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WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)

( Actor)

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Biography WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
photo WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
Born September 12, 1973 in Glendale, California, USA. Full name - Paul William Walker. Paul's acting career began in the early years of television advertising diapers 'Pampers'.

Being older, he continued to appear in various television programs and commercials. His first role in the movie Walker played in thirteen years. This was followed by other roles in film and in television series. In addition to acting, Paul has been active in sports and participated in various competitions.

After graduating from high school in 1991, Walker decided to study marine biology, enrolling at the California College. However, the love of acting craft prevailed over classes in biology, and in 1994, Walker starred in the film 'Tammy and the T-Rex', along with the then unknown Dennis Richards.

. Another work of the young actor was the role in 1998 film 'Meet Diddley'
. In the same year the actor gets his next role, becoming the object of passion Reese Witherspoon in the film 'Plezantvill'. This role brings the actor known and a list of his works in film began to replenish with new roles.

The following 1999 was withdrawn in a fairly successful films 'She's All That' and 'Varsity Blues'. Due to the growth of its popularity among young people, in 2001, the actor went from playing minor roles in major roles.

. His first major role in the movie he played in the film 'Fast & Furious' With the unexpected success of this picture Paul Walker is known not only in the U.S.
. After only three months after the release of new film 'Fast & Furious' premiere of another movie with Paul Walker in the title role - 'Joy Ride'.

In 2000, the actor received the prize "Young Hollywood" and in 2001 - again, "Young Hollywood" and the Hollywood Film Festival Award

. Winner in the categories: Best On-Screen Duo
. (with Vin Diesel)
. 2002 - Afterburner
. / Fast And The Furious, Thп¦
. Joy Ride
. / Joy Ride, 2001
. Afterburner
. / Fast And The Furious, The, 2001
. Skulls
. / Skulls, The, 2000
. She's All That
. / She's All That, 1999
. Varsity Blues
. / Varsity Blues, 1999
. Plezantvill
. / Pleasantville, 1998
. Meet Diddley
. / Meet The Deedles, 1998

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  • Mariska for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • Paul Walker just a soup-e-er !
  • Vovich for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • I like how the actor playing ....
  • Brian Earl Spilner for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • Paul Walker! Man! :)
  • blackberry007 for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • Paul Walker just super !)))))))) Handsome and handsome dude ! Smart !))))
  • Alex for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • Paul Walker stunning akter.Dy simply a beauty, more of an actor!
  • Brian Occoner for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • the best of his role in two afterburning and the film of the skull
  • BULLIT for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • but he was in truth a bullet! My school, but with me not to be compared
  • Monica for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • the most beautiful and cool !
  • Krista for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • Well, not so ........ Th
  • hlopi for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • easy fairy tale, and take an knows that can not inspire ...
  • Brian for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • I like it filmy.Paul WAlker you're super!
  • Anonymous for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • He just super
  • BriaN for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • Yes he vasche mega cool! my nickname even as he has in the afterburner! Because I like him!
  • Xenia for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • just super. is meant as an actor. I would like to talk vrosto as an interesting man. He is engaged in many sports and is also very interesting. perhaps he, as a very talented and interesnyi
  • Stacia for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • It is insanely beautiful! One of his luxurious smile is worth something! "And he is very talented! And in movies is pretty interesting! And I am sure that he is a wonderful person! First eye! On them shows that he is good! ! yes downtime hobbies and talk about life! in general it causes only positive emotions and to me personally, he likes awful!,
  • Riddle for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • actor simply яTпTп¦п¦я-п¦п+!
  • Kitten for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • He is just super! This handsome! But even so well played and as a man probably cool
  • Brian Spilner for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • Yes he did great guy! I like his nickname in forsazhe1-2-4, I'm at it very much looks like!
  • Brain O'konner for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • SUPERMAN ))))))
  • Playboy for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • п¦п¦п¦я¦п+я-п¦ Dude, I WMS at him and nepohhozh well too tall and handsome takoyzhe model looks like he is just super Walker and Vin Diesel as compared with blunt kachek with protitvnym voice vapsche like it they rule
  • ф¬ for WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)
  • is a wonderful actor best not to love him iskat.I chochu be with him all my life ...........
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    WALKER Paul (Paul Walker), photo, biography
    WALKER Paul (Paul Walker), photo, biography WALKER Paul (Paul Walker)  Actor, photo, biography
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