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( The founder of the Moscow Grand Princes)

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Biography Daniil
Daniel Aleksandrovich (1265-1303) - destiny. wash. Prince, son of Grand. kn. Vlad. Alexander Nevsky, the founder sinks. Princes. In 1276, Mr.. received an inheritance from his brother, led. kn. Vlad. Dmitry Alexandrovich, Moscow. In the same year with Dr.. brother, Gorodets. kn. Andrew A., acted against Dmitry. When velikoknyazh. table with the help of the Tatars took Andrew, Daniil began plotting against him in alliance with his nephew, Pereyaslav. kn. Ivan Dmitrievich, and uncle, Grand. kn. solid. Michael Yaroslavovich. In 1300, Mr.. attached to his possessions Kolomna and a number of townships. A year later went to Pereslavl-Ryazan and the battle for this city captured ryaz. kn. Konstantin Romanovich. In 1302, Mr.. died childless sir, failed before he died Pereyaslavl principality uncle. Conducted. kn. Vlad. Andrey, has long been encroaching on the Pereslavl-Zaleski, sent a miracle and his boyars Tiunov, but Daniil drove them (there and put his governors, fixing of Moscow and its possession.
. To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV
. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Daniil (knee 12)

From the kind of Vladimir-Suzdal Grand. kn. The founder of the Moscow Grand Princes. Yaroslav, son of Alexander Nevsky and the Prince of Polotsk. Alexandra Bryachislavny. Genus. in 1261, Mr.. Kn. Moscow in 1263 - 1303 he. Kn. Perei in 1302 - 1303 he.

Wife: Prince. Maria.

+ March 3, 1303, Mr.

. * * *

. In 1301 Daniel was with his army to Pereyaslavl-Ryazan, overcame Gdaе?sk Duke Konstantin Romanovich, killed many of the boyars and the ordinary people, finally captured the prince Constantine sort of cunning betrayal by the boyars of Ryazan
. Daniel, according to the chronicler, was holding captive in his honor, should be strengthened with cross kiss and let go back in Ryazan.

In 1302, Prince Ivan Dmitrievich Perei died childless and bequeathed Pereyaslavl by older uncle Andrew Jr. - Daniel of Moscow. It is easy to understand how important this event was at a time when every prince is trying to increase his inheritance at the expense of other. Grand Prince Andrey did not wish to allow use testament to Daniel's nephew, and immediately after the death of Ivan, sent to Pereyaslavl their governors, but Daniel never thought to give: he drove the governors Andreevs and put their. The following year he died and was buried in the church of St.. Michael in Moscow

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

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Daniel Aleksandrovich (1261 - 1303) - mock. Prince, founder of Moscow. Princes. The youngest son of Alexander Nevsky. Active work of Daniel started in 1283. In the struggle for the great reign of the brothers Dmitri and Andrew endorsed Andrew Daniel, who became lead. Prince. In 1296 led. Prince Andrew wanted to win Pereyaslavl, but against him were together Tver Prince Michael of Kiev and Daniel. Changing the Allies, Daniel missed an opportunity to increase their inheritance: defeating the prince of Ryazan, Kolomna and added a number of townships, received a bequest Pereyaslavl, becoming the first "collector" in Russian. land and increasing Mosk. Duchy of more than twice. Daniel was the founder of the Danilov Monastery. Is ranked as the church canonized.

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Daniil, photo, biography
Daniil, photo, biography Daniil  The founder of the Moscow Grand Princes, photo, biography
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