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Jennifer Tilly (Jennifer Tilly)

( Actress)

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Biography Jennifer Tilly (Jennifer Tilly)
Jennifer Tilly was born September 16, 1961 (some sources 1958) in Los - Angeles, California, United States (according to other sources in Harbor City, California, United States). Her mother Patricia was a young actress of the stage, and his father Harry selling cars. Jennifer was the eldest of four children. She turned 5 (or 7 - depending on the "reference point") years old when her parents divorced. His mother moved to Canada in the province of British Columbia, where my grandmother lived, Jennifer. They lived modestly, his mother kept the children in the severity.

Jennifer was 12 years old when his mother married a man named John Ward, ex-hippies with five children. They settled in seclusion on the island Teksada in the Strait of Georgia that separates Vancouver Island from the Americas. Residents on the island Teksada was not enough, they are mainly engaged in logging. John Ward, however, is not going to blame the forest: he considered himself a man of spiritual edifice, as he wrote books on religious subjects (none of them has not been published).

. Tilley said that the brothers and sisters often went hungry, that all children were sleeping side by side on mattresses lying on the floor, that her brother went into the woods to shoot game, which is then cooked and ate
. In the early 90's, when it thundered across America on the group suicide of members of the sect in Waco, Tilly dropped, that the head of the sect seemed to her like a stepfather.

The house had no phone, no TV. Theaters on the island there was no. Kids have fun in the best of my ability and imagination. Jennifer was playing for the brothers and sisters performances in which she appeared as a wood nymph, a river mermaid. Tilley said that even then she knew that would be an actress. Her mother encouraged her in this: she always told the children that they should set the bar as high as possible and to achieve the desired. When Jennifer learned in fifth grade, her mother invited a touring troupe of actors to stay in their home, and Jennifer will always remember those days.

. Jennifer studied in grade 10, when her mother divorced again and moved to Victoria
. Jennifer recalls that with her mother and sisters went to the annual Shakespeare festivals and 9 times watched "Romeo and Juliet". But the period from 1975 th to 1978 remains the most enigmatic in her life. In 1991, she said her Hollywood experience - 16 years, but talk about it more refused. Perhaps her first attempts at conquest kinostolitsy relate to mid-70's, but no trace of Tilly in Hollywood that period could not be found. Perhaps all this time she lived with her own father. Anyway, in 1978 she enrolled in the Women's College Stevens in Columbia, Missouri. It also recognizes that because of the dense ignorance in matters of sex, only managed to lose their virginity before graduation. And then went to Los Angeles and began to break through "in the actress'. To make ends meet, was selling sandwiches and salads: drove truck-a refrigerator for building housing many offices.

First professional success achieved Tilly on stage. In the late 80-ies she played in the plays "The life of this guy" and "Tartuffe" in the Los Angeles Theater Center, and lit up on Broadway in productions of "Vanities" and "One shot of shoes". In that season she was awarded the prize "Theater World" and the prize "Dramalog". Her work in "Tartuffe" has attracted the attention of the playwright and director David Baird, who took her to one of the main roles in the film "burnt child" (Scorchers) - about three women experiencing love drama. Tilly has managed to not get lost on the background of celebrities such as Faye Dunaway, James Earl Jones and Denholm Elliott, and moreover, Elliott, master of the English scene, said he had long seen such a talented and promising young actress. But instead of our way to the stars, Tilly prefer a more thorny path character actress. All these years she has played a major role in the low-budget films, a small but vivid role in major studio tapes - such as "Made in America", "Escape" or "Liar Liar". However, despite the lack of star status, she formed a circle of the faithful fans, which included Quentin Tarantino.

For his role in Woody Allen's "Bullets Over Broadway" Tilly was nominated for an Oscar. I have Jennifer's sister - actress Meg Tilly.


. Monsters
. / Monsters, Inc., 2001 (voice)
. Dancing at the Blue Iguana "
. / Dancing at the Blue Iguana, 2000
. Team
. / Crew, The, 2000
. Stuart Little
. / Stuart Little, 1999 (voice)
. Unquiet witness
. / Do Not Disturb, 1999
. Music from another room
. / Music From Another Room, 1998
. Bride of Chucky
. / Bride Of Chucky, 1998
. Liar Liar
. / Liar, Liar, 1997
. Contact
. / Bound, 1996
. Bullets Over Broadway
. / Bullets Over Broadway, 1994
. Escape
. / Getaway, The, 1994
. Made in America
. / Made In America, 1993
. Cheerfulness spirits
. / High Spirits, 1988

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    Jennifer Tilly (Jennifer Tilly), photo, biography
    Jennifer Tilly (Jennifer Tilly), photo, biography Jennifer Tilly (Jennifer Tilly)  Actress, photo, biography
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