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Semyon Proud

( From the kind of grand dukes of Moscow)

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Biography Semyon Proud
From the kind of Moscow led. kn. The son of Ivan I Kalita. Genus. Sep 7. 1316 g. Conducted. kn. Moscow in 1341 - 1353 he. Conducted. kn. Vladimir in 1341 - 1353 he. Kn. Novgorod in 1346-1353 he.


1) with 1333 g. Grand daughter. kn. Lithuanian Gedemina. led. kn. August (+ 11 March 1345);

2), 1345. daughter of Prince. Bryansk Fedor Svyatoslav, Prince. Evpraksiya (in 1346, Mr.. Semen with her divorced):

3) from 1347 g. Grand daughter. kn. Aleksandr Mikhailovich of Tver, Grand. kn. Mary (+ 1399).

+ 27 apr.1353 g.

* * *

In his will his father Simon received 26 towns and villages, among them such important ones as Moscow and Kolomna Mozhaisk. After the death of Ivan Kalita, Russian princes went to the Horde, but their rivalry with the rich and powerful prince of Moscow was impossible, and Khan declared Seeds Grand Duke of Vladimir. Due to strengthen Moscow it was no longer alone now the title. "All the Russian princes were given under the hand of Simeon," - say the chronicles. Tatishchev writes that Simon, princes calling for certain purposes of his, reminded them that Russia was the only strong and glorious, when the princes obey the senior. During his life, Simon walked five times in the Horde and always looked back with much honor and award, in the words of the chronicler. On Tatar devastation, violence Baskakov and ambassadors can not be heard in the reign of seeds, as in the reign of his father. But the trouble came from. other. In 1352 an outbreak of plague. In 1353, she raged with terrible force in Moscow. First two sons died Semenova, and then he. Buried in the Archangel Cathedral.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Semyon Proud (1316-1353) - led. kn. Mosk. and Vlad. (1340-1353) son of Ivan I Kalita. As the successor of the business his father, Semyon Proud tried to strengthen its influence in Novgorod, Tver., Resin., Ryaz., Jaroslaw, etc.. Prince Islands. In 1340, Mr.. received from Khan Uzbek shortcut to lead. reign. While he was in the Horde, Novgorod ruined Belozersk. Parish - possession of Moscow. Returning, Semyon Proud sent his boyars a tribute to Torzhok - possession of Novgorod. After a while he got ready to march to Novgorod, and only with great effort managed to buy off of Novgorod led. Prince. After the death of Uzbeks (1342) received a label in the Horde of Khan Djanibek. After 2 years was back in the Horde. He has several times had to go there to confirm their right to lead. Vlad. table. In 1346, Mr.. Semyon Proud few weeks spent in Novgorod on the invitation of its inhabitants. When in the same year, Swedish. cor. Magnus decided to attack Novgorod, Semyon Proud sent to help his brother Ivan Novgorod Red. Since inheritance. Grand Dukes. kn. lived in harmony. They listened to him and even went to him for settlement of disputes as a judge. Relations between Moscow and Tver, and his reign were quite friendly. In 1349, Mr.. Semyon Proud quarrels with lead. kn. lit. Olgerd and last Djanibek judge asked him to Moscow. Khan takes the side of seeds Gordiy. The following year, opponents reconciled and even become related. In 1351 at Semyon Proud clashed with resin. princes, and he even went to them, but on the river. Ugra signed peace with them and returned to Moscow. He died of the pestilence.

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Semyon Proud, photo, biography
Semyon Proud, photo, biography Semyon Proud  From the kind of grand dukes of Moscow, photo, biography
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