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( From the kind of Rurik)

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Biography Vyacheslav
From the kind of Rurik. The son of Vladimir Monomakh and the British queen Guides Garoldovny. Genus. in 1083, Mr.. Kn. Smolensky in 1113 - 1125 he. Kn. Turovsky in 1125-1132, 1134-1142, 1142-1146 gg. Kn. Perei in 1132-1134, 1142 he. Kn. Peresopninsky in 1146-1149 he. Kn. Vyshgorodsky in 1149-1151 he. Conducted. kn. Kiev in 1139, 1151-1154 gg.

+ 6 Feb.. 1154 g.


In 1134 Yaropolk II translated Vyacheslav Vladimirovich of the tours Pereyaslavl. But calm Vyacheslav soon felt uncomfortable in the very south of Russia near Torquay, Polovtsy and Chernigov Olegoviches. He left his parish, wanted to go back to Turow, but came for the first time just before the Dnieper and returned back. They say Yaropolk sent to tell him: "What do you all to wander, do not sit in one place, like polochin?" But Vyacheslav calm will not last long: Pereyaslavl threw in another time, went to Turov, and drove away Izyaslav Mstislavovitch and sat in his place.

In February 1139, after the death of Yaropolk, Vyacheslav, remained the most senior of Monomakh and therefore free to villages in Kiev.. But as head of the clan of Chernigov princes Vsevolod Ol-govich learned of the death Yaropolk and about, . that in Kiev in his place sits Vyacheslav, . then immediately brought a small squad, and took Vyshgorod, hence, . building a shelf, . went to Kiev, . began in Kopyreve end and began setting fire to the yards in this part of town, . sending said. Viatcheslav: "Go to the good of Kiev",
. Vyacheslav sent to him with the Metropolitan said: "I, . brother, . came here the place of his brethren, . Mstislav and Yaropolk, . in the testament of our fathers, but if you, . brother, . want this table, . leaving his paternal, . then, . perhaps, . I will be less than you, . go to my former parish, . and Kiev to you ",

Vyacheslav sat down again in Turov. In the same year, Polovtsians with Izyaslav Davidovich fought his parish, but Vyacheslav II of Kiev, and remained sitting on his desk. In 1142 Vsevolod II sent a message to Slava: "You're sitting in Kiev parish, but to me it should be: go to Pereyaslavl, his paternal". Vyacheslav went to Pereslavl, and in Turov Vsevolod put his son Svyatoslav. This order exasperated all Olegoviches. Vladimir Davidovich and Izyaslav teamed with Igor and Sviatoslav Olegovichy, and they all went to take Viacheslav Pereyaslavl. Perhaps they were hoping just as easily drive them out of this city as their brother, Vsevolod drove him from Kiev, but disappointed in the hope rebuffed by city. Meanwhile, Vsevolod sent to the aid of governor Vyacheslav Lazarus Sakovsky the Pechenegs and citizens on the other hand Izyaslav Mstislavich, hearing that the Chernigov prince came to his uncle, hastened to go with his regiment to Pereyaslavl and broke them. Olegovichy rushed to their towns, but when left to his Izyaslav Vladimir, Igor newly assembled brothers: went another time to Pereyaslavl began in the city, fought for three days and, again, did not know anything, they returned home. Slava, who is disliked Pereyaslavl, begged Vsevolod Olgovich your favorite troubled Turow, and Pereyaslavl Vsevolod gave Izyaslav Mstislavich. Part Turovskii cities, however, he kept for himself and gave the brothers.

In 1146 Vsevolod II of Kiev died, and after a brief reign of Igor Olgovich, Kiev conquered Izyaslav. Sam Izyaslav initially did not want to violate the right of his uncle, Vyacheslav, which now accounts for generic followed Kiev. To campaign against Igor Olgovich, he announced that he is returning senior Vyacheslav table, but things changed when he really captured Kiev. Meanwhile, Vyacheslav began to dispose of as a senior: conquered the city, which had been taken away from him Vsevolod II of Kiev, Vladimir and Volyn took and planted in him the nephew of Vladimir Andreevich. But Izyaslav hastened to assure him that he was not the Grand Duke sent his uncle Rostislav brother and nephew Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich those selected Viacheslav Turov, grabbed it and Bishop Joachim mayor Zhiroslava. In Turov Izyaslav put his son Yaroslav, and Vyacheslav left only Peresopnitsu

. In 1149, . expelled from Kiev uncle Yuri Dolgoruky, . Izyaslav, . preparing for war, and now knowing how difficult it is to go against the common belief in the rights to his uncle's nephew, . asked the old man Vyacheslav: "Be a father to me, . go, . sit in Kiev, . : and Yuri can not live, but if not go to Kiev, . I pozhgu your parish ",
. Vyacheslav afraid of threats and sent word to his brother, Yuri: "Either reconciled with Izyaslav and give him what he wants, or come to me with a regiment to protect my parish, but if the brother did not go, then do not complain to me". Yuri came to Peresopnitsu, the two brothers moved to Lutsk and are reconciled with Izyaslav. After this Mr. Yuri returned to Kiev and 1 wanted to give this table by seniority Vyacheslav, but he advised against the boyars. "Your brother does not keep Kiev," they said - do not get it you or him ". Then Yuri deduced from Vyshgorod his son Andrew and planted there Vyacheslav. Next 1150 Izyaslav Mstislavich suddenly approaches to Kiev, where nobody expected. Yuri escaped, and his place was an old Vyacheslav. Kyiv residents came out to meet Izyaslav and told him: "Yuri came from Kiev, and Vyacheslav sat in his place, but we do not want". Izyaslav asked his uncle to leave Kiev: "I have been calling you to the Kiev throne, but you did not want to, but now, when your brother left, so you sit down?" Go now to your Vyshgorod ". Vyacheslav replied: "If only kill me at this place, do not eat". Izyaslav entered Kiev, bowed St.. Sofia and from there went to the yard Yaroslaviv with all of its shelves, and with a lot of Kiev. Many began to persuade Izyaslav capture the prince, and some have already started to shout: "nip underneath the hall". But Izyaslav stopped them. "Save me, God, - he said - I am not a murderer of his brothers, an uncle to me instead of my father, I'll go to him". After taking with them a little guard, he went to the hall to Viacheslav and bowed to him. Vyacheslav rose, . kissed his nephew ", . and when both sat, . Izyaslav then began to speak: "Father!" I bow to you, . I can not be with you to dress up, . see, . what force is the people, . much evil and plotting against you, go to your Vyshgorod, . there, and will dress up ",
. Vyacheslav replied: "You are my own son, calling to Kiev, and I kissed the cross to his brother, Yuri, now if that happened, Kiev you, but I'll go to your Vyshgorod" - and descended to the hall, left Kiev and Izyaslav sat here.

Yuri meanwhile joined with Olegovichy, Davidovich and Vladimirka Galicia. Learning about all this power, . Izyaslav Mstislavich went to Vyshgorod to Vyacheslav and told him: "You are my father, here's Kiev and some even want to take the parish, . and the rest give me Vyacheslav first replied to this with his heart: "Why do not you give Kiev then, . forced me to shame him to leave, now, . when one army is of Galich and another from Chernigov, . so you give me a Kiev ",
. Izyaslav said this: "I sent to you and gave you Kiev, announced that with you can be, only to thy brother, Yuri, I can not cope, but you love him as a father, and now I say: you are my father, and Kiev yours, go there ". The old man softened his words, and he kissed the cross on the coffin of Boris and Gleb, which would have Izyaslav son, and Izyaslav vowed to have his father, kissed the cross and the boyars of. Izyaslav went to Zvenigorod against Vladimirka Galitskogo, Vyacheslav same at his request, gave him a retinue. However, the people of Kiev were with Izyaslav, fled without taking the battle. Then the princes said to each other: "Now is not our time" - and went from Kiev: Vyacheslav-in Vyshgorod and Izyaslav - Vladimir in Volyn.

But in the same year Izyaslav again took Kiev and the first thing sent for Vyacheslav: "Father!" I bow to you, if God is my father took Mstislav, you are my father. I have sinned against thee first time, . now I repent, and again when God gave me to win Igor in Kiev, . I honor you for not rendered, . Now, . father, . in all that repent before God and before thee, if thou me, . father, . forgive, . God will forgive you, give you, . father, . Kiev, . go, . Sit on the table grandfather and his father, "Uncle and nephew kissing the cross or not to be separated in good, . nor evil,
. In 1151 Vyacheslav entered Kiev. The next day he sent word to Izyaslav: "Son!" God help you, that gave me the honor, as his father, and I will tell you, I am old and all I can to dress ranks among Christians or unclean. Let us stand together: the squad and the shelves will have common, they cooperate for you, where we will be going to both, both will go and where not, there you go with one of my regiment, and with her ". Izyaslav with great joy and great honor bowed to his uncle and said: "Father, I bow to you, as we agreed, so we, God forbid, and to be the end of life". Meanwhile, Yuri Dolgoruky made with the Allies out of town, came with his troops to Kiev and from there went to the Little Rutetsu. Here and there was a brutal slashing. Kievans beat Yuriev army and drove it to Pereyaslavl. Vyacheslav with his nephew in the same year went to him, they fought for two days, and the third infantry stormed the town and lit the suburbs. Yuri, who was nowhere to wait for assistance, reconciled with his brother and nephew and went to Suzdal.

In 1154 Izyaslav Mstislavich died. Old Vyacheslav most wept for her nephew, under the protection of which he calmed. "Son!" - Lamented the old man over his coffin. - This was my place, but, . seen, . before God can not do anything! "After the funeral, Vyacheslav summoned from Smolensk Rostislav Mstislavovitch and told him:" Son! I am old, . all series can not to dress, . give them to you, . how is your brother had and ryadil, . as you read me, . as father, . and respect, . treating, . as your brother treated me, this is my regiment,
. and my squad, you have to cooperate for ". Rostislav bowed and promised to respect Vyacheslav, as respected his Izyaslav. Uryadov with his uncle, Rostislav went to Izyaslav Davidovich, who was already preparing to seize the Fisherman. Slava spent his nephew, and after that night, feasting with his retinue. Then he went to sleep, but as a lay down, so more and not get up and died in his sleep. Rostislav back from the road, lamented his uncle and was buried in St. Sophia Church, namely, its distributed to the poor and the clergy.

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Vyacheslav, photo, biography
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