier)
photo MEYER Christian (Christian Meier)
Young, handsome, well-known. This guy, born and raised in one of the capitals of Latin American soap operas - Peru, simply could not become a star. He first appeared on television in 1993 and a year later won his first major role. Since then, he has consistently participated in the most prominent Peruvian television projects.

. General
. Zodiac Sign: Cancer
. Friend: Pedro Suarez Vertis
. An international actor: Pedro Suarez Vertis
. Favorite actor: Anthony Hopkins, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford
. Favorite music: Elvis Presley, the Beatles
. Favorite movie: "Paradise Cinema"
. Music that listens: a lover of eighties rock (Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Thompson Twins, "A Flock of Seaguls", "Simple Minds", "Big Country")
. Other singers: Miguel Bose, Eros Ramazzotti, "U2", "Pink Floyd"
. Favorite telenovela: "Soledad"

. He was born at dawn, at 4:30 or 5:30 am, June 23, 1970 in an area called San Isidro, in Lima, Peru's capital and became the youngest of all children Meyer
. His family consists of father, Antonio Meyer, impresario, mother Gladys Sender, the only Peruvian "Miss Universe" and an older brother to two sisters.

Once, Christian asked his mother why he was given at birth is the name, to which she replied that somehow, during pregnancy, watched television series in which the main character's name was Christian. He had a fairly happy childhood. In various interviews, which gave and gives a Christian, where he was asked to tell about his childhood years, actor and singer remembers himself surrounded by love and care of parents or playing with her sisters and brother. In 1975, Meyer's family moved to Costa Rica, where she lived for one year, the fact is that this year the government in Peru was in the hands of the dictator and the parents were afraid of persecution.

In 1977, Christian went to college Maristas - Church College, where she studied alone boys. Here he spent the next 10 years of his life

. In late 1987 the first Christian stood in front of a real dilemma: he had to choose between fine arts, . then, . what he always wanted to do, . because all day long drawing, . but then he was not ready to go to university and therefore decided to study graphic design,
. Three years later he received a profession, but soon came to the conclusion that does not want to deal with this all my life. After a career designer, he began to look for something new: medicine, psychology, painting and sculpture, among other things he tried and music.

Music: she was interested in him since childhood. In the 14 Christian started playing with a group of "Arena Hash" and it was a success.

In the world of television, he entered in August 1993, when weighed in 4 minutes Peruvian miniseries, which enjoyed huge success. In 1994, he was given a major role in the telenovela "Hummingbird" (Gorrion), - then he had already started working on his first solo album, he needed money and he went to the casting - where he met his future wife Marisol Aguirre. In this novel was followed by other.

In addition to music and soap operas, and Christian was removed and the cinema. His arrival in this world began with the film "Do not say this to anybody" (No se lo digas a nadie), where he played Gonzalo, a homosexual who is unable to tell the world about his homosexuality. It was a short role, but with it he still left his mark in film. In this movie, Christian name flashed in such films as "Virgin Night" (La noche es virgen), "The Last Days of the press" (Los ultimos dias de la prensa) and "I love my mother" (Yo amo a mi mama).

Now, with his wife, Marisol, dvoimi children Stefano and Taira, Christian lives in the south of Lima, near the sea. It was withdrawn in telenovelas and working on his career as a musician

. Filmography:
. Telenovelas:
. 1994 "Hummingbird" (Gorrion);
. 1995 "malice" (Malicia) with Hianelloy Neira;
. 1996 "Possession" (Obsesion);
. 1997 "Night" (La noche);
. 1998 "Scandal" (Escandolo);
. 1998 "Luz Marцґa" (Luz Maria) with Angie Cepeda;
. 1999 "Isabella, a woman in love" (Isabella, mujer enamorada) with Ana Kolchero;
. 1999 "I'm dying for you" (Me muero por ti) with Barbara Mori;
. 2001 "Beloved" (Amores, querer con Alevosia) Barbara Mori;
. 2001 "What is love" (Lo que es el Amor)

- "Do not say this to anybody" (No se lo digas a nadie);
- "Virgin Night" (La noche es virgen);
- "The Last Days of the press" (Los ultimos dias de la prensa);
- "I love my mother" (Yo amo a mi mama).


No me acuerdo quien fui
1. Intro
2. Carreteras mojadas
3. Tus huellas entre las mias
4. No me acuerdo quien fui
5. Esa si es una mujer
6. El cielo es mayor
7. Sere lo que quieras que sea
8. Frente a mis ojos
9. Vuelves a aparecer
10. Profundo sueno
11. Lenguas de fuego

Primero en mojarme
1. Quien sabe
2. Quedate
3. Esperame en el tren
4. Lugar en el sofa
5. Angel del cuarto piso
6. Sentimiento
7. Primero en mojarme
8. Verte me da igual
9. Me recuerdas a alguien
10. No me marees
11. Reparto otra vez
12. Nuevo sol

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  • SOLNSE for MEYER Christian (Christian Meier)
  • Elmina for MEYER Christian (Christian Meier)
  • Looked episodes "Storm" with his participation, and recalled that she saw another series with him in the lead role - "Luz Maria." Ah, how well he plays, I just adore it))) He's so courageous.!
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    MEYER Christian (Christian Meier), photo, biography
    MEYER Christian (Christian Meier), photo, biography MEYER Christian (Christian Meier)  Actor, photo, biography
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