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FERNANDEZ Alejandro (Alejandro Fernandez)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography FERNANDEZ Alejandro (Alejandro Fernandez)
photo FERNANDEZ Alejandro (Alejandro Fernandez)
Alejandro son of the famous Vicente Fernandez. He was honored to have family traditions, and their appearance on the scene praised the Mexican rancherasov among the younger generation. The velvet voice of the singer and the depth of his playing, make fans swoon.

. He was born in Mexico City on April 24, 1971, but strangely was registered in Guadalajara, in Yalisko - it is known worldwide as the "Birthplace Mariachi"
. The son of Vicente Fernandez, the idol of popular music in Mexico, and Maria del Refugio Abarca, Alejandro Fernandez grew up in a family with age-old traditional patterns.
. For four years, Alejandro has been willing to speak with his father - Vicente Fernц¦ndez, whose voice glorified Mexican "rancherasov" and through which they learned about the new generation
. His son, of course, had the privilege of the first pupil, and from that he began. As it always happens, . where there is an artist, . there is a problem - it worries about climbing, . experiences associated with artistic and professional growth, . difficulty in finding new ideas for the development of personal style, . which would be scooped back into the roots and could continue to evolve with the times,
. Step by step, this evolution in the career of Alejandro Fernandez still happened - beginning with his childhood, she moved in his youth, and now entered into its mature and full life.

From an early age he showed a special sensitivity to music. His first performance took place in 5 years to an audience of 10 thousand people. After singing the song "Alejandra" (Alejandra), he wept from nervous tension and emotion that emanated from such a huge crowd.

In 6 years, took his film debut - he starred in the movie "Picardia Mexicana". It was his first paid job. While Alejandro and never imagined that in the future will be a famous singer. He's just a good time with his family and was happy to agree to sing with his father when he asked him about it.

His debut solo recording took place in a duet with his father and was called "Our Love" (Amor de los dos). The song was a total success, and after it was followed by an album where Alejandro has performed a solo song - "The Wanderer" (El Andariego). At this time it was only the 19th year. Two years later, his first album, called his own name - "Alejandro Fernandez" (Alejandro Fernandez) - Alejandro confirmed the musical talent, as well as a deep sound and harmony in his voice. To promote this album, Alejandro toured across Mexico and in some countries the U.S.. The next album "Skin girls" (Piel de Nina), . result of working with the maestro Pedro Ramirez, . continued to attract the attention of the public to this new singer, . who, with his background and profession was simply doomed to rejuvenate the Mexican "rancherasov",
. "I stopped crying" (Acabe por Llorar), "Dust" (Cenizas), "next to the road" (A la Vera del Camino) - are just some of the most popular songs of his first album
. While Alejandro Fernandez, . because of culture and education, . priderzhivaelsya purest Mexican tradition, . Yet he felt the need to expand their horizons beyond the end of primary and secondary school, he enrolled in the Atemajac Valley University, . to study architecture,
. Born in Mexico, Alejandro grew up in Guadalajara, between lessons, horseback riding and city life. His musical knowledge was hereditary gift, and not only the result of his father's influence
. Musical conquest won architecture and its next two albums were a combination of traditional Latin American songs of romantic music, . by Alejandro Fernandez are very well adapted to their style, . with the release of the most romantic aspects of his personality,
. Here are some of the songs - "I know both of them" (Conozco a los Dos), "In spite of it all" (A Pesar de Todo), "Thank you is" (The Glory is You), "Night Watch" (Night Watch ). Overall the album title sounded like "Great hits in the style of A. Fernandez "(Grandes Exitos a la Manera de Alejandro Fernandez). In this paper were presented songs of famous composers such as Armando Manzanera, Jose Antonio Mendez and Luis Dementrio.
. Two subsequent albums, "I guess you are very happy" (Que Seas Muy Feliz) and "In the depths of my heart" (Muy Dentro de mi Corazon, double platinum), were a new stage career, Alejandro
. With songs like "Part of me was lost" (La Mitad que me Faltaba), . "The sad lament" (Llorando Penas), . "Someone loses a star" (Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella), . "Wandering clouds" (Nube Viajera) and "She's a woman" (Es la Mujer), . he reached admiration for the younger audience, . and with it his most important goal - the merger of a new generation of Mexican musical traditions,

Album "I'm falling in love" (Me Estoy Enamorando) appeared to Alejandro giant leap in the new horizons of music. Romantic ballads and songs priblezhennye to pop-style, without losing the essence of Mexico, won fans from various contingents - Latin America, North America, Europe. The first four hits of this album - "I'm falling in love" (Me Estoy Enamorando), . "If you are familiar with" (Si Tu Supieras), . "In the Garden" (En el Jardin, . a duet with Gloria Estefan), . "I was born, . to love you "(Yo Naci para Amarte) - were the first Latin charts in Billboard's magazine,
. The album was recognized by multi-platinum in Latin America. Around the world, has sold over 2.2 million copies.

. Album "Christmas Time in Vienna" (Christmastime in Vienna) was released at Christmas 1999 and is a collection of traditional Christmas songs performed by Alejandro Fernandez, along with Placido Domingo, Patricia Kaas
. This album is some fun to every fan of Alejandro Fernandez, because he gave his audience a chance to hear his response in English. Album presented to the public a lot of beautiful songs recorded with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, are just some songs - "Drummer Boy" (The Drummer Boy), "White Christmas" (White Christmas), "Silent Night" (Silent Night). This album once again expressed his unique style of music, and Alejandro moved his talent to a wider audience.

Album Alejandro - "Mi Verdad" - along with a very beautiful ballads all returned to the traditional style of "ranchers". Some songs - "Mad" (Loco), "If I knew my love" (Si He Sabido Amor), "Liar" (Mentirosos). This album is forced to fall in love with a faint voice, Alejandro. The song "If I know my love" was the opening theme to the successful telenovela "Infierno En El Paraiso", which ran in the most prime-time.
. In 2000, Alejandro is back on the music ring with his new album "Entre Tus Brazos", which was the eighth in his fruitful career
. His producer was the second time was Emilio Estefan, Jr.. The most successful hit of the album called "Quiereme" - he made a huge impression on fans of Alejandro. It was a great job with the exceptional composers Kiki Tantander, Roberto Blades, Shakira, Francisco Cespedes, and the names of only some of them. "Entre Tus Brazos" - an album in the romantic style with undeniable Latin flavor.

In his young age Alejandro made love in the hearts of women around the world and at the same time, received approval and admiration of many men. He "Potrillo", an asset of the Mexican culture. His style takes traditional muzuku "ranchers" in the new generation. His songs will be heard in our homes now and forever ...


Alejandro Fernandez, 1992

1. Todo Termino
2. Equivocadamente
3. Se Me Van Las Ganas
4. Invierno
5. Otra Vida
6. Intenta Vivir Sin Mi
7. Necesito Olvidarla
8. Brumas
9. Cuando Yo Queria Ser Grande
10. En Cualquier Idioma
11. Te Quedas O Te Vas
12. Que Pregunta Muchacho

Piel De Nina, 1993

1. Peil De Nina
2. No Estoy Triste
3. Acabe Por Llorar
4. Cenizas
5. A La Vera Del Camino
6. Cascos Ligeros
7. Hasta Donde Estes
8. Mentira, Mentira
9. Cuando Te Olvide
10. Quisiera Olvidarme De Ti
11. Contigo Aprendi
12. Si No Eres Tu

Grandes Exitos A La, 1994

1. La Gloria Eres Tu
2. Consentida
3. Encadenados
4. Si Dios Me Quita La Vida
5. Conozco A Los Dos
6. Rival
7. A Pesar De Todo
8. Noche De Ronda
9. La Enramada
10. El Dia Que Me Quieras
11. Piensa En Mi
12. Mitad Tu, Mitad Yo
13. Voy

Que Seas Muy Feliz, 1995

1. Que Bueno
2. Que Sera De Mi
3. Llorando Penas
4. Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella
5. Ojo Por Ojo
6. Paso Del Norte
7. Uno Mas
8. Y Despues
9. Me Recordaras Llorando
10. La Mitad Que Me Faltaba
11. Que Seas Muy Feliz
12. El Potrillo

Muy Dentro De Mi Corazon, 1997

1. Dentro De Mi Corazon
2. Como Puede Ser
3. Nube Viajera
4. Que Digan Misa
5. Es La Mujer
6. Ya Se Que Dices
7. Mono Negro
8. Abrazame
9. Me Llevaras En Ti
10. Es Cosa De Nombres
11. Chatita Querida
12. Popurri Caribeno

Me Estoy Enamorando, 1997

1. Yo Naci Para Amarte
2. Si Tu Supieras
3. No Se Olvidar
4. En El Jardin (A Duo Con Gloria Estefan)
5. Me Estroy Enamorando
6. Como El Sol Y El Trigo
7. Noche Triste
8. Volveras
9. Te Juro
10. Promesa

Mi Verdad, 1999

1. La Lluvia Sigue Cayendo
2. Loco
3. Si He Sabido Amor
4. Avisame
5. Hoy Que Estas Ausente
6. Mi Verdad
7. Mentirosos
8. Nadie Simplemente Nadie
9. A Una Senora
10. Por Que
11. Esta Noche
12. Amante Torero
13. Asi Como Soy, Yo Soy

Entre tus Brazos, 2000

1. Hablame
2. Quisiera
3. Estas Aqui
4. Quiereme
5. Si Te Vas
6. Nunca Me Arrepiento
7. Agua De Mar
8. Siento
9. Entre Tus Brazos
10. No Sera Igual
11. Cada Manana
12. Te Llevo Guardada
13. Ensename

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  • A mi me gusta mucho Alejandro Fernandez ya mis amigos tambien.Queremos registrar oficial fan-club. Que nececitamos hacer para esto?
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    FERNANDEZ Alejandro (Alejandro Fernandez), photo, biography
    FERNANDEZ Alejandro (Alejandro Fernandez), photo, biography FERNANDEZ Alejandro (Alejandro Fernandez)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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