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Yury Usachev Vladimirvich

( 77 domestic astronaut, cosmonaut, 305 of the world.)

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Biography Yury Usachev Vladimirvich
Yury Usachev was born Oct. 9, 1957, Mr.. almost simultaneously with her sister Natalia in Donetsk, Rostov Region in the family of an electrical miner. Russian.

Secondary Usachev received in 1975. Donetsk in high school? 5. Even in my school years was engaged in sambo and judo, and received 1-st level on these vilam fight.

Then went on to work as a turner at the Donetsk hlopkorpyadilnuyu factory and military authorities sent him to courses DOSAAF in Donetsk, where in 1976, Mr. Usachev received a professional driver right 3rd Class.

After that, Yuri Usachev was drafted for military service in the forces of chemical protection of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany after the end of "SCHOOL" was the commander of the department.

After returning from service in 1978. Jury entered the preparatory department MAI Sergo Ordzhonikidze, and in September became the first-year students of the Institute.

March 1, 1985 Usachev graduated from the Faculty N6 "Astronautics and unmanned aircraft" specialty "Dvuhsrednye aircraft" (department 602) and received a diploma of mechanical engineer.

Like many students, Yuri had to look for jobs during the censuses. From October to December 1982, he worked as a senior laboratory specialist in the MAI, and during the pre-diploma practice from February to April 1985. was a sailor training ship "Saimaa".

April 10, 1985, Mr. Yury Usachev came to work in the KB head of NPO Energia as an engineering officer. After working three years appropriate Yuri filed an application for admission to the cosmonaut and after the interview he was sent for a medical examination in the IBMP. October 17, 1988, Mr.. decision of the medical-expert commission, he was found fit and 21 October 1988. decision of the Chief Medical Board admitted to special training. And the next day there was a small family Usachev Zhenechka. So the wife has congratulated Yuri with the first step in space.

January 25, 1989, Mr.. decision of the Interdepartmental Commission for selection of cosmonaut Yuri Usachev recommended for enrollment in cosmonaut GKB NPO Energia.

February 27, 1989, Mr.. was transferred to the Department of astronauts to the post of candidate test cosmonaut.

From April 1989 to January 1991. Usachev took a course of general space training at CTC, where he met his future commander Yuri Onufrienko. After he was qualified as a test cosmonaut.

From April 1991 to October 1992, he was trained to fly on the Mir space station in the group. In addition to the native CB conducted two contracts for creative collaboration on the experimental and technological research activities of astronauts.

15 October 1992 to 10 January 1993. passes directly to flight training as a flight engineer on the program EO-l3 together in VV Tsibliev.

January 24, 1993, Mr. - was backup flight engineer for the 13th main mission to Mir and Soyuz TM-15 "AF Poleshchuk.

From February 8 to June 24, 1993 - A new training. At this time on the EC-14, as a flight engineer but again, the second crew, together with VM. Afanasyev and K.Andre-Deshays. This was due to the fact that Yuri himself, and his former commander Vasily Tsibliyev had no experience of flight and leave them in one of the crew decided not to, and were taken to separate. Tsibliev appointed to the first crew to A. Serebrova and Usacheva second.

July 1, 1993 g - again was a double, now 14, a flight engineer of Expedition to Mir and Soyuz TM-16 "AA. Serebrova.

August 16, 1993, Mr.. began a new training. At this time the first crew on the EC-15 together with VM. Afanasiev and VV. Polyakov.

His first space flight made from 8 January to 9 July 1994. on Soyuz TM-18 and Mir Program EO-15 together with B. Afanasyev and in. Polyakov. He worked at stations in. Tsibliev, A. Serebrova, SW. Malenchenko, and T. Musabaev.

Flight duration: 182 days 00 hours 27 minutes 01 sec. Callsign: "Derbent-2". The implementation of the flight he was awarded the honorary title of Hero of Russia, pilot cosmonaut of Russia and was qualified as a test cosmonaut 3rd Class.

After post-flight rehabilitation and otpuska Yuri returned to work and KB. But very soon needed his experience. Usachev promptly included in the second crew EO-19 instead of A. Poleshchuk. And this is just a month before the end of training. Despite the short term Usachev quickly found common language with the commander Yuri Onufrienko and managed to regain lost skills were.

June 27, 1995 Usachev was the backup crew flight engineer for Expedition-19 N. Budarina, launched on shuttle mission STS-71.

In June, began a new training. Now in the first crew on the flight this time was coming on the program EO-21 with S. Onufrienko and W. Lucid (USA). His call sign "SKIF-2". Yuri is married to Vera Sergeyevna (nee Nazarova). As their family grows daughter Eugenia (born 1988).

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Yury Usachev Vladimirvich, photo, biography
Yury Usachev Vladimirvich, photo, biography Yury Usachev Vladimirvich  77 domestic astronaut, cosmonaut, 305 of the world., photo, biography
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