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Biography Dmitry SHUBIN
photo Dmitry SHUBIN
Dmitry Shubin of the project Extra Body:

Age of girls involved in the project Extra Body - 15 to 23 years. The shooting took place in the home environment, and the whole entourage of the room - the daily environment of girls. The only "mock" moment - an "invasion" in this reality painters' works that touched in his work a feminist perspective: Sindy Sherman (5 works), Nan Goldin, Barbara Cruger, Sherrie Levine, Hannah Wilkie, Gina Pane.

. The impetus to start work on the project served as a monitor for a friend of a girl of seventeen
. Very homely, quiet, helps her mother, the clubs do not go ... But at some point, it turns out, for example, that modest "mother's daughter" favorite TV show - "fighting without rules", and favorite music - heavy metal ... That is, the cultural realities of "work" as something completely wrong. To her, they produce completely different content than that enjoyed by, say, for me. And at the same time, my daughter - one shear of the girls - adorns the walls of her room with posters, which can be about anything. She finds in them something, which I can not identify. Learning its meaning is clearly different from that which I read.

This was the beginning of. Hence the introduction of the everyday cultural realities of the post-Soviet situation completely "other" - and at the same time possible. The question is about reality, in essence, a different culture. It is obvious even the existing border, even in the interiors of rooms. In one of the girls on the wall can be seen next to The Draw icon of the Virgin, just below - Leonardo DiCaprio, and even slightly below - the work of Sherman. DiCaprio and icon - natural, there were! And the carpet 70-ies. All these items can not be together. In the 70 years would not have icons when the icon and the adequacy of its perception there would be DiCaprio, where hangs DiCaprio may not be Sherman (not to mention the "sound" of feminist issues in the Russian context). However, they are together - and only partly on my "fault".

The climax of all this was that after my departure from one of the girls poster and remained hanging on the wall. Acclimatized, overgrown dried rosettes and somehow there is. "I thought, it suits me" - she told me.

Individual "stories" have no images.
There are names of girls, they are the same - the names of works.

Note.: All photos were taken in October-November 2000. Aspect Ratio 6h6sm, size prints 60x60 and 70x70 cm, hand print.

About the author

Born in 1963. Leningrad. Artist.
He graduated from Leningrad State. University (1985) and the Moscow People's University of Arts Correspondence (1991). Began with painting.
1993-1995 - Work on the project "Culture Keme": the development of the concept of "renewal of history". For the project founded the Institute of the material and artistic culture (1993-96).

Exhibitions in the project:
1994 - "Culture Keme". State Museum of Ethnography, St. Petersburg;
1995 - "Culture Keme". AFRICUS: Johannesburg Biennale. Johannesburg, South Africa.
1995 - "Culture Keme". Gallery Manege, Moscow.
1998 - participated in the Festival of Russia's network of art "Yes-Yes-No" (http://www.da-da-net.ru) with the Internet project "IDENTIFIED". 2 nd prize in the nomination "Art Projects".
Currently: picture, photobased art, computer graphics.

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Dmitry SHUBIN, photo, biography
Dmitry SHUBIN, photo, biography Dmitry SHUBIN  Photographer, photo, biography
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