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Vladimir of Kiev

( From the genus Peremyshl'skii and Galician prince)

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Biography Vladimir of Kiev
Of the genus Peremyshl'skii and Prince Galitsky. The son of Yaroslav Vladimirovich Osmomysl and Vladimir-Suzdal Prince. Olga. Genus. in .1151 g. Kn. Galicia in 1188, 1190-1199 gg.

Wife: daughter of Chernigov Prince. Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich, Prince. Boleslaw,

+ 1199 g.

* * *

Dying, Jaroslav Osmomysl gave the city Galitch his illegitimate son Oleg and Vladimir bequeathed Przemysl. But hardly Yaroslav died, as in Galicia started a revolt. Vladimir and the boyars had violated the oath and expelled from Oleg Galich, he was forced to flee to Ovruch to Rurik Rostislavich, and Vladimir sat on the throne of his father. But the boyars soon saw, . that made the right choice: Vladimir, . According to the chronicler, . loved only drink, . and consult with their nobles did not like, took away the priest's wife and began to live with her, . bore two sons, moreover, . like him somebody's wife or daughter, . took me by force,
. While nearest neighbor was a Galician prince Roman the Great, who was sitting in Vladimir-Volyn) unusually active, enterprising and indefatigable. Roman was in the similar properties with Vladimir: his daughter was the eldest son of the last. Despite learning that the boyars Galicia dissatisfied with their prince, Roman was forwarded to them, encouraging them to drive, Vladimir, and his place offered himself. Many nobles willingly agreed to his proposal, assembled shelves, have confirmed the cross with a kiss between them, but they could not explicitly attack Vladimir capture or kill him, because not all nobles were against Duke, were among them and his buddies. The conspirators came up with another means of escape from Vladimir, they sent to tell him: "Prince!" We have not stood up for you, but do not want to bow down to priest's wife, want to kill her, and where you want it, and take a wife ". They hoped that he could not let priest's wife, and because they threatened to kill her, so the sooner rid himself. In this they were not disappointed: Vladimir, . fear, . to his mistress does not suffer the same fate, . What befell Nastasia, . mistress of his father (Galicians burned it), . took a lot of gold and silver, . wife, . two sons, . squad, and went to Hungary to King Bela III,
. At his request,. Bela went to Galich with all shelves. Roman fled back to his parish, but Vladimir Galic did not receive, because Bela, arranging Galicians all their affairs, planted here his son Andrew. And again, led by Vladimir nilly in Hungary, took away all their belongings and put in the tower. Galicians could not come to terms with this turn of events and in every way in wait against Hungarians. Then the Hungarians began to avenge the violence: they take their wives and daughters and take as much as concubines, have begun to put their horses in churches and homes of. Galicians repented that drove Vladimir. Meanwhile, in 1190, Vladimir escaped from captivity: he put on the tower was a tent, he slashed the canvas, . had woven from the rope and went down on her to the ground, two guards were bribed, . They brought him to the German lands to the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, . which, . learning, . that Vladimir - nephew on his mother's Prince Vsevolod of Suzdal, . received him with love and a great honor,
. When Vladimir promised to give him a year of two thousand hryvnia Silver, Frederick sent him at his post to the Polish Prince Casimir with orders, to help him get back Galician Desk. Casimir obeyed and sent it to Vladimir to Galich its governor Nicholas. When Galicians learned about approaching her prince with the Polish army, then gladly went to meet him, proclaimed their prince, and Prince drove out of the ground. But Vladimir did not consider himself safe from the neighboring princes, . foreign and Russian, . until, . yet gain patronage of his uncle, . powerful Prince of Suzdal, . and therefore sent to him with the following words: "Father and Lord, Hold Galich beneath me, . and I am God, and with all thy Galich and your will always ",
. Vsevolod sent messengers to all the Russian princes, and to Poland and took the oath from all Galic did not look under his nephew, and since then, says the chronicler, Vladimir established in Galicia, and no one rose to his war.

On Vladimir's death was not mentioned in the annals. Tatishchev wrote that he died either from drunkenness, or from poison. He had no surviving legitimate heirs, and because it broke the genus princes Peremyshl'skii and Galicia.

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Vladimir of Kiev, photo, biography
Vladimir of Kiev, photo, biography Vladimir of Kiev  From the genus Peremyshl'skii and Galician prince, photo, biography
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