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( Kazan queen)

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Biography Syuyumbike
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In fact, the Queen was called Kazan Syuyun, and "Syuyumbike" - "Beloved lady" - the people nicknamed her for what she tried to penetrate into its burdens and, if possible, reduce their. Syuyun was the daughter of a noble Nogai Beg Yusuf and grew up in the steppe. In those years at the Kazan khans appeared fashion - look for wives in the Nogai yurts. All the steppe from the Kuban to Kazakhstan was inhabited by relatives: nobles entered into between the dynastic marriages. Young girls are very reluctant to abandon their native steppes, life in the stone houses seemed to them to Khan's boring, besides, she was full of court intrigues. Not all cope with psychological stress. But Syuyun from childhood grew smartest kid with wayward "male" character.
. Kazan Khans on the throne did not linger long, his death, almost no one was dying: each of them sooner or later become the victim of political intrigues
. In the second third of the XVI century, the main contenders for power in the Kazan Khanate unfolded between Moscow and Crimea group. When he died in 1549 Khan Safa, come interregnum, as described by Kazan chronicler, "and the death of Tsarevo reconstruct abuse is great in Kazan ..."
. Who will be the next Khan? We Safa Giray had three sons: the elder Mubarak and Bulyuk lived in the Crimea, and three Utyamysh mother Syuyun - in Kazan
. Khan's Guard, led the Crimean military leader Kuchakom (Koschakom) put on Utyamysha. About Kuchake, incidentally, survived a very contradictory information. "My husband exceedingly fierce and dignified", according to the Russian annals, was allegedly in "... prodigal love with the queen ... "The researchers suggested that the Crimean lancer was the favorite Syuyun, dismiss vchistuyu. It's still not a Parisian courtyard, and Kazan, which was dominated by entirely different manners. It is also known that the queen loved her husband madly Safa Giray and after his death, never ceased to mourn for him.

But she took care Kuchaka. So three-year Utyamysh became Khan and Syuyun regent with him. Politics continued the same as when Safa - orientation to the Crimea with reliance on foreign troops. However, the regent had time to carry out some reforms, freeing the peasants, artisans and merchants from suffocating taxes, for the people of her and nicknamed "Syuyumbike", and historians - "peasant queen".

Terms Syuyumbike short - just two years. Political winds have changed, and became the top win Moscow party. Kuchak tried to flee to the Crimea, but was caught. Arrested and the queen with a young son, sending to the "honorable captivity" in Moscow.

People rumor interpret these events in their own. After the capture of Kazan by Russian troops Syuyumbike not to surrender to the invaders, allegedly jumped from the tower, which today bears her name. In fact, she was taken to Moscow in 1551, several months before the fall of the capital of Kazan Khanate.

Sources say that before heading to Moscow was allowed to visit the queen at the grave of her husband Safa and bid farewell to the people. What are the words spoken Syuyun over the tomb stone and what it held before Kazantsev, unknown. However, there is folklore, which represented "Weeping Syuyumbike" and her "farewell word". Play them without internal tremor impossible - with the emotional strain they sound ...

How is life captive in the "honorable exile"? It is clear that it is not stricken, but the moral was strongly suppressed. Syuyun prayed only one - to let her go to her father in the Nogai steppe, but was refused. As neither resist nor fought back, it still betrothed to an old and ugly kasimovskogo Khan, Shah-Ali, who reigned with the support of Moscow at the Kazan throne. Son of Queen Utyamysh was baptized and received a new name - Alexander Safakirievich, he lived only 20 years.

When and where died Syuyumbike, on this account there are different versions. Professor Urmancheev their systematized and came to the conclusion that the most probable date of her death - in 1557, captive was then 38 years old. In Kasimov, in the mausoleum of Shah Ali found an unidentified tombstone. Perhaps, under him and buried "peasant queen.

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  • BIKE Yusupova for Syuyumbike
  • Syuyun-BIKE will live forever !
  • ALMIRA for Syuyumbike
  • My husband named their daughter SUYUMBIYKE in honor of the Kazan tsaritsy.Ona of the nation nogayka, . 9 let.Ona she knows the history of his name and had a lot of funny stories about her royal name and thus very Child's hatred of Ivan the Terrible (earnings before oddities). GOOD LUCK TO YOU!,
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    Syuyumbike, photo, biography
    Syuyumbike, photo, biography Syuyumbike  Kazan queen, photo, biography
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