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Strekalov Gennady Mikhailovich

( Instructor cosmonaut tester class 1 cosmonaut corps GKB RKK Energia, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR, 49 astronaut our country and 99 of the astronaut in the world.)

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Biography Strekalov Gennady Mikhailovich
photo Strekalov Gennady Mikhailovich
Gennady Strekalov was born on October 28, 1940 g Mytischi Moscow region, Russian. After graduating in 1957 secondary school? 2 Kaliningrad until January 1960 he worked tinsmith worked at Experimental Machine Building Plant. It is at this plant, the major production base of OKB-1, which was headed by SP Korolev created the first space rocket. And in making the case the first satellite SAR-1 Gennady Strekalov himself participated.

From September 1959 to June 1965 Gennady Strekalov - full-time student of engineering faculty of the Moscow Bauman Higher Technical School (MVTU. MSTU). After he received his degree as a mechanical engineer

. In October, 1964, . still a student, . Strekalov came to work in OKB-1, first as a technician, . and since August 1965 as an engineer-constructor, . where he focused on the development of working drawings of one of the promising PH (8K95) and other developments, . including lunar spacecraft space-rocket complex H1-LZ,
. For the development of the engine is pressed down to the surface of the ship Strekalov in 1970 and 1971 received an inventor's certificate.

In November 1970 Strekalov appointed a senior engineer. A year later, on Nov. 1, 1971 Gennady Strekalov was constantly working in the medical commission IBMP and was admitted to special training, but enrollment in the squad he had to wait a long year and a half.

In January 1972 he went to work in the department kostruktorskih flight tests of space technology, in which the working test-cosmonauts TSKBEM. Working in the department, Strekalov developed sections of technical documentation for 11A52 (PH N-1), 8K98. 11F94 (LC), 11F93 (LTC), was engaged in perfecting a layout 11F732 (7K-C. future Soyuz T) and participated in trials of these products.

21 March 1973 Strskalov appointed a cosmonaut-tester, and on 27 March 1973, he approved the post of the State Interdepartmental Commission. From April 1973 to August 1975 Strekalov worked in the main operating group in controlling the spacecraft 11F732 and a complex of 27K (Salyut-Soyuz) on board the USSR, Academician Korolev "I Yevpatoria MCC with a letnokonstruktorskih tests. In 1973 mastered piloting aircraft L-29 and completed 7 parachute jumps. From January to September 1976 Strekalov held its first training for space flight as a flight engineer on the program tests multispectral camera ICF-6 spacecraft "Soyuz-22", together with Yu Malyshev.

In October 1978, Strekalov began to prepare for first test flight of spacecraft "Soyuz T" in the backup crew, along with Vasily Lazarev. In December 1979 he was mainly a carriage with Lazarev and Polyakov began to prepare for semisutochnomu flight on the Soyuz T-3 'for the medical program, but in May 1990, this flight has been canceled. After launching spacecraft Soyuz T-2 "Gennady Strekalov continued to prepare the second crew to fly in the program which - repair of the pipeline operating Salyut-6". In November 1980 following the ouster of the preparation of the first crew flight engineer Konstantin Feoktistov Strekalov took his place. 1 flew on 27 November to 10 December 1980 as a cosmonaut-researcher on the spacecraft Soyuz T-W and OS "Salyut-6" with L. Kizim and Makarov. Mission duration was 12sut.19chas.07min.42sek.

From February 1981 to May 1982 Strekalov prepared in the second crew spacecraft Soyuz T-5 Program 1 of Expedition to the OS "Salyut-7", along with Vladimir Titov and 13 May was the backup flight engineer for spacecraft "Soyuz T - 5 Lebedev.

From June 1982 to April 1983 Strekalov was preparing to fly to program 2 of Expedition to the OS "Salyut-7", along with Vladimir Titov and I. R. Pronina. (Pronin replaced AA Serebrova after the completion of training).

2 Flying Strekalov performed April 20-22, 1983 on-board Soyuz T-8, along with Vladimir Titov and Serebrova. Docking with the Salyut-7 "could not be implemented due to malfunction antenna systems approach and docking" Needle ". Duration - 2sut.00chas. 17mii.48sek.

In May-June 1983 Strekalov with Titov completed in the second carriage of the Program 2 of Expedition to the OS "Salyut-7" and were doubles V. Lyakhov and Alexander Alexandrov (Soyuz T-9). From July to September 1983 was a new cycle of training on EC-S on OS "Salyut-7" in the main carriage, and again from Titov. But space flight did not take place.

26 September 1983 for a few seconds to start on fire rocket. The astronauts were evacuated using emergency escape system. After a period of rehabilitation and recreation Strekalov returned to the SDO NPO Energia. In February 1984 it was included in the main crew, was preparing for a Soviet-Indian program instead of the sick Nicholas Rukavishnikova.

3 flights Gennady Strekalov made from 3 to 11 April 1984 on the spacecraft Soyuz T-11/10 and OS "Salyut-7" on Sovstsko-Indian program with YV. Malyshev and R. Sharma (India). Duration: 7sut.21chas.40min.06sek.

After the flight, Strekalov appointed head of the department, remaining as an instructor, test pilot, astronaut class 1. In March 1985 Strekalov replaced Alexandrova in the second carriage being trained on the program 2-nd part of the EC-4 on the OS "Salyut-7" and started training with AS Viktorenko and EV Saleem. 17 September 1985 he was a backup flight engineer for spacecraft Soyuz T-14 "G. Grechko.

Then Gennady Strekalov returned to work in his department. Next his training in. the second crew to fly on the EC-6 on the Mir space station took place from spring to autumn 1988, together with GM Manakov and VV Zabolotskikh. But the flight was canceled canceled after the tests in the pressure chamber was damaged ship PAO.

In November 1988 Strekalov continued preparations for the flight, along with Manakov first reserve crew EO-5, and from September 1989 to the backup crew for the program EO-6. 11 Balloon. 1990 he was a backup flight engineer for Soyuz TM-9 "Balandin. In April of that year Strekalov began a new training ground crew for the flight program EO-7 together with the Manakov.

4 flights Gennady Strekalov made from 1 August to 10 December 1990 as a flight engineer of Soyuz TM-10 "I Mir program EO-7 with GM Manakov. During the flight he was 30 October 1990 in open space on 2ch.45m. to clarify the scope of necessary repairs to the exit hatch module "Kvant-2". Mission duration: 130sut.20chas.35myaya.51sek.

Towards a new training program the first phase of EO-16 Strekalov began in April 1993. In February-March 1994 Strekalov trained in the first EO-16 crew, together with Y. Malenchenko, and T. Musabaev, but April 1 was removed from the crew, and took his place for the delivery of cargo to the station. Simultaneously Strekalov was assigned as flight engineer of the first EO-18 crew.

Preparations for the flight for this program Gennady Strekalov took place from May 1994 to February 1995, together with V. Dezhurovym, as from 1 November 1994 and N. Thagard (USA). Flight of Soyuz TM-21 "for the fifth Strekalova.

During space flights Gennady Strekalova rank Twice Hero of the Soviet Union and "Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR," "Honored Master of Sports of the USSR". He was awarded two medals of the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union, three Orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, the medal "Veteran of Labor" and the medal "25 years of launching the first satellite, as well as the Indian Order of Ashot Chakra" 1-th degree. He was qualified instructor, test pilot, astronaut class 1 ". Gennady Strskalov has a PhD degree in technical sciences (as new materials in space). Since 1991, Gennady Strekalov Rossiyskogo is the Chairman of the Committee to Protect Peace. Gennady married to Lydia Anatolyevna and has two daughters: Tatiana (1974gr) and Natalia (1975gr).

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Strekalov Gennady Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Strekalov Gennady Mikhailovich, photo, biography Strekalov Gennady Mikhailovich  Instructor cosmonaut tester class 1 cosmonaut corps GKB RKK Energia, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR, 49 astronaut our country and 99 of the astronaut in the world., photo, biography
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