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Langemak George Erihovich

( The Scientist in the field of space)

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Biography Langemak George Erihovich
photo Langemak George Erihovich
GEORGE Langemak ERIHOVICH - (21 (08) .07.1898-11.01.1938) - Born in g. Starobelsk Kharkov province in the family of teachers of foreign languages. 15.09.1898 was baptized in the Cathedral-Church of Protection r. Starobelsk scribes Starobelsk Alexander Gymnasium priest Father Gabriel Popov.

Father - Langemak Erich Franzevich State Councilor of the Ministry of Education, died in 1905. Mother - Mary K. Langemak, both of the Lutheran faith.

From his childhood in perfect command of French and German.

In 09.1908, he entered the vosmiklassnuyu Elizavetgradskuyu school, which ends 29/04/1916 at excellent behavior with a silver medal. Also in 1916 was adopted by the Faculty of Petrograd University, deciding to devote his entire life studying Japanese Philology.

While studying at the university resided at the address: Mr.. Petrograd Lermontovsky avenue q. 3, ap. 14.

10.1916 In his call to the army. 29.10.1916, he wrote a petition addressed to the Chief Schools warrant from the Admiralty for admission. 09/11/1916 to enroll in 4 platoon. 12/12/1916 sworn allegiance to the service of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, the heir See and Homeland. 30/12/1916 appointed i.d. separated commander. 14.01.1917 confirmed as the separated commander and promoted to petty officers. In 1917 he finishes school first-class, 16-m on the list with a total balls - 138.68 (average 10.67). Order of the Navy and Marine Office No 486 of 27.02.1917 it produced in ensigns of the Admiralty with a salary of 600 rubles. a year and 21.04.1917 Fleet Commander of the Baltic Sea distributes it to the front Seashore Sea fortress of Emperor Peter the Great. The summer of 1917 by order of the army and navy, was promoted to midshipman.

During the October revolution was the battery on the island Russaro in Finland and no participation in an armed uprising did not take.

After the collapse of the fleet in 1918 discharged.

16.08.1918, he wrote a petition addressed to the rector of the Novorossiysk University for admission to the number of students 1-year student of History and Philology of the classical department and was appointed 24/08/1918. Gave a subscription to a lecture on the autumn semester 1918. However, their studies had not begun.

In June of 1919 to mobilize officers joined the Red Army and, as a naval officer, was appointed commander of the battery 4 th Division Artillery Kronstadt fortress, then commandant of the fort "Totleben" 4 th Division Artillery. Alternate member of the CPSU (b) of 02.1920, a member of the Kronstadt organization 06.1920.

In 1919-1921 a year and a half years was a teacher of literacy through the liquidation of illiteracy in the forts "Reef" and "Totleben".

During Kronmyatezha was arrested and sentenced to death, was detained 2.03-18.04.1921 and was released only after the elimination of disturbances.

On 15.06.1921 was appointed commander of the 2 nd Division Artillery, the head of the drill, with the Assistant Chief of Artillery 13/01/1922 Kronkreposti.

From appraisal Party official: "... 1. Has-whether organizational skills .... has. 2. Has-whether agitation propaganda abilities (such as an agitator, a lecturer and writer) .... has on all. 3. Theoretical training .... good. 4. Were there cases of denial-of Party work and had not been a party-sanctioned? .... no. 5. What is a chief administrator? .... Good. 6. What is its relationship to the chain of command and back. Underpinned by a reputation among the chain of command? .... Fair, a prestigious. 7. Underpinned by a reputation among the Red Army? ... Red rotates among the few. 8. It manifested itself in battle? .... unknown. 9. It has, whether the initiative, energetic and hard-li-li character? .... The initiative is, the energetic nature of the firm, tk. during kronmyatezha in jail and blew himself as befits Communards. 10. There-there cases vspylchivasti, sharpness uu mistreatment of subordinates? .... Cases temper are due to young age, the rest no. 11. What is more positive or negative traits? .... Disciplined. 12. Needs-whether in the replenishment of education and in what field? .... No. 13. Comply-Do the position and for what reasons? .... Appropriate for the reasons listed above. 14. In what field of work and at what positions can be more efficiently used .... for housekeeping, special: as a specialist artillery. 15. Special notes .... No. The Standing: left to the position ... "

In 1922 he was expelled from the Party and removed from the party registration because the wedding in a church with a citizen Kamneva Elena Vladimirovna.

While serving in Kronkreposti lived at the address: Mr.. Kronstadt, Civil Str., Q. 23. Q.. 2.

In 1923 he entered and in 1928 graduated from the Military Technical Academy (now the Rocket-Artillery Academy of the Emperor Peter the Great). During his studies, together with other students of the Academy under the guidance of a teacher academy SA. Serikova fulfilled orders Laboratories NI. Tikhomirov (since 1928 Gasdynamic Laboratory).

At the end of his Academy raspredilili Chief of Artillery of the Black Sea Fleet, but at the request of NI. Tikhomirova to the Commander of the Leningrad Military District AI. Korku left for work in the GDL and G.E 15/04/1928. Langemak started work.

In GDL, he has been developing missiles RS-82 RS-mm and 132 mm. In 1930, after the death of NI. Tikhomirov, G.E. Langemak appointed Chief of Sector 1 of gunpowder rockets to continue the work begun NI. Tikhomirov.

At the time of GDL lived at the address: Mr.. Leningrad, Kirochnaya St.. (now St.. Saltykov-Shchedrin), Dr.. 5 Q.. 12, home phone 2-51-92.

21/09/1933 after the organization's Jet Research Institute on the basis of GDL and MosGIRD, he was appointed Chief of the Leningrad Branch of the Institute of Space Device. After moving to Moscow in 01.1934, shall be appointed as Deputy Director for Science of the (chief engineer) Jet NKTP Research Institute (since 1937 SRI No 3 ICPC). Prior 11.1937 he held this position. In 09.1935 he was awarded the personal rank of "Military Engineer of rank 1".

While working at the institute has nearly completed customization of missiles RS-82 RS-mm and 132 mm, which became the basis of rocket launchers "Katyusha", for the development which is considered one of its main sponsors (along with B.S. Peter and Paul, VA. Artemyev, NI. Tikhomirov, Yu.A.. Pobedonostsev).

Corresponded with K.E. Tsiolkovsky.

While working at the Institute resided at the address: Mr.. Moscow, Don Street., Q. 42,. 19.

02/11/1937 G.E. Langemak was arrested (A warrant No 810) by the NKVD g. Moscow, as a German spy, based on data available prior to the NKVD (the investigative case file FSB No R3284 (14654)). Indictment (dated 31.12.1937) based on a single record of the interrogation, . second copy of which is dated 15.12.1937 (the date of the first copy is OK), . compiled on the basis of materials, . available from the Institute, . not without the participation A.G,
. Kostikov, who took the place Langemak after his arrest.

11.01.1938 in a closed court session, visiting the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court under the chairmanship armvoenyurista VV. Ulrich and members: divvoenyuristom Golyakovym and Army Lawyer 1-st rank Suslin was considered a case G.E. Langemak on charges of crimes punishable under Art. Article. 58-7, 58-8 and 58-11 the RSFSR Criminal Code and sentenced the defendant to capital punishment - death by shooting with confiscation of all personal property belonging to him. On the same day the sentence was carried out. He was shot 28 on the list (letter VV. Ulrich, addressed to the commandant of the NKVD GUGB No 00514 / 1 dated 11.01.1938 and the act of the commandant of 11.01.1938)

. As the Supreme Court of the USSR (No 4n-011852/55 on 21.11.1955) at its meeting on 19.11.1955 the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court under the chairmanship of Colonel Justice Lebedkova and members: Lieutenant Colonel Justice Romanov and Shalaginova identified: "... the verdict ..,
. on January 11, 1938 against Langemak George Erihovicha on newly discovered circumstances to cancel a deal on his charges on the basis of n. 5 tablespoons. 4 Code of Criminal Procedure in criminal proceedings to cease for lack of his actions ended a crime ... "G.E. Langemak was fully rehabilitated.

In 1995 the Commission for honoring the memory of victims of political repression led M.B. Mindlin was found the burial place of G.E. Langemak. Burial No 220 of the first grave "unclaimed ashes," a cemetery near the Don crematorium.

In 1967 the name G.E. Langemak named a crater on the side of the Moon.

In 1937 he and the director of Research Institute No 3 ICPC I.T. Kleimenova presented government awards for the development of new types of weapons. In 1937 the order of the institute was a prize for the successful test rockets. Decree of the President of the USSR of 21.06.1991 G.E. Langemak was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

Patents and patent applications: "bush gauge to an experienced bomb" (the application is filed 13/04/1930; patent was not issued), "Method for production of powder grains in a metal shell with an insulating pad of paper" (jointly with VA. Artemiev) (application filed 13/04/1930); "device to simulate the sound of a shot" (with B.S. Peter and Paul) (application filed 13/04/1930); "Turbojet artillery shell" (with B.S. Peter and Paul) (application filed 13/04/1930; patent was not issued), "relief valve for pilot bomb using deformable device" (jointly with VA. Artemiev and B.S. Peter and Paul) (application filed 27/04/1930), "A device for installing a nozzle shells with axial and lateral tangential channels in determining the speed of their rotation (the application is filed 10/03/1931)" Device for determining the law changes over time, the weight of the charge at burning it in nevpolne enclosed space "(with B.S,
. Peter and Paul) (application filed 28/11/1931); "device to simulate a gun shot" (with B.S. Peter and Paul) (application filed 19/02/1932); "Rocket Launcher on the plane (with sovmestvno B.S. Petropavlovsk VI. Dudakova) (application filed 26/02/1932); "The charge to the artillery shells" (with B.S. Peter and Paul) (application filed 13/08/1932); "Projectile with tail" (together with B.S. Peter and Paul) (application filed 10/02/1933); "Device for testing in a closed space with the release of gases through the valve casings received strength and ekstraktirovanie and sealed hubs" (with YA.S. Rudin) (application filed 28/05/1933); Major works: "Design of rockets and missiles traction," No.. 1 "feathered projectiles, hauling missiles, L., 1934," Rockets and their device applications ", M. - L., 1935 (jointly with VP. Glushko).

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Langemak George Erihovich, photo, biography
Langemak George Erihovich, photo, biography Langemak George Erihovich  The Scientist in the field of space, photo, biography
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