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Vsevolod II of Kiev II

( From the kind of Chernigov princes)

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Biography Vsevolod II of Kiev II
From the kind of Chernigov Prince. Son Oleg and Svyatoslav Grecian Feofaniya Muzalon. Genus. 1094 g. Kn. Chernigovskij in 1127-1139 he. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1139-1146 he.

Wife: from 1116 g. daughter of Mstislav I Vladimirovich, Prince. Agafya Mstislavna.

+ 30 June 1146. g.

* * *

In 1111 Vsevolod, together with Svyatopolk Izyaslavich and other princes went to Polovtsy. In 1127, he drove from Chernigov his uncle Jaroslav Svyatoslavich, and his entire squad, broke in and robbed. Grand Prince Mstislav I, united with his brother Yaropolk Pereyaslavskaya, was about to Vsevolod. Vsevolod same, acting more gifts than a weapon, Zadar Kiev boyars that those were his patrons in front of the grand duke. Involuntary allies turned to him abbot of the monastery Andrew Gregory, who, despite all the efforts of the unfortunate Yaroslav managed to persuade the Grand Duke save the world. So Vsevolod, contrary to all custom, remained to reign in Chernigov.

In 1134, when the Grand Duke had already Yaropolk V., Vsevolod entered into an alliance with Izyaslav Mstislavich Svyatopolk and his brother, who began the war against his uncle, followed Polovtsy and began to arm themselves against Monomakh. "You yourself have begun to destroy us," - he sent to tell them. Yaropolk brothers Andrew and Yuri Dolgoruky opposed Vsevolod, crossed the Dnieper, took the village near Chernigov. Vsevolod not come out to fight against them, because Polovtsians not yet come to him. Yaropolk standing for several days near Chernigov, returned to Kiev and dissolved the army, not settled Vsevolod, probably because he thought he was rather frightened him. But things turned out differently: when Vsevolod Polovtsians came from the south, and north Mstislavich, he entered with them into Pereyaslavskaya parish, began to fight their towns and villages, beating people who came to Kiev, lit Gorodets. Polovtsi devastated everything on the east bank of the Dnieper, interrupting, and took over the people who could not cross to the other side, because it was covered with a Dnepr drift ice, and took countless cattle. Yaropolk because of the same ice was impossible to cross to the other side and drive them. Three days stood for Vsevolod Gorodtsov in the woods, then went to Chernigov, where began to send M.onomahovichami, and a truce to the Prince's general congress. For complete peace Vsevolod demanded a Yaropolk Kursk and all Posemya sampled at one time at the Chernigov princes Monomakh. To dangerous for him to split the alliance with Olegoviches Mstislavich, Yaropolk hastened to meet Izyaslav and gave him Vladimir Volynsky. After that, Vsevolod was forced to put up with Yaropolk, never having achieved its.

In 1135 Vsevolod with all the brothers came to Pereyaslavl against Andrei Vladimirovich, stood near the city for three days, and struggled at the gate. Learning that Yaropolk comes to the aid of his brother, Vsevolod retreated to the upper Soupault and there waited for the prince of Kiev. Yaropolk rushed into battle with odnoyu retinue, without waiting for the Kiev regiment, overturned Polovtsy and sent them the best part of the squads headed by tysyatskim. The rest of the guards in a fierce cross section was divided Chernigov and ran. Returning for the Dnieper, . Prince of Kiev began to recruit a new army, . and Vsevolod crossed the Desna, . stood up against Vyshgorod, . but, . standing for 7 days from the Dnieper, . not dare to cross, . went to Chernigov, . where was forwarded to the Kiev prince of peace, . without, . however, . Success,
. This was in late summer, winter, Vsevolod with Polovtsy crossed the Dnieper and Kiev began to devastate the entire region, went to Kiev itself. Chernigov exchanged fire with Kyivers through Lybed and took two empty city. Yaropolk assembled a new squad, but not fight cattle, and concluded Vsevolod world, returning Poseyme and Kursk.

In 1138 Novgorod expelled from a Vsevolodova brother Svyatoslav, and a herd of new pretext for war. Vsevolod urged Polovtsy and with all the relatives began to fight Pereyaslavskaya parish on the River Court. Andrei Perei would have run out of town, but Vsevolod reconciled with him and with a lot of Polovtsy took Priluk.-There he learned about the preparations Monomakh and hurried retreat to his parish, to Chernigov. Yaropolk with all the brothers followed him. Vsevolod frightened and was about to flee to Polovtsy, . as Chernigov stopped him: "You want to run to Polovtsy, . - They said, . - And destroy his parish, . but why then after you come back? Better postpone its vysokoumno and beg for peace, we know Yaropolkovo mercy: he does not delight in bloodshed, . For God's sake, he put up, . because it preserves the Russian land ",
. Vsevolod obeyed and began to ask the world for Yaropolk. Latter, being feared God, like his father, Vladimir Monomakh, did not want bloodshed, and made peace.

In 1139 Yaropolk Vladimirovich died. His successor at the Grand Duke's table as generic accounts was to be his brother Vyacheslav. But as soon as Vsevolod II of Kiev learned of the death Yaropolk and about, . that in Kiev in his place sits Vyacheslav, . immediately brought a small squad, and with his brothers, . Svyatoslav mother and cousin, Vladimir Davidovich, . crossed the Dnieper and took Vyshgorod, hence, . building a shelf, . went to Kiev, . stood in Kopyreve end and began setting fire to the yards in this part of town, . sent unto Slava: "Go to the good of Kiev",
. Vyacheslav sent to him with the Metropolitan said: "I, . brother, . came here the place of his brethren, . Mstislav and Yaropolk, . in the testament of our fathers, but if you, . brother, . want this table, . left his paternal, . then, . perhaps, . I will be less than you, . go to my former parish, . and Kiev to you ",
. So Vsevolod came to Kiev with honor and great glory, according to the chroniclers. However, he saw, , . therefore was in a hurry to attract the most valiant of them, . Izyaslav Mstislavovitch, . that it was easy to do on similar properties and previous links,
. According to some accounts, . Vsevolod sent Izyaslav said: "After your father Kiev belongs to you, but your uncle will not let you sit in it, you know, . that before you drove everywhere, . and if not I, . is no parish you have not got, . so now I want to take Kiev, . and you'll keep as brothers and not only now give you a good parish, . but the death of his Kiev will give you, only you do not unite with his uncles against me ",
. Izyaslav agreed and approved the agreement of the cross with a kiss. But, to settle the case on its shurev, Mstislavich, Vsevolod had settled with his own tribe, family and cousins - and Olegovichy Davidovich. To enjoy the support of one and the other for the capture of Kiev, . Vsevolod, . Izvestia on record, . mother and cousin Igor Vladimir promised myself after Chernihiv, . but, . Sitting in Kiev, . gave Chernigov Vladimir Davydovich and thus brothers quarreled with cousins,
. But on the other, it is very likely to news, he promised that as soon take possession of Kiev, then throw Monomakh from their parishes, which will give full brothers, and cousins remain in Chernigov. Fearing the same now to act against Monomakh, not to compel them to unite against him, he could not keep the promises full brothers and therefore quarreled with their cousins, otherwise it is difficult. imagine that he could successfully deceive the brethren, promising them the same.

However, despite all his cunning, Vsevolod soon had weapons to defend their seniority. Instigator of discontent was Yuri Dolgoruky, following the son of Vyacheslav Monomakhs. He was sent with his brother Andrew Pereyaslav, and his nephew Rostislav Mstislavich traveled to Smolensk. Then, Vsevolod decided to warn them to attack each singly, rob parish and give their brothers, by agreement, he relied on his strength, says the chronicler, he wanted to keep the earth. Who sent Izyaslav Davydovich on Izyaslav Mstislavovitch himself with his brother, Vsevolod, Svyatoslav went to Pereyaslavl at Andrew, and standing on the Dnieper river, sent word to Andrew: "Go to the Kursk. Andrew refused, and sent him Svyatoslav Olgovich defeated and chased out of the parish Pereiaslav. The next day, Vsevolod reconciled with Andrew, probably on the condition that he depart from the alliance with other Monomakh. Andrew has already kissed the cross, but Vsevolod had not yet, as in the night on fire Pereyaslavl. Vsevolod, . filled with the fear of God, . not attacked Andrew and sent the next day to tell him: "You see, . I still did not kiss the cross, . so, . if 6 wanted to do you harm, . could, God gave me in your arms, . lit his own city, that I was EXP, . something I could do, but now you kiss the cross, . my vow - well, . not fulfill it - God will judge you ",
. Peace with Andrew, Vsevolod went back to Kiev and are made peace with Izyaslav Mstislavich. All Monomakh remained in their parishes.

Vsevolod was much harder to get along with his own brothers who are constantly plagued him with complaints and requests. All Olegovichy Davidovich, and were dissatisfied with their parishes, jealous neighbors and each other. In 1142, after the death of Andrei Vladimirovich, Vsevolod transferred to Pereyaslavl his brother, Vyacheslav, and Turow gave her son Svyatoslav. Brethren, do not gave anything. Then Vladimir Davidovich and Izyaslav connected with junior Olegovichy - Igor and Svyatoslav - and kissed each other on the cross, to stand together against all unrighteousness older brother. Vsevolod, however, did not want to give them to districts in Kyiv land and offered to each city-Brest, Drogichin, Czartoryski and dumplings. The brothers were told to tell him this: "You are our elder brother, but if you do not give us Vyatka land, so we find ourselves" - and, after a quarrel with Vsevolod, Ratiu went to Pereyaslavl Vyacheslav but Izyaslav Mstislavovitch met there with his regiment. Izyaslav defeated them and drove away. Vsevolod summoned from the monastery cousin hypocrite and sent to the brothers, telling them to say: "My brothers! Take me with love that you give - Gorodets, Rogachev, Brest, Drogichin, Kletsk". At this time the brothers to do his will and humbly came to Kiev. But Vsevolod, who retained their acquisition only because of the disengagement, hostility among the other princes, did not like the alliance between the brothers, in order to embroil them, he said Davidovich: "Go to my brothers, I have provided you". Those deceived promise, violated the oath and went from Igor and Svyatoslav side Vsevolod. Vsevolod glad they are separated and gave Davydovich four cities, and his brothers - two. Olegovichy involuntarily made it up in two cities, but continued to anger and annoy their requests to go to Mstislavich. Vsevolod, however, did not listen to them

. Uryadov somehow brothers, . Vsevolod a) 144 year quarreled with Vladimirka Volodarovichem Galicia because of son, . (Svyatoslav was sitting next to Galich in Vladimir Volynsk.) Prince began to accuse each other, . Vladimir prison and sent to the biting of the Cross letter (ie, break the peace),
. Vsevolod went at it with all the allied princes and the Poles. All of them, according to the chronicler, thrust unwillingly mnogoglagolivogo Vladimirka Vsevolod come to worship, but he did not want to hear about it and led to his aid the Hungarians. Vsevolod went to Terebovlya; Vladimirka went to meet him, but could not beat, because between them was the river Seret, and the two went along to Zvenigorod. Vsevolod stood on one side of Zvenigorod, and Vladimirka - on the other; small river divides the two armies. Then Vsevolod told mend gati; his troops crossed the river and went to the rear to Vladimir prison, cutting it from Przemysl and Galich. Galicians excited, and by Vladimirka Igor Olgovich was forced to seek peace. Vsevolod agreed to the world, and Vladimir prison, left him out of the camp, bowed and gave for work in 1400 hryvnia Silver. Vsevolod, kissed Vladimir-room, told him: "Behold, thou art all right, to not sin" - and gave him back two cities, fish soup and Mikulin captured Izyaslav Davidovich. Silver himself Vsevolod not take all, but shared with all the brothers.

However, a prisoner in such a way the world was not long. Vsevolod hid in his Rostislavich Ivan, nephew Vladimirkova, which in the absence of his uncle took Galich, but could not resist it. In 1146 he took Vladimirka Priluki. Vsevolod again assembled brothers and shurev, joined with Novgorod, Poles and Polovtsy Zvenigorod and besieged by many forces. On the first day of the siege was a fort is burned, the third all the army marched to the attack, fought with the dawn till late at night, lit the city in three places, but the townspeople put out the fire. Vsevolod was forced to lift the siege and return to Kiev. Continuation of the war prevented his illness

. In 1145 Vsevolod, . gathered all his brothers, . relatives and cousins, . and brother Izyaslav Mstislavovitch, . said to them: "Monomakh seated behind a desk at the senior son of Mstislav, . and Mstislav - his brother Yaropolk, so I, . If God takes me, . give Kiev behind his brother Igor,
. Izyaslav Mstislavich heavily armed against this order, but there was nothing to relieve himself, he kissed the cross, which recognizes seniority Igor. When all the brothers sat on the porch of Vsevolod, . chronicler continues, . then he began to speak: "Igor!" Kiss the cross, . that thou shalt love the brethren, and you, . Vladimir, . Svyatoslav and Izyaslav, . Igor kiss the cross and be satisfied with, . that he will give you on their own, . and not by need ",
. And all the brothers kissed the cross.

When in 1146 Vsevolod patient returned from the Galician campaign, then stopped under Vyshgorod on the island, summoned to her best Kiev and told them: "I'm very sick, and here's my brother, Igor, get it into my dukes". Of Kiev took Igor. Then sent to ask Vsevolod Davidovich and Izyaslav Mstislavovitch, whether they are in the cross to kiss to Igor, and they replied that they are. Vsevolod calmed down and passed away on Aug. 1 and was buried in the church of. Boris and Gleb.

Tatishchev says Vsevolod II of Kiev, that he was fat and bald, had a large beard, big eyes and long nose, could justify the courts and the accused, whom he would. Loving concubines, he was engaged in more pleasure than orders. The people suffered under him and only one mistress mourned his death. Solovyov writes that the Prince Vsevolod was intelligent and active, where it was about his personal benefits, knowing how to use the circumstances, but does not understand money in achieving the goal.

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Vsevolod II of Kiev II, photo, biography
Vsevolod II of Kiev II, photo, biography Vsevolod II of Kiev II  From the kind of Chernigov princes, photo, biography
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