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( From the kind of grand dukes of Moscow)

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Biography Vladimir
From the kind of Moscow led. kn. Son of Andrei Ivanovich, and Prince. Euphrosyne Andreevny Khovanskaya. Genus. In 1535, Mr.. Kn. Staritskiy.

1) 31 May 1551. Evdokia Alexandrovna Nagaya;
2), April 28. 1555 g. kn. Evdokia Ivanovna Odoyevski (+ Dec.. 1569).

+ December. 1569.

* * *

In 1536, together with Prince Andrei Ivanovich, were captured and his wife Princess Euphrosyne and son Vladimir. In 1540, at the request of many of the boyars and the metropolitan Euphrosyne and Vladimir was released from prison. At first they were allowed to live only in the court of Prince Andrew, but then, the feast of the Nativity, December 25, 1541, was allowed to come to the palace to meet with Grand Duke. Vladimir returned his father's inheritance, gave the boyars and knights, but not paternal.

In 1552, together with Vladimir the Terrible went by Kazan. As seen, the relationship between the cousins at the time were excellent. But in 1553 the Terrible dangerously sick:. He was offered (probably brothers of Queen) to sign the testaments (will) and take the oath of loyalty to his son, an infant, Dmitri, Vladimir and his boyars. Not only myself, Vladimir, but many boyars Ivanov refused to swear then Dmitri. When Prince Vladimir and deacon VOROTINSKY Viskovatov began to talk to Vladimir, . lest obstinately, . and listened to the emperor and kissed the cross nephew, . Vladimir strongly Vorotynsky angry and replied: "You would not scold me and not specifically against me did not say",
. And there were between them and the nobles swearing and noise. But by evening most of the boyars, all the same oath Dmitri. Ivan ordered to write oscular record and carry it to Vladimir. Vladimir openly refused to kiss the cross. Ivan told him this: "You know yourself, what would happen to your soul if you do not want to kiss the cross, before I do not care". But these words are not disturbed by his cousin. Casting aside all pretense, and Vladimir himself, and his mother began to gather his knights and give them a salary. Sworn boyars began to talk to Vladimir that he and his mother received improper: the Emperor was sick, and they give people their money. Vladimir is very angry at the boyars of, and they were afraid of him and stopped to let the sick Emperor.

Meanwhile, Ivan was still alive. Seditious boyars. No longer being able to pull the oath, all kissed the cross Dmitry. Willy-nilly forced to swear and Vladimir, told him that would not otherwise be released from the palace, to his mother sent three times, demanding that she hung her seal to krestoprivodnoy record. The princess was forced to surrender, but that "many abusive speeches saying".

Ivan recovered and since then has to treat with great suspicion, Vladimir. In 1563, . says Chronicle, . Emperor put his anger at the Princess Euphrosyne and her son: to serve the prince of Vladimir, . deacon Savlik Ivanovich sent to the king of the paper, . in which he wrote many gosudarskie case, . that the Princess Euphrosyne and her son many untruths and mend the king to keep his, . Savlik, . in chains in prison,
. The king ordered to send to his Savlik, on his application were investigated: the king in the face of the metropolitan and the bishops announced Yefrosinya princess and her son all their crimes. Then Efrosinya took the veil. Vladimir had been replaced by the boyars and the servants. In 1566 the king changed his brother's inheritance: instead Staritsa and overlaid gave Dmitrov and Zvenigorod. In December 1569 the Terrible called Vladimir and his wife to his Alexandrovskaya suburb and there ordered to kill. In Russian chronicles are no details about the death of Prince Vladimir. Foreigners also contradict each other: on the one said he was poisoned, according to others - was stabbed by a third - beheaded. Vladimir destiny was linked to Moscow.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------


Vladimir Staritskiy (1533 - 1569, Moscow) - specific prince, a cousin of Ivan IV Vasilyevich the Terrible. Elena Glinskaya, fearing relatives pretenders to the throne by imprisoning his father in prison. Prince Andrew, where he died, the mother of Prince Yefrosinya Khovanskaya and minors in. subjected to house arrest, and the inheritance of them to join the great ktsyazhestvu. In 1540 at the request of the Metropolitan Joasaph mother and son were released and were washing. yard late husband's father. In 1541, Ivan IV of boyar Board "fiefdom of his father gave him, and bade him be alone otherwise boyars". In replacing the boyars and nobles y in. Government has taken precautionary. In 1549 in. closer to the king. In 1553 Ivan IV became seriously ill and demanded that nobles swore his five-month son, Dmitri, but many of his associates were unwilling to swear "pelenochniku", and hoped to see the king in. This story of the royal books are not supported by any sources and, according to S.B. Veselovsky V.B. Kobrin and others, written to justify the murder of Ivan IV Staritsky princes. Whatever it was, Dmitri swear (soon careless nanny drown him in the river). King recovered, but the incident did not forget. In 1563 his mother in. was sent to a convent. In 1566 the king was replaced in Staritskiy lot different name, and three years later called him to his family. One of the royal cooks showed that in. gave him money to poison the king. Ivan IV ordered the VA, his wife and daughter had already prepared to drink poison. (Cook was soon executed.) This murder was impressed in Russia and abroad. In a letter п-.п°. Kurbsky Ivan IV of these deaths blamed the boyars, the rye-like in. sit on the throne, and his lawful sovereign, lime. Liquidation Staritsky princes did not occur because of the inconvenience the existence of inheritance, and fear of Ivan IV of his dynasty.

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