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DE LEON Miguel (Miguel de Leon)

( Actor)

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Biography DE LEON Miguel (Miguel de Leon)
photo DE LEON Miguel (Miguel de Leon)
. Name: Miguel Angel de Leon Lopez (Miguel Angel de Leon Lopez)
. Date of Birth: February 23
. Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela
. Zodiac: Pisces
. Eyes: brown
. Hair: Black
. Height: 181 cm

. Family: parents, two sisters
. Marital status: Nabiya Kvilerkve (lived 5 years), Gabriela Spanic (married since 1997)
. Education: Colegio Universitario (specialty "Administrator", . Caracas), . Taller Universitario de Teatro Macanillas (courses in drama, . voice, . diction and corporal expression), . Academia de Ciencia y Arte Para la Television (professional advancement courses under the guidance of Professor and actress Amalia Perez Diaz),
. Who lives: with his wife and svoyachennitsey (twin sister, Gaby)
. Pets: Two miniature pinscher, these dogs Miguel Gaby bought as a gift
. First kiss: 13 years

. Personal preference
. Color: White
. Food: Venezuelan aperta
. International cuisine: Spanish and Mexican cuisine
. What does in his spare time: go to the cinema and cruising
. What kind of movies like: all
. The preferred model of the machine: sports
. It likes to dress: accidentally
. Type of sport: baseball
. What sport is engaged: no, just running and stretching at the gym
. Type of music: all types
. Singer: Frank Sinatra
. How Mexican actor / actress admires: Arturo de Cordova
. And at the international level: Robert De Niro
. What is preferred in the literature: the narrative and poetry
. Favorite author: Ruben Dario
. What kind of person, in reality or not, you admire: Gandhi
. What quality admire in this person: honesty
. What do you prefer to receive a gift: aftershave, music, videos, flight simulators
. Which project has given the greatest satisfaction in his career: TV series "Only You" (Como tu ninguna)
. What upsets: injustice
. What pleases: chustvovat that you love
. Best day of my life: the wedding day
. And worse: there's never been and I hope will not happen
. What scares: fear itself
. There is a phobia: No
. Far can it go: in part, but the extent
. Five adjectives that best define Miguel: love, loyal, attentive, patient and cheerful
. The best of these qualities: patience
. Disadvantage: indecision
. The dream: I live in the actor's environment
. Not doing: to have children
. If it had not been an actor, by whom: a pilot
. Whoever was in another life: actor

. His career Miguel de Leon began in 1987 as an advertising model
. He never intended to become an actor. In fact, his acting success was the result of his attempt to become a pilot.

And the story began like this ...

During training in the basics of business administration college Miguel took pilot training. Its purpose was to obtain pilot's job on a part-time at an agricultural company at the time of study. Family of Miguel was not rich, this is what prompted him to find a job before graduation. For a guy nastuplio very difficult time, and he interrupted his studies after two years. Although he did not become a pilot and. Feeling very depressed state, he decided to stay a model to help themselves out of depression. As it turned out, his choice was followed by a long way. Miguel was chosen as one teleprodyusserom to fulfill the role in the telenovela "Fabiola". He later finished his studies and still received a degree in Business Administration. After that, Miguel began to study anthropology.

Four years later (1992) Miguel marries Nabii Kvilerkve - indeed it was the only woman who breathed life into it. Perhaps because he was afraid of losing the love of his wife, or simply due to the fact that they could ever give up, Miguel did not want to have children. "The most difficult question for me - children. We agreed that they will not restart within a few years. Obviously, one of the reasons - high employment, my work, "- commented Miguel. There were rumors that Nabiya was opposed to Miguel wore a beard. But it was a very important part of his image for the series "Only You" (Como Tu Ninguna). "Nabiya must wait at least another two months until the end shooting. Of course, I can shave off his mustache and beard, but it would be a breach of contract. If this happens, I do not get a penny, and how will we live? ", - Joked Miguel. His partner was Gabriela Spanic ...

Love Story

Their love story began with this series, and ended with a blessing of a priest in the church, which declared them husband and wife. Before filming, they had known only superficially, and communicate at the level of "Hello!" No! ". In my example Gaby confirmed the saying - from hatred to love one step. The fact that she disliked Miguel at first sight and could not understand who could turn this self-satisfied and pompous person in the cast of the telenovela. But Miguel went to Gaby and very warmly welcomed, despite coming from her dislike. She liked him in advance of TV series "Mary Celeste". But despite the coolness on the part of Gabrielle, there was a script and contracts, which the actors were supposed to follow. Outside the limelight of their level of communication has not risen for a single ball. This is the moment of shooting, when Hilda fell in love with Raoul de la Pena (their characters in the telenovela), and the scenario Hilda said: "He is beautiful. He's just a treasure. How could I not love him? ". And this is the first love scene, the series. Raul has a favorite in their bed, and Hilda looked at him with adoring eyes. "I forgot about the guild!" - Recalls Gaby - I snuck willies when we started to kiss ".

People always believe that kissing is absolutely the real heroes of telenovelas and between actors, in their view, necessarily be "something" to be. And this "something" happened at the moment - both for the first time felt no professional excitement on the set. They talked about their feelings they are much later, because at that time, both were connected relationships with their partners. "I realized that it was the mother of my children - recalls Miguel. - I was ready to marry her, marry in a church, with all the necessary rites ". Miguel did not know that Gabriel has fallen in love with him, but Gaby did not know that Miguel meets her in. Gaby's best friend in those days was her attorney, Edgar Torres, performing for them the role of Cupid, who advised her: "break the ice!" Talk to him, tell all ". Their conversation took place upon completion of filming of the day, about two o'clock. Gabriela left open the door to her dressing room and waited for Miguel. When he passed, she invited him to her: "We need to talk - she said, and seeing the mocking-alert type Miguel, added. - Come on in, I'll do nothing ". There followed 15 minutes of tense silence. Gabriele thought that she breathes in the room, and her heart was beating louder. Then she suddenly burst into tears and had confessed through tears: "I am not guilty, but I think I'm in love with you ... What do I do? I can not change the situation ". Until Miguel has already reached such rumors, but he was not ready for this for one reason - at that time he was not identified in their feelings and in the environment. "I'm the type of person who does not move, if he was not sure. I had a few relationships and they are all for me were serious, and not passing fad. Especially since I was married, although at that time my marriage is falling apart. I needed something long, something beautiful ". And he went, saying that his life is set up and they will not succeed. At that time, Gabriela dream go down the drain, but replied: "Well, I understood everything". She got up and started to leave, but Miguel blocked her way and embracing, like kiss. Gaby pulled away: "I respect your decision and will not destroy your life". They went home. Gaby could not think about food, sleep. She thought only of Miguel. Started a long period of experience.

After meeting with him next time on the set Gabriela pretended between nothing happened. And again they helped episodes - filmed a scene of jealousy. After her Miguel called Gaby. "Hello, Miguel! - How do you know that it was me? - I was waiting for your call, because it felt that bad for you. - How are you? ". And Gaby said that she was really bad. "We need to talk" - decided to Miguel. He came to her home in poltretego night and they talked until dawn. "You're a woman of my life. Very often, one man refuses to see and believe that he found his other half ". Needless to say, then what was offered to hand and heart ... Having experienced a time they were married two years later - October 22, 1997.

Actor and man

Miguel is not just an ordinary actor. Prior to his move to Mexico, to support the careers of his wife, he was already very popular in his country - Venezuela. He was master of several television shows, model, theater actor and hero of telenovelas. Confirmation of his skill are numerous acting awards, which may include one of the most prestigious awards in Venezuela - El Tiuna. After moving to another country, Miguel remembers their adaptation period: "We have become very dependent on each other". Their confidence is based on trust, and usually, the couple discussed their problems before going to bed. On set for Miguel's wife was no different from other actresses: "For us, the advantage lay in the fact that we could spend together even more time". For Gaby Miguel is not just her husband - he is a friend, a source of knowledge, a colleague and a man to whom it owes very much in his career. "When I received the offer from Mexico, it is very doubt, but Miguel unconditionally supported me. If I have to thank people who helped me with my career, the most important of them should be Miguel. From him I learned how to safely solve the problem. Frankly, he's more mature than I am ".

Their life is still like a honeymoon. On one day of Valentine's Miguel Gaby wrote a postcard: "I am very happy that I could be with you this Valentine's Day, as well as in the previous and all subsequent ones, until death do us part ...". Actor himself admits that he would die happy knowing that Gabriel still loves him. Today, they dream about the children.

. Filmography:
. Telenovelas
. 1987 Venezuela:
. 1987 Sueno Contigo
. 198? Millionaire (La Millonaria)
. 1988 Abigail (Abigail)
. 1989 Fabiola (Fabiola)
. 1989 Revenge (La Revancha)
. 1990 Villain (Caribe)
. 1992 Cassandra (Kassandra)
. 1993 Fake Love (Amor de Papel)
. 1994 Maria Celeste (Maria Celeste)
. 1995 Only You (Como Tu Ninguna)
. 1996 Sun (Sol de Tentacion)
. Mexico 1987:
. 1998 Usurpadora (La Usurpadora)
. 1998 Kapel'ka love (Gotita de Amor)
. 1999 shall never forget you (Nunca te Olvidare)
. 2000 FACE angel (Carita de Angel)

. Movies
. Dancer (Senora Bolero), Green River (Rio Verde), Horoscopo Fatal and La Virgen de Coromoto
. All films were produced in Venezuela.

. Theater
. Venezuela: Tropical (Tropico), the Savior of violets (El Cristo de las Violetas), God creates a storm (Un Dios que se Hacia Remolinos de Vientos), QEPD, children's production of "Batman" (Batman).
. Mexico: His face of an angel - new adventures (Carita de Angel - Las Nuevas Aventuras en Vivo).
. бЇ El Venus de la Prensa, as an actor Goda'1992
. Prize бЇ Casa del Artista, as an actor Goda'1994
. бЇ Mara de Oro, as the actor Goda'1994
. Prize бЇ Cacique de Oro, as the actor Goda'1995
. Prize бЇ Musa de Oro, a leading man Rol'1996
. Prize бЇ Excelencia Chaima de Oro, Best Actor Goda'1997
. бЇ El Tiuna de Venezuela, as an actor goda'1997 (one of the most prestigious awards in Venezuela)

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DE LEON Miguel (Miguel de Leon), photo, biography
DE LEON Miguel (Miguel de Leon), photo, biography DE LEON Miguel (Miguel de Leon)  Actor, photo, biography
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