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Mazurin Alex

( Photographer)

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Biography Mazurin Alex
A. S. Mazurin representatives of numerous merchant family Mazurin, engaged in manufacture and trade in textile products. With four years after the death of his father, brought up his elder brother, commerce adviser, Mitrofanov Sergeyevich. A brother Cares. Mazurin gets a good education, engaged in painting, music.

His first photographic experiments are 1866, 1880, Mr.. Mazurin already prepared an amateur photographer. Fully art photography, he devoted himself after 1882, when he visited several European countries, in particular, France, the Principality of Monaco. Photography is so attracted by his, . that he withdraws from his office as Managing Director of the Society of Music and Dramatic Arts, . eliminated on its own initiative of the Moscow branch of the Imperial Russian Musical Society, . which at that time led the H,
. Rubinstein.

In a short time he took part in the exhibition in Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, Glasgow, Gambkrge, Marseille, Milan, Nice, Paris, Stockholm. At the exhibition of his works are marked by awards and diplomas, and reproductions of his images reproduce various magazines. A. Mazurin was Russia's first photographer-established in the European art scene. His photos at the end of XIX century were printed abroad in the album-reviews on the world of art photography; during 1890-1910-ies he was involved in many exhibitions pictorial photography in Germany, France, England. In 1899 he was elected honorary member of the French Photographic Society

. In Russia work Mazurina printed magazines 'Niva', . 'North', . 'Pictorial Review', . 'Illustrated Newspaper', . 'Spark' and 'Russian leaf' and others, he was one of the most famous capitals photographers-artists, . whose works were available in certain bookstores and art supply stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg,
. In the work Mazurina, . first from Russian photographers, . joined genre scenes of contemporary life of the urban intelligentsia - in the spirit of the paintings Kramskogo and Makovsky - and subjects 'of peasant life', . What she saw salon Russian and foreign artists - exotic, . romantic and beautiful,
. In 1890 Mazurin experimenting with photo printing on albumin and saline papers in the 1900's, is fond of gum arabic, later - bromoylem. Throughout his work he has traced 'favorite scenes', which he varies in different printing technologies. His photographs are arranged under the laws of composition tableau, he strives for a realistic image, but often uses the setting, and of many parts - as an artist - selects only the essential, the rest of the picture clears. Mazurina contemporaries often compared to Russian poets A. Grigoriev, A. Fet, finding in his photographs the same love for the Russian landscape and the idealization of peasant life.

A great service. S. Mazurin was its active material support to the organizations of the Russian Photographic Society in Moscow in 1894. He subsidized the 400 rubles for the organization of exhibitions and the founding congress, later makes a contribution of $ 100 USD. to the charity fund RFO and pay 400 rubles. Device photographic indoor RFO.

After 1914 the name Mazurina disappears from the pages of the photographic press and official guides. Possible reasons for this can be called a difficult financial situation at Reutovskaya Manufactory, a member of the board of directors of which he was also a divorce from his wife, Astaltsevoy E. N. In 1915 the artist emigrated to Germany (?), Where he spent the last period of his life, and where a large part of his artistic heritage.

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Mazurin Alex, photo, biography
Mazurin Alex, photo, biography Mazurin Alex  Photographer, photo, biography
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