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Antonov Paul

( Photographer)

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Biography Antonov Paul
photo Antonov Paul
Eighteen months ago, Pavel Antonov went to New York and began to engage with what he lacked in Moscow: the implementation of himself as a photographer.

. If a person lacks freedom, he has only two choices: either passively wait for a miracle, or make their own decisions - and take on all the most
. The benefits of a second clear, and moreover - the freedom to make decisions gives a splash of creativity.

NY. -Folding cocked imagination Manhattan: 42nd Street and Times Square, straight as arrows, First and Second Avenue, flowery streets of Greenwich Village, SoHo, Chelsea, Little Itali. If someone will get on eyes a man carrying a roller, then ninety percent can be sure that it is - Pavel Antonov. Remembered?

He sleeps for three to four hours a day - otherwise not have time. Living in New York in full swing. The day is as much as in any other major city in the world - for a month, and even for all six. This man will not let the day doing it, and try everything to be exactly the opposite. Not an hour not to lose: now - the sculptor Ernst Unknown, tomorrow - the artist Yuri Gorbachev, the day after tomorrow - the actress Alla Kluki or have stopped in New York with an exhibition of Sergei Bugaev.

. Style photographer has changed markedly in comparison with what had been two or three years ago
. Instead, studio lighting and backgrounds - natural environment. And to the old eccentric manner added a noticeable looseness, emancipation, lightness and dynamics. Whatever the portrait, the full picture of improvisation. "Compared with previous projects (one of them -" 100 portraits of Russia ", joint work with Heidi Mr. Hollinger), I completely changed the concept - says photographer. - Now the main thing is not who is withdrawn, but as a shot. I'm trying to use the full range of photographic techniques, which was forced to deny his earlier. This shooting with color filters, "zaproyavka" negatives, large grain, shooting at the old films and stuff. And you want more, so that decent people have decent photos.

Inner freedom. Without it anywhere. And there is no self-harmony of inner freedom from external. Self unlimited, . enough only time - is not that the enjoyment of life! I stopped in New York Andrei Voznesensky and Alexander Filippenko receive such pictures, . which did not even think! And Arkady Kirichenko - known domestic (although, . it has been nine years in the U.S.) jazzman - flies with the instrument in an embrace of Times Square, and Ernst Unknown - a reflection in the mirror on Grand Street in SoHo,
. Total need something - play by the rules of the photographer: to obey his will, imagination and ingenuity, though somewhere and hooligan. "Genre portrait is not in vogue in Russia - I see it in magazines:" snapshots "with the parties or banal studio shots. Well, let him, and I'll do whatever he sees fit.

. Antonov - is to climb to the roof of a skyscraper and a biting wind to arrange a shoot for four hours, . testing the nerves of the local protection: who authorized, . and what the hell this Russian here? " Antonov - this fall on his back in front of the Flatiron-iron and half an hour to chisel on the trigger, . forcing you to step, . jump over it and almost fall from the loss of equilibrium,
. Create your own all around during shooting, so that the hour flies at speeds of minutes - it Antonov. Series offers you images - a part of those things which are currently working photographer, and that should make a book of portraits of those who represent the modern Russian culture. "The book will be presented to people who, in my opinion, made a significant contribution to the culture of my country. In America, whether they live in Russia - no matter where, it is important - as. Time to have a lot. This Baryshnikov, and Ilya Kabakov, and Fetisov. Many good people in America, many in Russia. It is a pity that not all can I withdraw. But who can be all? "

. Pavel Antonov's enthusiasm is contagious - be able to break into New York and without tangible support to start a completely new environment! By and large this commitment and focus on the result can only envy
. Well, we will follow the development of history ...

Dmitry Kiyan, Chief Editor Foto & Video November 6, 2000

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  • Natalia for Antonov Paul
  • I am very interested in photos of Basil Agafonov (Yulika). Can I communicate with Pavel Antonov for e-mail?
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