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Angel Ivanov

( Artist)

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Biography Angel Ivanov
Ivan Angelov (1864-1924). Work and life of Bulgarian peasants - the main theme of creativity Bulgarian painter and graphic artist Ivan Angelov (alias IA Stoyanov) - founder of the Bulgarian school of critical realism in painting.

. Ivan Angelov was born in the foothills of the Stara Planina mountain in the village Vrenitsa Vratsa district, and from childhood was surrounded by these future heroes, along with them went to work in the fields, he helped his father to sow and reap, to mow the hay
. Primary education is the future artist was in school in Turnovo (Veliko Turnovo now), and to continue the exercises had to go first in Zagreb, Osijek and then (in those years in the territory of Austria-Hungary). Ability to draw resulted

seventeen of the Bulgarian youth, like many of his countrymen, in the applied art school in Munich, where he a year later, in 1882, joined the Royal Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts. Here at the Academy, the Angels received excellent training in academic drawing, dealing with the director of the Academy Professor Charles Pilot, a prominent member of the academic trend in German painting of the XIX century.

. The years spent by Ivan Angelov in Yugoslavia and Germany, brought to earth liberation of Bulgaria from Turkish rule and the world (1877-1878)
. Creating a new Bulgarian culture required joint efforts of all Bulgarians, therefore, that in 1880, many of its leaders returned from exile to his homeland to take a personal part in the revival of national art.

. In 1886, after graduating from the Academy in Munich, returned to Bulgaria and Ivan Angelov
. First, he taught at the school in Varna, and then in Sofia. In Sofia in 1887 and held his first solo exhibition (the second in Bulgaria after the liberation, the first exhibition of paintings was an exhibition of Bulgarian Ivan Dimitrov in 1885). At its exhibition Angels showed genre paintings, a series of landscapes of Bulgaria, favorably greeted by the Bulgarian public.

. To complete the professional art education Ivan Angelov sent to Italy, where in 1888 - 1889 years of acquaintance with the works of the great Italian masters, studying creative contemporary Italian artists.

. Returning to his homeland in 1889, the artist once again begins to teach drawing and painting, first in schools Sliven and Plovdiv, and then in Sofia
. For many years he taught at the Drawing School (in the years 1908-1921 it was known as Art-Industrial School) in Sofia, but when it was in 1921, was reorganized into the Academy of Fine Arts, began her professor.

. Ivan Angelov - one of the most prolific Bulgarian artists of the early XX century
. From under his hand out numerous landscapes, genre scenes, portraits, a large number of drawings, watercolors. He had the ability to remember life before the minutest detail, and immediately transfer their perception of nature on paper or canvas.

. Loyalty to the popular types of true characteristics of the Bulgarian peasant beginning of XX century, the debasement of rich and helpless before the elements, became the main theme of creativity Angelova until the last days of life
. Hard work hard everyday life of peasants aroused in him an active sympathy, a desire to show their life in all its complexity ( "God gave, God took" 1903; "Storm in my heart and in heaven," 1905; "Kosar", 1924). Poetic images of the Bulgarian peasant - a special page artist's. His peasant woman - beautiful, . stately, . free movements, . how to fill out their vital energy of its rich and complex in color paintings ( "The Reaping", . "Reaper", . two - 1892; "pickers Rose, . 1921), as in the famous Bulgarian dance "chorus", . raised her hands with a sieve veyalschitsa beans (Veyalschitsa ", . 1919),
. In the women's images of angels comes to epic generalizations of symbolic images. The elegance of the figure, the stroke of jewelry, exquisite color palette inherent in these works the artist.

. Love for their land imbued landscapes Angelova, created during numerous trips to Bulgaria (Sliven Landscape, "1888;" Livadia ", 1919, both - in the National Art Gallery, Sofia).

. Angels represented Bulgarian art at many major art exhibitions of the XIX-XX centuries
. In 1892 he exhibited at the Plovdiv Fair painting "Harvest" was awarded the gold medal. In 1904 he showed his work at the first South Slavic exhibition in Belgrade, . and in 1906 - at the Second South Slavic exhibition in Sofia, . in 1907 he took part in the International Art Exhibition in London and in the same year his works were exhibited in Florence at the exhibition of the Society of Italian artists, . in 1922 - at the exhibition of Bulgarian art in Vienna and many others.,

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