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Paustovsky Konstantin

( Writer)

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Biography Paustovsky Konstantin
Paustovsky Konstantin (1892 - 1968), writer.
Born on May 19 (31 NS) in Moscow in Granatny Lane, in a family of railway statistics, but in spite of the profession, an inveterate dreamer. The family loved the theater, a lot of singing, playing the piano.

He studied in Kiev in the classical school, where there were good teacher of Russian literature, history, psychology. I read a lot, wrote poetry. After his parents' divorce was very

earn a living and teaching, tutoring interrupted. In 1912 graduated from high school and entered the natural history department of Kiev University. Two years later transferred to Moscow's law faculty.

The First World War, but as a younger son in the family (by then-laws) in the army did not take. Even in the final year of high school, . printed her first story, . Paustovsky decides to become a writer, . but believes, . that this should "go in life", . "to know everything, . all feel and understand everything "-" Without this experience of life path to writing was not ",
. Comes a counselor at a Moscow tram, then the nurse at the hospital train. Then he learned to love forever and central Russia, its cities.

Paustovsky Bryansk worked at the metallurgical plant in the boiler plant in Taganrog and even fishing artel on the Azov Sea. In his spare time began to write his first novel "The Romantics" which was published only in 1930 in Moscow. Since the beginning of the February Revolution, went to Moscow and began working as a reporter in the newspapers, being the witness of all the events in Moscow during the October Revolution.

. After the revolution, have traveled extensively around the country, had been in Kiev, he served in the Red Army, fighting "with all sorts of incorrigible atamans, went to Odessa, where he worked in the newspaper" Seaman "
. It hit the young writers, among whom were Kataev, Ilf, Babel, Bagritsky etc.. Soon they again captured the "muse of distant wanderings": live in Sukhumi, Tbilisi, Yerevan, until it finally returns to Moscow. Several years working as editor and start typing GROWTH. The first book was a collection of short stories "Counter-ships, then the novel" Kara-Bugaz ". After the publication of this story ever leaves the service, and writing became his only favorite work.

Paustovsky discovers the preserve land - Meschera, which obliged many of his stories. He still gets around, and every trip - this book. Over the years his writing life he has traveled all over the Soviet Union.

During the Great Patriotic War was a war correspondent, and also traveled many places. After the war, was first in the West: Czechoslovakia, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Sweden, etc.. Meeting with Paris was for him especially dear and close.

. Paustovsky wrote a series of books about creativity and the people of art: "Orestes Kiprensky", "Isaak Levitan (1937)," Taras Shevchenko "(1939)," The Tale of the Woods (1949), "Golden Rose" (1956) - story about literature, about the "beautiful nature of the writer's work."

. In the last years of his life working on a large autobiographical epic "Story of life."

. K. Paustovsky died July 14, 1968 in Tarusa, where he is buried.

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Paustovsky Konstantin, photo, biography
Paustovsky Konstantin, photo, biography Paustovsky Konstantin  Writer, photo, biography
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