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JACKSON Peter (Piter Jackson)

( Actor)

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Biography JACKSON Peter (Piter Jackson)
Peter Jackson was born October 31, 1961 in Pukerua Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. In Halloween. Perhaps it is this fact influenced the fact that he became a master of bloody humoresques type 'tales from the crypt'. The first film, Peter began to shoot in twelve years: with the help of a pair of friends in the garden, Jackson had dug a deep pit, which has become the only backdrop for the heroic scenes of World War II. Even then, the boy began to invent practical effects. First, Peter has done a hole right in the celluloid film, simulating penetration of bullets.

. Company youths, led by Jackson, revolved around a metropolitan newspaper The Evening Post - thanks to the journalistic bread they have managed to earn a 16-millimeter camera, which proved to be a pass in this world of big movies
. In 1983, Peter began shooting big ten-project "hot day", but failed to properly distribute the jetting ideas. The film received a full-length.

Along with a gang of associates, working on weekends and holidays, Jackson was looking for new opportunities, which were found in the corridors of the New Zealand Film Commission, which supported the production of Jackson's debut. However, only four years later, Peter entrusted shooting next movie. Bloodthirsty comedy 'in bad taste' was sent to Cannes, and critics around the world fell in love with the charm of nauseating cardboard special effects.

Savings literally everything himself Jackson, along with the crew demonstrated acting ability, and the audience saw a plump bearded man of the very extremely talented producer, generator extravagant ideas and crafty cynic. The film was sold directly in thirty countries, and resting on their laurels Jackson Local moviemaker Jim Booth made the proposal in principle, to abandon that could only be an idiot or a complete sloth. Peter became a full partner in the company Bout WingNut Films. Another experiment in 'bad taste', Jackson met with Frances Walsh and Stephen Sinclair - later his permanent scenario sponsors. Their new joint work was to be a film about zombies, the realization of childhood dreams, Peter.

The only problem remained money, but with the Spanish and Japanese investors, the company gradually started to gain momentum. While going to the money, arose and a new script - this time the puppet movie 'Introducing Fiblami', considered the best parody of the famous Muppets. Again, the festival started the race, after which Jackson was in the hands of a sufficient budget to 'real' zombie movie.

. Written script modernized, and in 1992 showed up on the screen of a mad black comedy "Dead brains", and successfully toured throughout the world
. However, in the conservative States 'Brains' came out only on video, renamed 'Alive \ Dead'.

Cheerful zombies, as well as released a video earlier drafts, drawn and American producers from New Line Cinema, Peter sat at his desk, - to demand the continuation of the scenario of the next 'Nightmare on Elm Street'.

Alas, Jackson's meticulous team had not met the target date, but a bad Hollywood experience was for him a good lesson. Upset provocateur again set to work, erecting senseless brutality opus 'Valley of Stereo', telling about the adventures of hippie killers and metal-radical. The film was not as successful, and resonance, but defeat blamed on the creative crisis

. Meanwhile, the 'brain dead' was named one of the bloodiest movies of all time, . a sad failure of the American Jackson decided to take a pause, . referring to the formulation of chamber drama "Heavenly Creatures" - a refined picture of the exhibition of New Zealand's misery fifties,
. Sam Peter conducted an investigation into the real murder tyrannical mother of one of the romantic friends, living in an imaginary world. It is in this project Jackson has earned the reputation of this perfectionist. Lesbian motives and sensual Acting 'virgins' plot' were quite compelling: it was after that picture flashed a bright star Kate Winslet and the director simply intimidated critics of the sudden reversal of the theme. He came out of the category 'promising' and become a real master.

. 1995 gave Peter Jackson's documentary "Forgotten Silver 'on the New Zealand aviation pioneer Colin McKenzie, a year later, even the great Robert Zemeckis, Peter not objective to participate in' Tales from the Crypt '
. Jackson and Fran Walsh wrote a hurricane scenario, and from it have turned out full-length 'monsters', which became a hit not only because of their prime minister was hastily scheduled for the opening day of the Olympic Games in Atlanta. At least the director believes that this is so.

. After the local success of paranoid thriller Jackson literally filled up lucrative offers: figured the script for a remake of 'King Kong' sample thirty-third year, . but almost simultaneous emergence of 'Godzilla', . '50-Foot woman 'and' Mighty Joe Young 'gave up on bright beginnings,
. It was then, and there were rumors about the film adaptation of Tolkien, able to compensate for injury ambitious director. And the 'ring' Jackson is not passed.

In his youth, Peter dreamed of becoming a master of special effects - to invent incredible monsters, glue, rubber, scary dolls and the mysterious starry sky from the rolls of colored toilet paper. At a time when the simple-minded college students Kepiti riding around in cars in the parent company's classmates, . smoked marijuana and swaggered at parties, . Hermit Jackson sat in his house in Pukerua Bay, . hade plasticine dinosaurs and shooting them in the dim bedroom,
. 'I just liked to do it', - modestly remarked one of the leading directors of the world, abundant profits anticipant main movie of his life.

Peter Jackson will not soon be able to return home in a comfortable manor Siturn to relax and quiet rest in the company of his wife and two children. Three-year crusade for the glory of the great John Ronald Tolkien Ruehl simply must culminate in a global doomsday. Experienced master of special effects is quite able to arrange this

. Jackson regrets only one thing - he will not be able to experience the thrill before viewing the film adaptation of Tolkien: "I remember every scene in minute detail, I remember all the problems of the crew - as I can enjoy the spectacle in full?"

. British Film Academy Award
. Winner in the categories:
. Best Film
. 2002 - Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
. / Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The

. Venice Film Festival Award
. Winner in the categories:
. A separate prize "Silver Lion"
. 1994 - Heavenly Creatures
. / Heavenly Creatures
. Lord of the Rings
. / Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, The, 2001
. Forgotten Silver
. / Forgotten Silver, 1996
. Monsters
. / Frighteners, The, 1996
. Heavenly Creatures
. / Heavenly Creatures, 1994
. Dead brains
. / Braindead, 1992
. Introducing Fiblami
. / Meet The Feebles, 1989
. In bad taste
. / Bad Taste, 1987

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JACKSON Peter (Piter Jackson), photo, biography
JACKSON Peter (Piter Jackson), photo, biography JACKSON Peter (Piter Jackson)  Actor, photo, biography
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