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Roman the Great Great

( Prince of Galicia-Volyn)

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Biography Roman the Great Great
Roman the Great Great (? -1205) - Prince gal.-Volhynia., Son of Grand. kn. Kiev. Mstislav Iyayaslavicha. In 1168 his father put him on NovSU. reign. In the same year the Galician governor made a successful campaign under Toropets with his participation, and the following year, he described the seizure of a large allied army of the princes, who came under the will of Novgorod the Great Alexander Bogolyubsky. In autumn 1170, after the death of his father, Roman the Great Great resigned from Veliky Novgorod to Vladimir-Volyn and for 15 years in 'dispensation' and the protection of his va-ki from yatvyaeov and Lithuanians. Between 1183 g. and 1185 g. married the daughter of Grand. kn. Kiev. Rurik Rostislavich Predslava. Taking advantage of the unrest in Gal. land, Roman the Great Great (1188) took Galich, leaving Vladimir-Volyn his brother Vsevolod. Soon) but the old gal. kn. Vladimir Droslavich with hung. troops drove him from Galich. Then the Roman the Great Great back in Volhynia, but not adopted brother, tried in vain to master the Galich, through his father-Rurik (who eventually gave the Roman Torchesk parish), expelled from Vladimir Vsevolod, who passed away in Belz. In addition, Roman the Great Great was soon Trepol, Korsun, Bohuslav and Kanev. In 1195, Mr.. Vsevolod the Big Nest demanded that Ryurika number of townships in South. Russia (Torchesk., Trepolsk., Korsunskii., Boguslavsky. and Kanevsky.), which he gave to his brother-holding. Conducted. Prince had to give the required land, a Roman the Great Great to replace them, he gave unequal parish, which has led to an aggravation of relations between the Roman and his father, and the Roman fled to Poland for help, but did not reach goal. After the return received a small portion of Rurik, but, dissatisfied with this, was to communicate with Olegovichy. In 1196, Mr.. in alliance with them emptied ownership Rurik and Davyd Rostislav, but his parish (and Peremilskaya Kamenetskaya) have also been devastated. In the same year Roman Yatvingians attacked in revenge for the raid on his possession. Despite the stubborn resistance of the boyars Galic, Roman the Great after the death of Vladimir the Great (1199) captured with the help of Polish, Kor. Leszek the White Gal. Prince of concentrating so, in the hands of the huge territory. He managed to subdue the rebellious and gal. aristocracy: some destroyed, others drove from Galich, and lands belonging to them, confiscated. The following year, he 'made a lot of evil to his father-in-etc. princes, in revenge for the earlier 'insult'. In 1201, Mr.. Took a fugitive from Byzantium Alexis Angel. In the same year, conquered Kiev, and put it in the reign of Yaroslav, Ingvar. In 1204, Rurik and forcibly took his vows as a monk, having attached to his possessions and Kiev. Prince of. Roman the Great Great was one of the strongest of the princes of Rus. With him were regarded as Byzantine, Poland, Hungary, and Pope Innocent III invited the Roman Ctn. crown, if he decides Catholicism, but was refused. To strengthen its influence on the Polish, . case and move in Saxony, . Roman the Great Great intervened in the struggle of the Polish, . princes: in 1205 he went to protect against Leszek Wladyslaw Tonkonogov and took the 2 cities, . but the enemy had time to make peace, . and Roman had to turn his army back,
. On the way back he was attacked by supporters of Zawichost Leszek the White and killed in an ambush.

To use material from the book.: Boguslavsky, VV Burmina VV. Russia Rurik. Illustrated historical dictionary.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Roman Mstislavovich (mind. 1205, at. Zawichost on p. Wisla) - Novgorod, Vladimir-Volyn and Galicia Prince. Son Volyn prince Mstislav Izyaslavich and Polish Princess Agnes. Well studied his political position in Russian. land, where his father had been conducted. Prince of Kiev. In 1168 - 1169 he. prince of Novgorod. Since 1170, Mr.. became the prince of Vladimir-Volhynia. In 1199, annexing Galicia, became the ruler of one of the major principalities of Kievan Rus - Galicia-Volhynia. In an effort to strengthen their power, fought hard with the boyars and major church lords, relying on an alliance with the urban upper classes ( "lepshimi people). Reclaim their rights to Kiev, in 1202, Mr.. rescued him from Rurik Rostislavich and planted there his man. Discarding Polovtsy, secured the southern lands of the principality. He tried to colonize the Lithuanian and yatvyazhskie land. Strengthening its principality, built a fortress. Wield influence in Hungary and Poland. About Roman Mstislavovich legends: "He wanted to pagans, like a lion, was angry, like a lynx, ruining them, like a crocodile, flew their land, as the eagle, and brave he was, as the tour. By intervening in the struggle of the Polish princes, went to the campaign, was ambushed and killed.

Used materials kn.: Shikman A.P. Figures of national history. Biographical Directory. Moscow, 1997.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Roman the Great (knee 11)

From the kind of Volodymyr Volynskyy kn. The son of Mstislav II Izyaslavich and the Polish princess Svyatohny Boleslavny. Kn. Novgorod in 1168-1170 he. Kn. Vladimir-Volyn in 1173-1188, 1188-1205 gg. Kn. Galicia in 1188, 1199-1205 gg.


1) daughter of Prince. Smolensky Rurik Rostislavich, kn. Predislava;

2) unknown.

+ 19 June 1205, Mr..

* * *

In 1168 Mstislav II of Kiev sent a Roman, against the will of Andrei Yurevich Bogolubsky, reign in Novgorod. Roman came, and were glad of Novgorod to his volition, says the chronicler. In 1169, drove Mstislav of Kiev, Andrew sent a strong army to expel Roman of Novgorod. The army led the son of Andrew and Mstislav voivod Boris Zhiroslavich. It was here the whole squad and all the regiments of Rostov and Suzdal. They were joined by the princes of Smolensk, Ryazan and Murom. The army, according to the chronicler, and the number was not. After the terrible devastation of Novgorod parish, it has come to town, but residents shut along with Roman and Posadnik Yakunom and fought hard. Four attack failed, and during the last one that lasted all day, Prince Mstislav Andreevich entered was already in the gate of the city and killed several people, but was forced to return to their. Novgorod and Roman celebrated their victory, and yet at the shelves at the besiegers began to plague the people and horse deaths. Rat Andreeva had to retreat without having gained anything, and retreat was disastrous: some of the retreating died on the road, as some others have come home on foot, many were captured by the Novgorod. But the devastation, . caused Andreeva Ratiu, . had serious consequences for Novgorod: it started a great hunger, . Meanwhile, as the bread could be obtained only at the Andreeva area; besides, Mstislav II of Kiev died, . there was no more reason to keep his son, . and now Novgorod showed the way to Roman, . while they themselves sent to Andrew for the world and the prince,

The novel, on his return, began to reign in his paternal Vladimir-Volyn. Next to it was a municipality rich Galich, in which after the death of Yaroslav Vladimirovich Osmomysl began unrest and riots. Boyars were dissatisfied with their Yaroslavovich Prince Vladimir, who liked only to drink, but did not like to engage in public affairs. Roman was in the similar properties with Vladimir: his daughter was the eldest son of the last. Despite learning that bad Galician nobles lived with her prince. The novel was forwarded to them, encouraging them to drive Vladimir, the place which offered them the princes themselves. Boyars readily agreed to his proposal: first, kicked, Vladimir, and then poisoned his brother Oleg, and took a Roman. But the novel, this time briefly sat in Galicia, as Vladimir returned with Hungarian troops. Roman saw no possibility to resist the Hungarians and, taking the rest of the prince's treasury, fled back to the Volyn, but was not admitted to Vladimir and his brother Vsevolod. Pulled away in Galich, he gave to Vladimir, said: "The more I do not want this city". Thus the novel was without a parish and went to Poland to seek help there, but do not get it from there the princes went to the father-in Ovruch Rurik Rostislavich along with his loyal nobles Halych. Arriving to the test, he began to ask him again to Galich. "Galicians called me to his reign - he said to him - let me son Rostislav". Rurik agreed, and sent the Roman vanguard of his own, to take one of the border towns, Plesnesk, but this detachment was routed Hungarians and Galicians. Roman, hearing about this misfortune, dismissed the brother-by Rostislav home, while he went to Poland. At this time he was more lucky, he got help and went with her to her brother, Vsevolod, Vladimir, Vsevolod but again did not let him, and the novel again went to the test. That gave him until the parish - Torchesk, and meanwhile sent to Vsevolod threats had their effect, and Roman was again Vladimir, Vsevolod and went to his former parish - Belsen.

In 1194 he died, Prince Svyatoslav II of Kiev Vsevolod. Rurik sat in his place and gave the Roman parish in Kiev five cities: Torchesk, Trepol, Korsun, Bohuslav and Kanev. Soon, however, it became clear that here you are also claiming the city of Vladimir-Suzdal Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest. In these difficult circumstances Rurik sent a message to Roman: "Vsevolod asks under thee parish and complains to me because of you". Roman replied: "Father!" There is no need for you because of me to start a quarrel with the matchmaker: can you tell me or give another parish instead of the former, or pay for it with money ". After reaching agreement on this, Rurik gave the desired city Vsevolod, and he immediately gave the best city - Torchesk - son of Rurik and his son-Rostislav. This event marked the beginning of many unrest. When Roman learned, . that Torchesk taken from him and passed through the hands of Vsevolod Rurik is the son, . then began to send complaints to the test, . Confident, . that he had conspired deliberately Vsevolod and snatched his parish for only, . to donate it to his son,
. In 1196 he commanded his Roman parish raids devastate Kiev. Rurik in response sent for help to Vladimir Galitsky. Vladimir went to the Roman, fought and Pozega his parish. On the other hand fought and Pozega its Rostislav II of Kiev with black hoods, many people were captured, a lot of cattle stolen.

* * *

In 1198 Vladimir Galitsky died without leaving heirs. Novel, combined with Lesco Polish, seized Galich, and this time has established itself here permanently. United under his rule two wealthy western parish, Roman immediately became extremely sore and seriously disturb the prince of Kiev. In 1202, combined with Vsevolod Svyatoslavich Chermnykh, Rurik gathered to go to the Roman. But Roman warned enemies, gathered Galich and Vladimir shelves and entered the land of Kiev. All of Russia, according to the chronicler, rose against the Rurik, all rushed to the Roman. First of all, moved in with his black hoods, to them were detachments from the inhabitants of the cities of Kiev. Roman, seeing this extraordinary movement in his favor, hastened with all the shelves to Kiev. Kievans Podil's'ki he opened the gate, and he took Podil. Rurik was forced to enter into negotiations with Roman: he refused and went to Kiev Ovruch. Roman gave Kiev to his cousin Ingvar Yaroslavovich. In the same year went to the Roman Polovtzy captured their Tower, has led many prisoners, many Christians otpolonil.

In the 1203 recapture of Rurik Kiev and subjected it to extreme devastation. Then he went back to Ovruch. Roman pulled him up here and forced to abandon seniority in favor of Vsevolod the Big Nest. Vsevolod then reconciled with Rurik and gave him out of his hands back to Kiev. But in the same year, . returning from a campaign against the Polovtsy, . Rurik and Roman stopped in Trepole and began to argue about the distribution of districts; case ended in, . that Roman grabbed Rurik, . sent him to Kiev and there ordered to take the vows with his wife and daughter (whom he divorced), . and sons Ryurikov, . Rostislav and Vladimir, . took Galich,

In 1205, Roman had quarreled with his former ally Lesco Polish, who at the time was proclaimed hereditary prince of Krakow. Roman began to demand his townships as a reward for past services. Lesco disagreed. Then the Roman invasion of Poland and besieged Lublin. Then, hearing that his brother Lesco Kondratov go against him, left the siege and moved towards them, passing the Vistula, he encamped near the town Zavihvostom, where they arrived to him envoys from Leszek, and engaged the negotiations. It was decided to cease hostilities before the talks. The novel, relying on this, with maloyu retinue rode from camp to hunt, but here in ambush waiting for his Polish detachment, and Roman, after a courageous resistance died on the spot with his retinue.

If you believe the Polish chronicles, the Roman rules in Galicia as a cruel despot and samovlastets. In fact, the Galician boyars were all over Russia are known for their violent temper and sedition. Roman, sitting in Galicia, soon had to face this hostile force. Best Galician boyars he slew, inventing their most painful penalty. Many fled to other lands. Roman tried to return, promising them any mercy, and not deceived, but after some time to invent n.ih slander and also executed. "Not passing the bees, honey is not" - he liked to speak in his defense. Left behind a bloody memory in Galicia, in the rest of Russia was known as a formidable Roman scourge of the surrounding barbarians - Polovets, Lithuania, Yatvingians - and a good devotee of the Russian land, a worthy heir to his grandfather Monomakh. According Tatisheva, Roman was low post, but broad-shouldered, strong and handsome face, eyes and hair was black, with a long aquiline nose and a hot temper. In his anger began to stutter. He liked to have fun with the boyars, but never drank excessively, like women, but not obey them.

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