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Kokovtsev Vladimir

( Russia statesman)

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Biography Kokovtsev Vladimir
Kokovtsov (Kokovtsov), Vladimir Nikolaevich (1853-1943) - Russia's state leader, in 1896 - 1902 - Assistant Minister of Finance, in 1904-1914 he. - Minister of Finance, from 1911 and 1915 while chairman of the Council of Ministers. Paying tribute S.YU. Witte (cm. his memories of the conclusion of Potsmutskogo peace treaty), VN. Kokovtsoff alluding to the fact that only the firm stance of Nicholas II, supported by them personally (Kokovtsov), allowed to conclude a peace with Japan on more favorable conditions of the day Russia.

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Kokovtsov VN. (1853 - 1943) began his career in the Ministry of Justice, then served on the prison department. Since 1890. transferred to the state office, where he held the post of Secretary of State for the Department of Public Economics. In 1896, with the assistance Witte, Kokovtsov was appointed Deputy Minister of Finance. In 1902, Mr.. - Secretary of State and from 1904. - Minister of Finance and member of the Council of State. In 1911, after the assassination of Stolypin, was appointed chairman of the Council of Ministers. Strong campaign, raised against the extreme right, led him in 1914. resign.
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Kokovtsov Vladimir Nikolaevich (1853, Novgorod - 1943, Paris) - statesman. Place from an old noble family. In 1872 he graduated from Kokovtsov Alexander Lyceum, but the sudden death of his father prevented him to devote himself to scientific careers. 44 years of life Kokovtsov gave the public service: 1873 - 1879 he served in the Ministry of Justice in 1879 - 1890 was a senior inspector and the Assistant Chief of the prison department of the Ministry of the Interior in 1890 - 1896 was a member of the State Chancellery, . where he was able to explore issues of the budget and state economy, in 1896 - 1902 Kokovtsov held the position of Comrade (Deputy) Minister of Finance S.YU,
. Witte, in 1902 - 1904 served as secretary of state, and then until 1914 Kokovtsov was minister of finance, combining this activity after the murder P.A. Stolypin with the responsibilities of chairman of the Council of Ministers. Distinguished ability to work and responsibility in matters Kokovtsov was ambitious, but he never begged for the king's medals and was annoyed when Nicholas II granted him the title of Count: "I wanted to die, bearing just the name, transmitted to me". Financial policy Kokovtsov based on continued strong ruble exchange rate and monetary gold. Kokovtsov participated in the drafting of official liquor monopoly. Striving for a balanced budget, Kokovtsov replenished the treasury by nearly a third due to "drinking" means. He tried to avoid a sharp increase in taxes on the population, even during the Russian-Japanese War of 1904 - 1905, covering growth in borrowing costs and promote industry and trade, which was highly appreciated S.YU. Witte. In deference to the wishes of big manufacturers, Kokovtsov also tried to satisfy workers' demands. For this purpose, headed the committee, develop a program that includes the revision of the law on strikes, shorter working hours, the establishment of health insurance, but TK. program was nonbinding, it ended in failure. In foreign policy, was a supporter of strengthening the alliance with France and mitigate the differences with Germany. The desire to help turn Kokovtsov autocracy into a constitutional monarchy, and attempts to oppose the G. E. Rasputin led to the resignation. In 1917 Kokovtsov served in the Russian Bank for Foreign Trade. In 1918 the Cheka was arrested, but released after questioning. Without waiting for a new arrest, illegally crossed the border with Finland. Emigration was chairman of Commercial Bank. He worked on his memoirs, which came out in Paris in 1933.

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Kokovtsev Vladimir, photo, biography
Kokovtsev Vladimir, photo, biography Kokovtsev Vladimir  Russia statesman, photo, biography
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