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( From the kind of Novgorod-Seversky princes)

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Biography Svyatoslav
From the kind of Novgorod-Seversky book. Progenitor Kursk princes. The son of Igor's. Genus. in 1176, Mr.. Kn. Kursk until 1206, Mr.. Kn. Vladimir-Volyn in 1206 - 1207 he. Kn. Peremyshl'skii in 1210 - 1211 he.

Wife: from 1187 g. Grand daughter. kn. Kiev Prince Rurik Rostislavich. Yaroslav.

+ 1211 g.

* * *

In 1206, Vladimir I. expelled from Vladimir Volhynia young Daniel and Vasilko Romanovich, and Vladimirec called to his reign of Svyatoslav. The widow of Roman Mstislavich went to Poland. Polish princes Lesco and Kondrat gathered against Svyatoslav and went to expel him from Vladimir. With him they took his nephew Roman Mstislavich and Alexander Vsevolodovicha Belzskogo. Residents have opened their gates, and Svyatoslav gave the Poles. In 1208 Svetoslav returned with his brothers in the Galicia district and sat reign in Przemysl. When Daniel Romanovich in 1211 led the Hungarians under Galich, peremyshltsy Svyatoslav seized and handed him the Hungarians. Galician boyars summon him and hanged himself with his brother Roman.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Svyatoslav (1176 - 1211) - Duke Przemysl. Son novg.-Seversky. kn. Igor's (the hero's 'Lay of Igor'). Brothers I. - Vladimir, Svyatoslav and Roman - after the death gal.-Volyn. kn. Roman Mstislavich the Great (1205) presented their claims to the gal. table. While on Galich went cues. kn. Rurik Rostislavich and Polish, Kor. Lesco White, a Roman widow, taking young children, Daniel and cornflowers, ran for help to Hungary, in the Galicia full swing campaign for the invitation Igorevich. Among gal. boyars stood out in particular 'kormilichich' Vladislav, once exiled Roman from Galic, and after his death, returned and played a major role in. He leaned to the side of Galicia I., praising their personal dignity, pointed out that they are grandchildren (by mother) Yaroslav Osmomysl, have every right gal. table. Part of the boyars succeeded in turning to the side of those applicants, and I. hastened to take their new possession: Vladimir villages in Galicia, Roman in Zvenigorod. Now the brothers began to think about the capture and Vladimir-Volyn, where by this time settled Roman widow with sons. I. sent to the town priest, demanding that Vladimirec took them to the princes of Svyatoslav, and in case of failure threatened the residents of cruel punishments. Vladimirec rebelled these threats and, in turn, threatened to kill the ambassadors of latter-day rulers. But there, too, found supporters Igorevich. Roman's widow, seeing where the slopes scales, fled with the children in Hungary. In the end, Svyatoslav sat in Vladimir-Volyn. Soon, however, against the brothers united front vyspupili and Polish, the king, and Ieng. King, and gal. boyars. Igorevich have rich gifts to placate the Hungarians and Poles, and some nobles did not dare to speak out against the combined forces of brothers. In 1210, Mr.. Vladimir I. quarreled with his brother, Roman, was expelled last of Galich and fled to Putivl. Roman villages in Galicia, but not for long: Gal. nobles quarreled with him, called Hungarians. Roman, lost time, came to him in captivity. Svyatoslav too, was banished from Vladimir. But soon gal. boyars repented for their actions: the Hungarians behaved rudely with them so that they even received a nickname voivod Antichrist. Galicians again appealed for help to Igorevich. The brothers were in Galicia with a strong Ratiu (1211). Vladimir villages in Galicia, Svyatoslav - in Przemysl, and Roman - in Zvenigorod. Seeing that the mood gal. boyars again can cause resentment against them, I., launched attacks on their rights, and when the opportunity came along, the princes drew their swords and slew about. gdoo boyars. Between the dead were several highborn. Many nobles had fled to Hungary to ask for help from the King. Escapees boyars jewels from the king in the gal. Princes Maloletov. Daniel Romanovich; with him to Galich was sent a strong detachment hung. warriors. On the way to the army joined the Polish and Volhynia. units. Allies came to Przemysl, where he sat Svyatoslav Residents of the city opened its gates and gave the prince his opponents. Been expelled and the other 2 Igorevich: Roman - from Zvenigorod, Vladimir - from Galich. Embittered gal. boyars demanded the extradition of the Hungarians in their court princes. Receiving rich gifts, Chapter. hung. voivod gave to the court boyars Igorevich (Svyatoslav and Roman), who were brought to the shameful punishment: they were hanged on the main. Square Galich.

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Svyatoslav, photo, biography
Svyatoslav, photo, biography Svyatoslav  From the kind of Novgorod-Seversky princes, photo, biography
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