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Gedeon Burkhard

( Actor)

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Biography Gedeon Burkhard
photo Gedeon Burkhard
Date of Birth: July 3, 1969

. Zodiac Sign: Cancer

. Place of Birth: Munich, Germany

. Place of residence: Vienna, Austria ( "the key under the mat" as once said Gideon in chat)

. Height: 178 cm

. Weight: 72 kg

. Hair Color: Brown

. Eye Color: Hazel

. Marital status: Divorced

. Children: No

. Parents: Elizabeth (nee von Molo), and Wolfgang Burkhard

. Favorite food: Spaghetti

. Characteristics: Tattoo of a heart on left shoulder
. Famous actor Alexander Moissi great-grandfather was Gideon's paternal, and Konrad von Molo Filmproduzent by profession. Best Billy Wilders "Eins, Zwei, Drei!" was made by his grandfather on the maternal line.

Awards: Bayerischer Filmpreis 1992 for the best roles in the film "Kleine Haie". In 1998, according to Bild-Jury selected third among the best men of Germany after Oliver Bierhoff and Campino. Rome 1999 - a very popular hero of the series.

Role: Alexander Brandtner appears in the series after the tragic death of Moser. He takes his place in the team. The first evening is gaining the confidence of Rex and the dog returns to life. Soon Alex colleagues to become a true friend.

On the role of Alex Brandtnera Gideon was chosen from 250 applicants. Naturally choosing a new partner Rex. And he had once played Rex still in Moretti. He played the role of killers of Stephen Lanza in 1 season 11 Series "Amok".

Address Gideon in Munich (the parents):
Gedeon Burkhard
c / o Elisabeth von Molo
Nymphenburger Str. 43
D - 80634 Munchen

Gideon Address in Vienna:
Gedeon Burkhard
c / o Elisabeth von Molo
Sprint Werde GmbH
Tiefer Graben 7
A - 1010 Wien

Gedeon Burkhard in Munich, Germany. Born in a family of actors, its unusual name is obliged to Mama: still in the teen age, she fell in love with the Hungarian's such an unusual name either, or name. About the school years of our hero is better not to remember. But since we really talk about it, it is worth noting that in his life was a lot of schools and of all he flew with a bang. Basically - because of intolerable behavior. (Probably played a role early fame, struck the boy after the shooting the TV show). At one time, parents are even contemplating surrender rebellious offspring to boarding school for difficult. True, then changed their minds, confined itself to a private school. The result was the same.

On the screen the boy made his debut in a decade by pure chance - the parents took him to the office of a friend-producer. In fact, initially planned to employ in such a way mom Gideon, but the chip lay in another direction. Mom went back to the household, and the offspring of the morning after the premiere woke up perhaps the most famous child in Germany. However, the very hero for the day acting career suddenly ceased to arrange, and he began to study ... ballet. Once Ged saw on stage dancing of the legendary Rudolf Nureyev and literally sick ballet. To be like an idol, began to learn the art of dance in the school musical, and later joined the Munich Ballet Academy. Alas, his body did not feel like dancing, as is the case with the great dancers. When the powerful hands of the young men began to break in two ballet barre, teachers urged parents were asked to remove it back to the movies. Eventually realizing that Nureyev he does not become, once again sent his foot in the cinema. He acted in several television and feature films. And to become the heir Moretti, tired of the TV series "Inspector Rex", withstood a severe competition: the role of the claimed 250 people. Communicate with four-legged friends, especially not a problem, but with weapons - yes. Had a good practice.

Gideon's main passion has always been a dog. It is difficult to count how many pounds of wool to clean off with it himself, his exclusive costume and no less exclusive furniture for thirty-one years of life. Worth at least one other person be in the field of view of the actor, . and a moment later they had fought in the mud, . overcame the obstacle course or pull drooling stick, . then to, . bypassing bath, . to fall on the couch and enjoy a large bone with a glass of martini,
. Fortunately or unfortunately, when Gideon was married, in the vicinity had no single backwoods mongrel. So what about his sobakolyubii young wife found out after the fact. Some time it is touching, but then the actor was faced with a choice - or a dog, or marriage. In short, at the moment Burkhard single again, and did not suffer from this.

Such devotion to our tailed bark brothers could not remain without reward. Taking off in a cameo by a robber, And he met and became friends with Reginald von Ravenhorstom. By the time Reginald was already almost a cult figure and one of the most popular actor in German cinema. Not bad for a shepherd and a half years old.

More precisely, two shepherds, because under an assumed name in a lush "actor's card" hidden four-legged twin brothers Santo and Soko. They have a clear division of labor - a clever and charming Santo played, more austere and disciplined Soko performs tricks. It was this couple in the end and claimed a new actor in the TV series "Inspector Rex". While playing with Gedeon they have quite long. By the time of its entry in the position of the dogs had reached retirement age - ten years. Coach Teresa Ann Miller was ready to submit to the general public of the new Rex, known to the world as Rett Butler.

. Since the series was originally filmed not under the people, and under the specific "star" of dogs, the audience even noticed that the reshuffle, not to mention the change of the actor
. And respond to it is not very positive, although it was TV series Gedeon Burkhard obliged snug in the top three most desirable men in Germany. Therefore, the producers still do not plan to renew his contract, which expires this year.

To keep himself in shape, Ged hard burns calories at the fitness club, is engaged in carting, loves to drive on his "Pontiac". Clothes prefers suits out of strong - Martini. For a time he lived alternately in Los Angeles (USA) and Vienna (the capital of Austria). Now postoyanke in Vienna.

Other famous films with Gedeon Burkhard: "Solo Clarinet", "Dangerous desire - man in temptation," "Two ladies, two men - four issues?"

1. Yu (2002) .... Tom
2. Superfire (2002) (TV) .... Reggie
Extreme fire
3. Stars in der Manege (1999)
Stars on the arena
4. Gefahrliche Lust - Ein Mann in Versuchung (1998) (TV) .... Leon Heflin
Lust, Caution - Under the influence of temptation
... alternativ Scent of Seduction (1998) (TV) (Germany: promotional title)
Aroma temptation (eng. name)
5. 2 Manner, 2 Frauen - 4 Probleme!? (1998) .... Luis
Two men, two women - 4 problems?
... alternativ Four for Venice (1998)
Four Venice
... alternativ Two Women, Two Men (1998) (USA)
6. Brylcreem Boys, The (1997) .... Krach
... alternativ Liebe in Zeiten des Krieges (1997) (Germany) [de]
Love in the Time of War
7. Which Way to Oz (1996)
Which way to the land of Oz
8. "Kommissar Rex" (1994) TV Series .... Alexander Brandtner (1997-2001)
Inspector Rex
... alternativ "Rex: A Cop's Best Friend" (1994) (UK)
Rex: best friend of the police
9. Magenta (1996) .... Roy
... alternativ Magenta - Verfhrerische Unschuld (1996) (Germany) [de]
Magenta - Seductive Innocence
10. Polizeiruf 110 - Die Gazelle (1996) (TV) .... Louis
Police Phone 110 - Gazelle
11. Wem gehort Tobias? (1995) .... Thomas Urban
Who owns Tobias?
... alternativ In the Wrong Hands (1995) (USA)
In the wrong hands
... alternativ Mit aller Gewalt - Mein Sohn gehtsrt mir (1998) (reissue title)
Of all the forces - My son belongs to me (reissue title)
12. Der Konig. Episode (1994)
King. Episode
13. "SOKO 5113" Episode "Polterabend" (1994)
"SOKO 5113" episode "Polterabend"
14. "Piovra 7, La" (1994) (mini) TV Series .... Daniele
... alternativ "Allein gegen die Mafia 7" (1994) (mini) (Germany) [de]
Octopus - One against the Mafia
15. Affaren (1994) .... Thomas
16. Verliebt, verlobt, verheiratet (1994) (TV)
Fond, plighted, married
17. Abgeschminkt! (1993) .... Rene
... alternativ Making Up! (1994) (USA)
18. Mein Mann ist mein Hobby (1993) (TV)
My husband - my hobby
19. Begegnung im Regen (1993)
Meeting in the rain
20. Sommerliebe (1993) (TV) .... Matthias
Summer romance
21.Kleine Haie (1992) .... Ali
Small sharks
... alternativ Acting It Out (1992)
... alternativ Little Sharks (1992)
22. Das Collier (1991)
23. Drehort Pfarrhaus (1990)
24. "New Adventures of Black Beauty, The" (1990) TV Series .... Manfred
The New Adventures of Black handsome
25. Sipova Ruzenka (1990) .... Princ viliam / johan
... alternativ Dornrtsschen (1990) (West Germany) [de]
Crown of Thorns
26. Zauberlehrling (1989)
Sorcerer's apprentice
27. Zwei Frauen (1989) .... Bud
Two women
... alternativ Silence Like Glass (1989)
Silence, fragile as glass
28. Passagier - Welcome to Germany, Der (1988) .... Janko
Passenger - Welcome to Germany
... alternativ Passenger - Welcome to Germany, The (1988)
... alternativ Welcome to Germany (1988) (USA)
29. Der Fahnder: Hendriks Alleingang (1987)
Fahnder: separate action Hendrick
30. Nur fur Busse (1986)
Only fine
31. "Piovra, La" (1984) TV Series .... Daniele Rannisi (season 7)
... alternativ "Mafia, La" (1984) (France: dubbed version)
... alternativ "Octopus, The" (1984)
... alternativ "Allein gegen die Mafia" (1984) (West Germany) [de]
One against the Mafia
32. Nordlichter - Geschichten zwischen Watt und Wellen (1984)
33. ... und ab geht die Post (1981)
... And leaves mail
34. Blut und Ehre - Jugend unter Hitler (1980)
Blood and Honor - young people under Hitler
35. Tante Maria (1979) (TV) .... Andreas Bdenbender
Aunt Mary

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  • In the film, he simply does not repeat - young, . energetic, . quite attractive, . and most importantly - I also just love the dogs, . particularly large (perhaps because she does not I'm not tall :-) Just want to wish him a creative and personal well-being ... Natalia.,
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  • Greetings to all fans of this actor! I like the TV series "Inspector Rex" and Burkhard as Brandtnera.
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  • Hi, this is exactly it just prelest.Samy beautiful, most intelligent and just a class !
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  • It is truly a talent and handsome !
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  • Hello, I'm also very llyublyu Gedeon Burkhard and serial Commissioner Reks.A especially I like the character played by Gedeon, Alex Brandtner!
  • TAN for Gedeon Burkhard
  • Hello, I'm also very llyublyu Gedeon Burkhard and serial Commissioner Reks.A especially I like the character played by Gedeon, Alex Brandtner!
  • TAN for Gedeon Burkhard
  • Hello, I'm also very llyublyu Gedeon Burkhard and serial Commissioner Reks.A especially I like the character played by Gedeon, Alex Brandtner!
  • Lal for Gedeon Burkhard
  • I'm glad)) I dream with him something else to look ...
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  • I just trudge from it ! !
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  • Guten Tag! Ich heibe Ina. Wie alt bist du? Auf Wiedersehen! Freut mich!
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  • God! 1on gorgeous I dream about him I want him I love him, he simply does not describe in words! I know well the German and brebyu to meet him
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  • Gedeon Burkhard one of the best-especially since my husband looks like him
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  • Gideon simple oocharovatelny man. Write to all who want to talk about this beautiful dark-haired guy
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  • guten tag Gedeon ich heibce Altin ich liebe dich. Gideon, I've known you since childhood and I lyubilas you at first glance. You are the first and only love of my life. I know I'm not the first and not, . priznaetsya that you love. I'm very excited. I'm living the dream, . when something vstrutitsya with you, I sure hope so. You are to me as the moon is not attainable, . but I still live the dream,
    . Although at the moment, but still see you. I would be very happy to zemle.Edinstvennoe that I want to ask you write me bitte bitte bitte. I want you obschyatsya udostoyte me this schastya.BITTE ICH LIEBE DICH
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  • Az Misle, Th Gedeon Burkhard e wonderful aktor and sscho taka handsome and young mzh.Az th obozhavam.I for yes analyze IU School Mu Kazha tova.Guten Tag Gedeon Burkhard.Ich heise Maria und ich liebe dich.
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  • Handsome man! "I share his passion for dogs, particularly German shepherd!
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  • dude nothing, nr pomoymu he lost
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  • Guten Tag everyone! Gideon amazing actor! "Playing so that, willy-nilly poverish.Chestno let him know about it long, but quite specifically interested nedavno.Znayu his role in the movie, but terribly interested in that kind of man he really .. .
  • Grigoriev Dmitry for Gedeon Burkhard
  • Hello everyone write me the exact address Actor Gedeon Burkhard Where he lives in Vienna, Thank you or write SMS 89041362747. Thank you in advance waiting
  • Anonymous for Gedeon Burkhard
  • very handsome man
  • Helga for Gedeon Burkhard
  • When I was in Vienna that they asked about gedeona.OTVET was as follows: live either in 8 either in 9 districts of Vienna, and are not very good as a movie-Jacobi and imperceptibly thin!
  • volcnica for Gedeon Burkhard
  • the most beautiful man on the planet! handsome!
  • Elena for Gedeon Burkhard
  • nepredstavlyayu series Inspector Rex without Gideon burgharta he is the best actor in the world! Alex brantner first man in my life in which I fell in love! me then there were 4, . 6goda! Episode, then went on RTR ... he is the best in the world if anyone knows his e-mail please I beg you! My mail pimenov-elena@yandex.ru,
  • Grigoriev Dmitry for Gedeon Burkhard
  • Hello everyone who knows Gideon email address or his home in Vienna, please contact me at my email box link-dima@bk.ru or send SMS to 89041362747.
  • maria-ester for Gedeon Burkhard
  • Der beste Schauspieler ! Der beste Mann ! !
  • Anonymous for Gedeon Burkhard
  • I knew him about the show Rex, had not watched this series, since it went from there. and now decided to find his biography. Its wonderful actor, one of my favorite (and I have only two David Tennant and Gedeon Burkhard)
  • Anonymous for Gedeon Burkhard
  • Dear Gedeon Burkhard I adore you and I dream to meet you
  • Scribe for Gedeon Burkhard
  • The imposing south-blooded man with a distinct charisma model kinogeroya. Basis for us - "reksomaniya", which made him famous in the Russian space for the female population in general, and this is perfectly. There is a hero, which must be equal to some loving men ...
  • Alexandra for Gedeon Burkhard
  • the most beautiful, attractive and sexy man in svete.prosto god of beauty
  • Anara for Gedeon Burkhard
  • Yes ..., Gideon - the limit of my dreams ...
  • Anastasia for Gedeon Burkhard
  • Deystvietlno amazing actor! Very charming, attractive and interesting man! The truly brave! I love his film! From him just madness!))
  • Maria for Gedeon Burkhard
  • I would like to see a game of this charming actor in any historical movie.
  • Tasia for Gedeon Burkhard
  • really like this akter.hotelos to get to know him and poobschatsya with him but sorry but don `t know his email
  • Vasya for Gedeon Burkhard
  • good actor
  • Play the virgin for Gedeon Burkhard
  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he just sexy! his smile his eyes ! I love it !
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  • It is stunningly beautiful and extraordinary. Would become his wife happy!)))
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  • Adress in Wien is still vailid?
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