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Biography I. DAVYDOV
Davyd I. (? -1112) - Prince of Volyn, son vlad.-Volyn. kn. Igor Yaroslavich. In 1081, Mr.. Davyd I. and Prince. Volodar Rostislavich kicked Chernihiv. governor of Ratibor Tmutarakani and sat there to reign. However, after 2 years he drove them out back from Rhodes reference book. Oleg Svyatoslavich. Then the princes of the Rogue in 1084, Mr.. captured Mr.. Vladimir-Volyn and started to edit it. Soon there with his army came to the book. Monomakh in them again had to flee. Davyd I. descended into the lower reaches of the Dnieper, seized Olesha and settled in it. In the same year, however, the terrorists led. Prince brought him to Kiev and led. kn. Vsevolod I of Kiev gave him Dorogobuzhskaya parish on the left. bank of. Horyn. This offended the Prince. Yaropolk Izyaslavich, covet the same land, he led a revolt against the. Prince, but was driven out of Russia, and his own-Vladimir-Volyn land - was transferred in 1085, Mr.. Davyd I.. Yaropolk and next year he returned from Poland and agreed with the lead. Prince of returning him to his estate. Davyd I., apparently again became Dorogobuzh. Prince. After the death of Yaropolk (1086) I. Davyd again received the Vladimir-Volyn land. In 1097, Mr.. Lyubech Congress secured it for him. Davyd I. it was not enough, and he began to challenge the land Terebovl. kn. Vasilko Rostislavich. With lead. kn. Svjatopolka Izyaslavich Davyd I. grabbed Vasilko, blinded him and threw into prison. Ies it, however, did not manage to capture. Against Davyd I. and Svyatopolk made Monomakh and Svyatoslavichy, which angered the insolent violation Lyubech decisions and similar behavior to their close relative. Princes forced Svjatopolka drive Davyd I. from Vladimir-Volyn, instead of which the latter received Cserveny. Davyd I. did not want to accept the territorial losses and hoping to help the Poles went to the west. Then Sviatopolk won and Cserveny. Returning to Russia, Davydov I. made peace with Rostislavich and with their help, regained Chervep, Suteysk and Vladimir-Volyn, but voivod Svjatopolka Izyaslavich Putyata finally banished him far from Volhynia. Congress of Princes in Viticheve (1100) decided not to allow Davyd I. to Vladimir-Volyn and Cserveny. He was given years. Buzhsk, Ostrog, and Duben Czartoryski. Later Sviatopolk gave him and Dorogobuzhskaya parish. Davyd I. possessions were scattered throughout the Volyn.
To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

DAVYDOV I. (knee 7)

From the kind of Rurik. Igor's son Yaroslav, and Countess Orlamindskoy Kunigunde. Genus. app. 1055 g. Kn. Tmutarakan in 1081 - 1083 he. Kn. Dorogobuzhsky in 1085, 1099 - 1113 he. Kn. Vladimir-Volyn in 1087 - 1099 he.

Wife: the daughter of Polish king Wladyslaw I.

+ 25 July 1113, Mr.. (?)

* * *

In 1080, together with Davyd Valadar Rostislavich kicked out Tmutarakani Ratibor, mayor Vsevolod Yaroslavich, and themselves sat down. In 1083 he returned from Greece Oleg Svyatoslavich, he captured Tmutarakan, interrupted the Khazars, who killed his brother, Roman, and Davydov and Volodar released. Davyd and his warriors went to the mouth of the Dnieper, seized Olesha and robbed a caravan of Greek vessels coming from Kiev. Vsevolod I of Kiev, wanting to stop robberies, reconciled with his nephew and gave him Dorogobuzh, and after the death of Yaropolk Izyaslavich - Vladimir Volyn.

In 1097, after the prince's Congress in LyubecheSvyatopolk Izyaslavich and Davyd went together in Kiev. Here are some of the men speak ill Davydovna Vasilko Rostislavich. Davyd believed false slander, and then persuaded and touchiness Svyatopolk that Vasilko his enemy. After reaching agreement, Svyatopolk and Davyd Vasilko invited to the prince's court in Kiev. Here Vasilko seized, shackled by the double shackles and put him imprisoned for the night. The following night the servants moved Davyd Vasilko in Belgorod, and there was blinded, and then taken to Vladimir Volyn.

Monomakh, Oleg Davydov and Svyatoslavichy learned about the crime, went to Svyatopolk war, but were reconciled to him by agreement of all the Metropolitan and Kyiv. And they sent Svyatopolk said: "This row over Davyd. Go now to him and either capture or Drive out his ". Sviatopolk agreed with the verdict of the princes, but hesitated to march.

Meanwhile, in the spring of 1098 he went to take a Davyd Vasilkova parish Terebovlya. Brother Vasilko, . Volodar Rostislavich, . Davyd met with Buzhska.Davyd did not want to join with him in battle, and shut himself up in Buzhske, . and Volodar sent to tell him: "Why, . doing evil, . not repent of it? Remember, . How much do you have done evil! "Davyd was to blame Svjatopolka, . saying: "Did I do it? Is it was in my city?" I was afraid., . that grab me and will go with me as well, willy-nilly I had to join the conspiracy and to act in concert with Svyatopolk ",
. Volodar answered this: "God knows what, but now let my brother and I with thee reconciled". Davyd was delighted and immediately gave Vasilko Valadar, and peace was concluded. Vasilko sat in Terebovlya, and Davyd returned to the Vladimir.

A little later Volodar cornflowers and gathered his strength, went to Davyd second time, took raid Vsevolozh, burned it, and people put to death. Then came to Vladimir. Davyd shut in Vladimir, and his brothers surrounded the city and sent to the Vladimir with these words: "We have not come to your city and not on you, but to their enemies: the Turyaka on Lazarus and Vasil, because they are persuaded Davydov and bowed it to the crime ". The townspeople, having heard of ambassadors gathered Chamber and said Davydov: "Issued by the husbands of these, we will not fight for them and for you can not fight. If you have paid them, then unlock the gate, and you take care of itself ". I was forced to give their advisors Davyd Washi-la, and Lazarus. Only Turyaka he could not give, because he fled to Kiev. Then Rostislavich made peace with Davydov, and the next day hung Vasil. And Lazarus, and shot their bodies Vasilkova youths.

In 1099 Svyatopolk Izyaslavich, as promised, went to war against Davyd. Davydov, learning about the arrival of Svyatopolk in Brest, went to the Polish prince Wladyslaw Herman for help. Poles promised to help Davydov, taking with him for the promise of 50 hryvnia gold, but the union with Svyatopolk seemed Vladislav profitable. Davyd locked in Vladimir, and Sviatopolk stood near the city of seven weeks; Davyd all kept at it, waiting for help from the Poles, and finally, seeing that had nothing to expect, was to ask Svjatopolka, so he let him out of the city. Sviatopolk agreed, . and they kissed each other cross, . Davyd then went to Cserveny, . and Sviatopolk drove in Vladimir, . planted here son Mstislav, . and another son, . Yaroslav, . sent to Hungary for the kings Koloman, . to fight with him against Rostislav,

. Overall risk is now connected with Davyd Rostislavich
. Leaving his wife at Volodar, he went to seek reinforcements from Polovtsy. On the way met him Bonyak with his horde, and with it a sudden attack on Hungarians. Unable to withstand the onslaught, they ran along the shore Sanaa, and Polovtsians pursued them two days, killing them without account. Jaroslav Svyatopolchich fled to Poland, and Davyd conquered Suteysk and Cserveny, and then suddenly appeared under Vladimir. Citizens have successfully defended themselves from Polovtsy, but soon Mstislav Svyatopolchich fell in battle.

Sviatopolk immediately sent against Davyd its voevodu Putyata. Putyata came to Lutsk and are joined with svyatoshey Davidovich, son of Svyatoslav Davyd. They went together to Vladimir and 5 August, suddenly attacked Davydov, when nobody was waiting, while he Davyd asleep, and began to cut down all who come across on the way. Citizens jumped out from behind the walls and also began to cut soldiers Davydoffs. Davyd ran. Holy Man and Putyata planted in Vladimir mayor Vasil and each went to their city. Davyd again ran into the steppe to Bonyak, together with him and with a lot Polovtsy returned to Russia and besieged the hypocrite in Lutsk. Holy Man, seeing that he could not resist such a large army, made with Davyd world and went to his father in Chernigov. Davyd took Lutsk, immediately spoke out against Vladimir Vasil. chased, took the town and sat in it reign.

In August 1100 in Uvetichah (Viticheve) gathered Svyatopolk, Vladimir, Oleg Davydov and Svyatoslavichy. The princes agreed among themselves that will not forgive his treachery Davyd I.. After 20 days the princes gathered in the same Uvetichah, and came to them Davyd I.. The princes stood each with his retinue, and Davyd I. sat on the sidelines, because the prince did not allow him to come. Then, after consulting, the princes sent Davyd each of their husbands. Sent also came to the Davydov and said: "That's what they say to you brethren: do not want to give you, Vladimir, because you stuck a knife in us, which was not in the Russian land. We will not bother and no evil for you are not doing - go to Buzhsk and sit there, and Vladimir give Sviatopolk his son, Jaroslaw ". Davyd went to Buzhsk. Then Sviatopolk gave him another Dorogobuzh. Davyd's body was buried in Kiev, in the Church of St.. Virgin.

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I. DAVYDOV, photo, biography
I. DAVYDOV, photo, biography I. DAVYDOV  Prince of Volyn, photo, biography
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