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Biography Methodius
Methodius (Gerasimov Mauritius L.) (22 Feb.. 1856, Tomsk Province., - 1932, Harbin): The son of a priest. Graduated in 1882 Kazan, the Theological Academy. In Sept.. 1885 tonsured a monk, since Dec. monk. Since January. 1892 Candidate. Theology. Since May 1893, Archimandrite, beginning July. Altai Mission. June 2, 1894 Bijskogo ordained bishop, vicar of the diocese of Tomsk. In December, 1898, Bishop Zabaikalsky and Nerchin, since Dec. 1912 - Tomsk and Altai, from July 1914 - Orenburg and Turgay.
After receiving the news of the abdication of Nicholas II called Methodius Orthodox diocese to obey ACCESSED. pr-woo ( "Orenburgsky church-societies. Vestnik, 1917, April 2.). Local clergy, believing that Methodius could withdraw, sent the chief prosecutor SW. Synod of the telegram: "... the question of moving from Orenburg Bishop Methodius as to meet the ongoing renewal TSerk. life on the basis, specified time. pr-tion and the relevant teachings of Christ, not to proceed "(ibid., April 13.). In calling for the continuation of the war until victory, in the early. July offensive rus. Methodius Army issued a proclamation: "... All the peoples of the world now want to live a free life, and one only Germany with busurmanskoy to defend Turkey's despotism and enslavement of peoples" (ibid., 8 July). In August. served to participate in the CB. Cathedral Pravosl. Ros. Church. Served with a report on liturgical language, participated in the liturgical division.

December 13. returned from Moscow - during fighting near Orenburg between the Red Guards, advancing by Buzuluk, and parts of the Ataman AI. Dutova. January 2. 1918 in the cathedral said "word at the burial of officers and cadets were killed during the civil wars of the fraternal": "The people got freedom, but a free citizen - people became cruel tyrant rus. intellectuals ... Falls, as prostrate herb, noble officers, alone in protecting drug. freedom and honor, only one of the Cossacks is to help us "(ibid., 1918, January 14.). January 18. Cossacks retreated from the city. January 20. Methodius was summoned for questioning sailors North. flying squad, his answers, who preached peace and calm, satisfied their. April 12. elevated to the rank of archbishop. July 3 in Orenburg Cossacks entered Dutova. In "Welcome brother said the Cossacks and the Slavs to the liberators of Orenburg" Methodius said: "... Five months we lived under the yoke of the bloody power five months of this terrible power of producing their slaughter, day and night executions were carried out ... Who were these people, doomed to destruction as beasts of prey? These were the best people, the noblest citizens who fought for freedom. Not for power, not a dictatorship, they were dying, but for freedom and not for the bourgeoisie fought, let this rotten slander fade, but for right and freedom to all citizens "(ibid., 14 July). Welcomed the commencement of State. meeting in Ufa telephone message.

Sep 18. MPs in welcoming an opening Orenburg Cossack Host Krug. forces expressed hope that "... the Cossacks did not lay down their arms in the struggle for national liberation ..." (Orenburg Cossack Vestnik ", 1918, 19 Sept.).. December 15. from Chelyabinsk sent AV. Kolchak telegram: "... God bless the success of your work on the revival of our dear motherland and the valiant Russian. Army "(" Morning of Siberia ", 1918, December 18.).

In early. 1919 emigrated. Since 1920 the Archbishop of Harbin, in 1929 the Metropolitan.

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Methodius, photo, biography
Methodius, photo, biography Methodius  Spiritual leader, photo, biography
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