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Sviatopolk Mstislavich

( Prince of Polotsk, Pskov, Brest, Novgorod, Vladimir, Lutsk and Volyn)

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Biography Sviatopolk Mstislavich
Sviatopolk Mstislavich (? - 1154) - Prince of Polotsk, Pskov, Brest, Novgorod, Vladimir, Lutsk and Volyn (alternate), son of Grand. kn. Kiev. Mstislav Vladimirovich the Great. In accordance. N. Tatischev, father, dying (1132), bequeathed to him Novgorod the Great, but there Svyatopolk Mstislavich in the first years after the death of Mstislav get no chance. In 1132, Mr.. He sat in Polotsk: his brother Izyaslav receiving from his uncle, Grand. kn. Kiev. Yaropolk Vladimirovich, . invitation to take Pereyaslav Desk, . which junior Monomashichi not want to give the sons of his late brother Mstislav, . went there from Polotsk, . where left Svjatopolka Mstislavovitch, . Polochans but soon kicked him, . dissatisfied departure Izyaslav,
. In 1135, Mr.. participated in the march of their brothers, Vsevolod and Izyaslav, which, in alliance with Olegovichy went to his uncle, wanting to regain Pereyaslavl principality occupied by Yuri Dolgoruky. In 1137, Mr.. Sviatopolk Mstislavich accompanied his brother Vsevolod of Novgorod, where the last name of his supporters. In 1138, Mr.. Vsevolod died, and the people of Pskov put in his Svjatopolka Mstislavovitch, who reigned there until 1140, when conducted. kn. Vsevolod II of Kiev gave him and his brother, Vladimir Macheshichem, g. Biareе?cie, not wanting to let them to Novgorod, which is not taking his son Svyatoslav, wanted to get into one of the younger princes Mstislavich. However, in 1141/42 he. led. Prince released Svjatopolka Mstislavovitch to Novgorod by the request of his wife of Vsevolod, the sister Svjatopolka Mstislavovitch - Agafya. In 1148, Mr.. Izyaslav his brother, who became (1146) conducted. Prince, brought Svjatopolka from Novgorod and planted there his son Yaroslav, and his brother gave Vladimir-Volyn. In 1149, Mr.. participated with his brother in the war against Yuri Dolgoruky. Vladimir-Volyn Sviatopolk Mstislavich sat briefly and gave his brother Izyaslav, exiled from Kiev, Yuri Dolgoruky. In 1150 owned Lutsk. When Izyaslav with the Hungarians again moved to the Jury, Svyatopolk Mstislavich accompanied his brother to protect him from the Galician kn. Vladimirka Volodarevicha that followed the army Izyaslav. In the same year helped his brother in the fight with Yuri and again instructed the Vladimir-Volyn, where he sat until his death. In 1152, Mr.. led. kn. Izyaslav Mstislavich marched against Vladimirka. Sviatopolk Mstislavich came to his brother in Peresopnitsu with his regiment, but Izyaslav sent it back to Vladimir. In the same year Sviatopolk Mstislavich went with Izyaslav in Novgorod against the son of Yuri - Vasilko, but this campaign ended with the world. In 1153, Mr.. participated in the campaign against Izyaslav gal. kn. Yaroslav Vladimirovich Osmomysl. It was his last campaign, he died from Mr.. Kocherska, going to their aid Izyaslav. Svyatopolk, apparently, no different special abilities and did not have a personal initiative. Never did nothing alone and only to help others, Chapter. way to his brother Izyaslav.

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Sviatopolk Mstislavich, photo, biography
Sviatopolk Mstislavich, photo, biography Sviatopolk Mstislavich  Prince of Polotsk, Pskov, Brest, Novgorod, Vladimir, Lutsk and Volyn, photo, biography
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