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( Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Stalin, Lenin and State prizes, Lieutenant General, retired)

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Biography KERIMOV Kerim
photo KERIMOV Kerim
Kerim Kerimov - Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Stalin, Lenin and State prizes, Lieutenant General, retired. Almost 25 years he presided over the state commission on human spaceflight programs.

Kerim Kerimov was born on November 14, 1917 in Baku in the family engineer Abbas-Ali Kerimov. At the end of the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute, as it had at the beginning of World War II, Kerimov enlisted in the Artillery Academy, which was evacuated to Samarkand. In autumn 1943 he defended his diploma on the theme: "A shop for the production of mortar and was sent to serve in the state acceptance of the Main Control Arms, . where the factories of Moscow bush engaged in taking industrial Guards mortar units such as Katyusha rockets and shells to them,
. For this work he was awarded the Order of the Red Star. After the war, Kerimov twenty years in the office of the Ministry of Defense. In 1946, Mr.. He, like many experts on missile technology was sent to Nordhausen (Germany), where he got acquainted with the "remnants" of a ballistic missile, the V-2 ". Kerimov was awarded the Stalin Prize for the introduction of radio measuring system "Don".

For participation in the preparation of the first manned flight into space Kerim Kerimov was awarded the Order of Lenin.

Karimov headed management, the customers vehicles Molniya-1 "," Meteor "and" Zenith ". It is for the introduction of space-rocket complex "Zenit", he was awarded the Lenin Prize. His latest post - Head of the Office of Space Facilities.

In 1965 he was transferred to the newly formed Ministry of General Machine Building, where he headed the 3rd Chief Directorate, the organization directly engaged in work on missile and space issues. In 1966, while in this position, he was appointed chairman of the State Commission on Manned topics. His deputy at different times were VP Mishin, VP Glushko, Yu Semenov.

Activities Kerimov in his new role evolved not just. The tests were piloted technology is far from smooth. Burden of responsibility for the death of Vladimir Komarov, G. Dobrovolsky, Volkov and V. In Patsaev remain with Kerim for life. Over 25 years of responsibility of the State Commission under the leadership of Mr Kerimov had not time to leave the most difficult situations, to understand the causes of disasters and accidents, take responsibility and sometimes risky decisions. After all, without risk there can be no space exploration. Kerim Kerimov went through this. "Union" learned to fly, and in 1979. Kerimov was awarded the State Prize of the USSR.

In 1974, while remaining chairman of the State Commission for manned flights Kerimov was transferred to the post of Deputy Director TsNIIMash. In 1987. for work associated with the launch and operation of the Mir station Kerim Kerimov was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor and was awarded the Order of Lenin.

In 1991. at age 74 he resigned, but with no space left, a consultant Flight Control.

Kerim Kerimov is the author of the autobiographical book "The Road to Space" (Notes of the Chairman of the State Commission), published in Baku publishing house "Azerbaijan" in Russian in 1995

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KERIMOV Kerim, photo, biography
KERIMOV Kerim, photo, biography KERIMOV Kerim  Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Stalin, Lenin and State prizes, Lieutenant General, retired, photo, biography
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