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Anastasios (Gribanovsky Alexander) (August 6, 1873 - May 9, 1965. New York, USA). Born in the family of the parish priest of the Tambov diocese. He graduated from the seminary in Tambov, in 1897 - Moscow. Theological Academy with a degree of Candidate. Theology. In 1898 a monk. In 1901, he was elevated to the rank of Archimandrite and appointed rector of Moscow. seminary. Since 1906 the Bishop of Serpukhov, Moscow Auxiliary. Diocese. All my life combined with the strict monastic zhite tserk.-societies. work. Active Black Hundreds. Participated in the 1 st Obschezemskogo Congress on drug. Education (1914). In 1914 he was appointed bishop KHolmskim and Lublin, 1915 - Chisinau. In 1916 he was elevated to the rank of archbishop (Chisinau and Khotyn). Notable for the tireless work. Repeatedly been at the front, often went into combat positions, he served there and the funeral prayers, blessed the departing troops in battle.

After the February Revolution of 1917 - an active participant SW. Council of the Orthodox Church of Russia (August 1917 - 1918): was elected chairman of the department of church property and the editorial department. Supporter of the patriarchate, October 14, strongly opposed the 32 opponents of the patriarchate of the note at the Council: "The horrors and killings of ordinary life, the horrors of the moral. expansion ... call to ensure that the church has developed and its influence. Need a shepherd, unifying and blessing elected to exploit. We see that the state of today wants to be vnekonfessionnym, openly breaking its alliance with the church about this should be sorry - Our church ... should be the church militant, it must be protected not only from enemies but from false brethren, and have a spiritual leader, the first hierarch of its future "(Vvedensky, AI, The State and the Church of 1918-22, M., 1923, with. 103). At the Council was elected before. Commission to develop a method of electing the patriarch and his enthronement. Served at the Council on many occasions.

From statements Anastase 1917 April 19: "The slogans put forward by the modern democratic movement, is not new to Christianity. Equality, Fraternity and Liberty really given Christianity. If these principles were not carried out sometimes in life, the blame falls on Dep. persons. rather than the church "(" exceedingly. diocesan assembly of clergy and laity of the Diocese of Kishinev, held in Chisinau on 19-24 April. 1917 ", Chisinau, 1917, with. 3): November 21 - "Who among us without a shudder of the heart can look at this destruction of the Kremlin, our holy Zion, marks not only the ruin of all our Patriotic. hail, but Russian and dizziness. Orthodox. conscience? Sami rocks cry out today on sexual abuse in drug. spirit. This disfigured Chudov Monastery, . inheritance of St. Alexis, this abomination of desolation, . dwell in the holy place in the patriarchal sacristy: the ancient Cathedral of the Assumption, . pierced by an instrument in the very chapter, . that otherwise, . not as a symbol of Russia, . bloody, . outraged, . dismembered hands of his own,
. sons. This, then swept away, bleeding Orthodox. Russia now comes the Holy Patriarch, to take her to his spiritual leadership "(" Rus. Orthodox. Church Abroad. 1918-1968, T. 1, New York, 1969,. 279-80). At the Council, was elected a member of the SW. Synod and the Supreme TSerk. Council (December 7. 1917). In Bessarabia did not come back, refusing to enter into the room. church.

In 1919 went to Constantinople to control Russian. Orthodox. communities. Maintained close relations with the Baron P.N. Wrangel and gene. A.P. Kutepov. April 24. Elected before 1922. Eng. to-ta in Turkey. In the West, led a group which supported the Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky). Since 1924 witnessed in Palestine over the activities of Eng. Spiritual Mission, built in 1935 by Metropolitan Anthony in Metropolitan. In 1936 before. Council of Bishops and the Synod in Munich, to expand its influence in the parishes in West. Europe and America. Implacable opponent of the Soviet. power. During the 2-nd World. War has worked with A. Hitler, supported by gene. AA Vlasov.

In 1951 he moved to the U.S. (New York). Prev. Councils in 1953, 1956, 1959, 1962 and 1964, the head of North-Amer. Diocese. In 1964, retired.

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ANASTASIA, photo, biography
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