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BOSS Hugo (Hugo Boss)

( Fashion Designer)

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Biography BOSS Hugo (Hugo Boss)
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The history of the black label Boss Hugo Boss is not quite typical: as a rule, the founder of the famous brand makes a significant contribution to the development of fashion and the company is still in his life gets called on his behalf. However, in the case of Hugo Boss is not the case.

In 1923 Nugo Boss osnovaval firm in a small German town of Metzingen. In 20-ies he created overalls, . protective clothing, . raincoats and form for the soldiers and workers, . sometimes even without giving his name, . The suits, . made the brand famous, . were issued only in 1953, . a few years after the death of the Hugo,
. (They say also that, struggling with poverty during the Second World War, Hugo Boss manufactured the uniforms for the German army, but it only says so.)

. In the next decade, the company experienced the ups and downs, and only in 1970 Uwe and Jochen Holy, Hugo's grandson, were able to put the business on a reliable basis
. They, . adopted the name of his grandfather, . as the name of the company - it smelled of trustworthiness, . it reads well and easy to pronounce almost all languages - and started step by step to assert the authority of the company in the international arena and increase sales,

Successful and decisive PR-speed Hugo Boss was the creation of about sixteen years ago, clothing -4 Rocky movie with Sylvester Stallone in the title role. Note that later Hugo Boss once again used this course and gave clothes to the heroes of the popular American television series "Miami Vice."

. Today the German company Hugo Boss is one of the most influential in the fashion world and has an annual turnover of about one and a half billion dollars a year
. As part of an extensive network of sales HUGO BOSS, including, including 250 brand shops BOSS, brand represented in over 100 countries. Thanks to vigorous activity HUGO BOSS in various fields, this name became a symbol of prosperity, the modern perception of life, lifestyle. Each year, the firm offers over 200 tuxedos in the ceremony Oscar. Hollywood stars of world renown, HUGO BOSS prefer other brands of men's clothing. Regular clients of the mark "Boss Hugo Boss" are the most famous men of the world such as Antonio Banderas, John Travolta and Brad Pitt. Man Hugo Boss - active, focused and focused on success, in addition to that, he still believes in itself, perfect in taste, and comes up with the times.

Since 1995, HUGO BOSS has been actively supporting the well-known network of Guggenheim museums of modern art in 4 cities of the world. Fans of Formula 1 and golf enthusiasts certainly know that the HUGO BOSS is one of the sponsors of these competitions elite sports. Add, . that the leading pilots of Formula 1 Michael Schumacher, . Miko Hakkinen and David Coulthard, . famous tennis players Stefan Edberg and Thomas Muster, . well as one of the world's most famous golfers Phil Miholsen most of his wardrobe are the models HUGO BOSS,

Like most well-known fashion houses, Hugo Boss is now in the possession of one of the financial giants - Gruppo Marzotto SpA, led by Pietro Martsotto. From menswear brand, . formerly associated with the classic costumes ideal cut, . BOSS HUGO BOSS reincarnated as a high-end brand name clothing, . which coexist in harmony, traditional classics, . clothing for recreation and social receptions, . Black core label - Brand BOSS HUGO BOSS for wealthy businessmen, . executives, . politicians, . Hugo HUGO BOSS - a red label for advanced non-formal youth, . Brand Baldessarini HUGO BOSS is for the discriminating client, . Wear this brand sewn by hand,
. All these brands make HUGO BOSS trendsetter on the international arena. Also in the near future you will be able to see and amazing collection of bright orange label brands "Boss Sport Hugo Boss" - this brand is provided for people who love an active lifestyle

. All models are sewn garments exclusively from expensive materials, . as 80% of materials for Hugo Boss manufactured the best-known textile mills, . such as: "Biella - Italy, . "Torella Viera" - it produces structural fabric, . "Cherruti" - this factory was founded in 1981 in Biella, . Hugo Boss and provides elegant and refined fabrics,
. "Piotsensa" - allows the firm to sew very cozy things from this cashmere, . "Solbiatti" - this factory is king production of flax and cotton fabrics, . Laura Piani - Hugo Boss offers classic and trendy fabrics, . like, . such stretch,
. And, incidentally, is another interesting fact: when buying a jacket you'll find on the inside pocket of a stamp with the name of a textile factory, then know that this model is only sewn from high quality, expensive fabric.

With regard to the skin, then here you will have no less surprising. Leather jackets for company "Boss Hugo Boss" maketh only in England and Germany. This lambs specially grown in alpine meadows, and then selected only those animals in which under the skin of the least amount of fat - this helps to further the elasticity of the skin. On one long jacket is required from 4 to 6 lamb!

To date, HUGO BOSS - one of the world's most famous brands menswear. Mark HUGO BOSS, provided a wide range of products that meet individual needs, ensures high quality products with a distinctive and recognizable design, as well as an attractive ratio. Price / quality. To ensure the appropriate presentation of their products HUGO BOSS sells them only in carefully selected exclusive shops and branded stores BOSS. The quality and design, innovation and creativity - the driving elements of the firm.

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BOSS Hugo (Hugo Boss), photo, biography
BOSS Hugo (Hugo Boss), photo, biography BOSS Hugo (Hugo Boss)  Fashion Designer, photo, biography
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