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FELDMAN Yuri Izrailovich

( Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, academician of Russia and the International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences, Master of Sports of the USSR)

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Biography FELDMAN Yuri Izrailovich
photo FELDMAN Yuri Izrailovich
Born February 27, 1938 in the city of Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region. Father - Feldman Israel Yankelevich (1908-1987), civil engineer. Mother - Feldman (Lyashenko) Eugene G. (1913-1968), teacher. Wife - Latynina Larisa S. (1934. born.), Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR, nine times Olympic champion, multiple world champion and European. Son - Sultanov Sergey (1964. born.).

In 1939 his father sent a mechanic at a military factory in Zagorsk, and in 1940 the family moved to Riga, where Israel Yankelevich worked on the construction of a military airfield. In 1942 the family was evacuated to the village Molotov Perm region. In 1944, after the liberation by Soviet troops in Ukraine, his father was sent to the city of Upper Lisichansky area to restore the chemical plant. Mom worked at the city hall. Here, in Ukraine, in 1945, Yuri Feldman went to school and a year later his father was transferred to the rehabilitation of the Vladimir Tractor Factory and the family moved to Moscow. First time lived with friends on the Crimean shaft, where Yuri spent much time at the rink in the Park of Culture named after M. Gorky. In 1949, the Vladimir Tractor Plant has been fully restored and the father was transferred to Moscow for the construction of tall buildings (I.YA. Feldman was involved in the construction of three of the seven high-rise buildings in Moscow, and from 1953 worked as chief engineer of the trust "Industrstroyproekt - oversaw the construction of enterprises extracting and processing of rare earth metals).

. From early childhood Yuri Feldman was a role model to many peers
. He was always well attended, though not crammer. After school, went to mathematical, chemical and literary circles, was the winner of school Olympiads in various subjects. Yuri Feldman grew strong and athletic boy, what to look for coaches. Behind him literally hunted and track and field athletes and wrestlers, volleyball players and to bring it into their sports sections. In 7 th grade, it is not just accepted, and strictly selected in boys' volleyball team, which defended the sports honor Metrostroi, and two years later was transferred to practice in the men's team of craftsmen. Soon he noticed the coach "Chemist", and Yuri began to play at this club in the youth team. He tried his hand not only in volleyball, but also in swimming, and hockey, and in the 9 th grade took 3rd place in the Moscow championship in pentathlon.

. After the 7-th class fulfilled an old dream of Yuri - parents presented him with a bicycle "Tourist", which he is now able to drive for hours through the city
. One day a friend brought him to the bicycle track stadium Young Pioneers, where the head coach was a great Yakov Fyodorovich Melnikov - 14-times champion of Russia in skating. Yuri enlisted to the famous coach, champion of Russia in cycling Matveyevich Alexei Zakharov, with whom he worked during the year on a road bike. In 10 th grade Yuri already participated in cycling, running the 1-st adult level in road cycling. In parallel with studies cycling played basketball team "Lokomotiv" and swim in Dynamo. But it so happened that cycling ousted from his heart all the other sports addiction. Already as a student, he received the title Master of Sports of the USSR, is a team of the Soviet Union, became a champion among the boys, took 2 nd and 3rd place among the adults involved in the Soviet Union in the first match between the Soviet Union, Britain and Italy.

. Yuri Izrailovich never tied its future to the sport as a profession
. However, sports gambling, the ability not to lose heart and find a way out of the most incredible, sometimes threatening disaster situations became his main rule in the further production and scientific work.

In 1956, YI. Feldman joined the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, which he graduated in 1963. In the last year he participated in designing electric ER-9s ". This topic formed the basis for his thesis. Later on this project Riga plant has produced a series of electric trains, which to this day carry passengers.

. The first scientific success inspired the graduates and defined choice of work - the parent institution for the development of automotive engineering - Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute (NAMI)
. Then, before the Institute had a goal - to create a new testing laboratory. At the head of a small group of 7 people took the young engineer to solve this problem.

"First, we created a project, and then picked up shovels and began to excavate the foundations, - says Yuri Izrailovich. - Worked to exhaustion. But three years later, in 1966, we were ready to stand, so what! I think today there are none: there could be experiencing any systems and components of electric and motor-wheels for BelAZ.

Later under the guidance and direct participation YI. Feldman had been developed and tested system of electric drives for cars and trucks for different purposes. In particular, it was created the first Soviet urban low-floor bus LAZ-3603 with an electric transmission with the motor-wheels, which was successfully tested. Unfortunately, for various reasons in the mass production of the bus did not go.

In the U.S. Yuri Feldman worked as an engineer, senior engineer, team leader, a leading designer, research assistant. In 1972 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences. In 1973, on the advice of its scientific advisor Professor Ivan S. Efremova, he moved to the All-Union Scientific-Research Development and Design and Technological Institute of crane and electric traction (VNIPTI) NGOs Dynamo,
. The work he began with the, . that built the two original and the necessary laboratory, . conducted tests Trams, . trolley, . designed, . conducted research and climbed the corporate ladder: Senior Researcher, . Head of Laboratory VNIPTI,

1979 was a turning point in the fate of YI. Feldman. By decision of its leadership relocating production - the post of Chief of the first hardware shop NGOs Dynamo. Then in the shop has developed an unfavorable situation: the plan was not fulfilled, workers and specialists began to leave the shop. Yuri Feldman quickly and boldly entered the team, took the shop in the hands. Less than a year after his arrival was fast becoming the hardware on their feet, returned to the old professionals and staff working. Earned a reputation as a serious organizer, . Feldman soon became head of production of crane engines (1981-1984), . then deputy general director for production and marketing of NGOs "Dinamo" and the factory "Dinamo" (1984-1987), . chief engineer (1987-1993), . and in 1993 he was elected President - General Director of JSC "Electrical Joint Stock Company" Dynamo ".,

. Despite a severe economic crisis and recession in the early 1990's, . stock company Dynamo managed to maintain the position of the main manufacturer of electric motors and control equipment for municipal electric (underground, . tram, . trolley), . cranes of various types and purposes, . ship electrical, . crane steel electric AC and DC, . electrical equipment for Haul trucks, . pumps "Kid" and other vitally needed for various industries products.,

. Began in the late 1980's broad cooperative movement has resulted in a few years, virtually the entire plant was covered by the cooperatives
. Using the factory production capacity and resources, they were able to self-marketing of products through a dealer network. The result has been a sharp increase in debt of companies. In 1995, YI. Feldman takes a radical solution: terminates the contract with cooperatives. Begin the difficult work to rebuild the plant as a whole. This has borne fruit: the factory managed to avoid bankruptcy, to preserve the basic unit of personnel in the engineering and manufacturing shops. And all this is largely thanks to the efforts of a company director YI. Feldman.

In the late 1990's as a result of further privatization of the factory came under the control of new owners, plans are on another redistribution of property were not acceptable to YI. Feldman as a manager, production worker and citizen. Leaving the post of general director in 1999, he returned to VNIPTI for the post of general director of the institute, and since 2001 he is an advisor to General Director of JSC "AEK" Dynamo "on scientific matters.

. Yuri Izrailovich took an active part in the establishment of the Academy of Electrical Sciences, . which after elimination of the Ministry of Electricity Industry was designed to integrate the efforts and capabilities of various research and industrial organizations, . to create potential for development of the industry,
. Sam Feldman is actively involved in her work, and led them to joint-stock company Dynamo was the first of its collective members.

According to the results of research work YI. Feldman in 1994 awarded the degree of Doctor of Electrical Sciences, was elected a corresponding member of first, and then a member of the International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences. He heads the Council of Scientific Problem-branch offices "Electrical system rail, . urban and industrial transport ", . is professor and head of the department created at the factory "Dinamo" branches of the Department of Electrical Engineering and computer-based electromechanical systems, Moscow State Technical University MAMI, . Chairman of the International Working Group on urban electric transportation of the International Organization for economic and scientific-technical cooperation in the field of electrical engineering - INTERELEKTRO,
. His pen belong to more than 100 scientific papers, he took an active part in the creation of encyclopedia Electrical and became the author of a large section of the encyclopedia, on the domestic urban transport.

YI. Feldman was awarded the Order of Honor (1997), medals "For Valiant Labor. To celebrate the 100 th anniversary of the birth of VI. Lenin "(1970) and" Veteran of Labor "(1996), awarded the Medal of the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow, has the title of" Honorary Dynamo.

Yuri Izrailovich enjoys science fiction, classic jazz, singing. His favorite artists - Maya Plisetskaya, Larissa Guzeeva, Olga Ostroumova, Valentin Gaft, Armen Djigarkhanyan.

There are in his life, another rich amazing events page from the sphere of hobbies. In 1966, Yuri Izrailovich as a graduate student, became a part of the famous in the 1960-1970 years of vocal-instrumental ensemble "Thing", created in the Moscow Energy Institute. The repertoire of the team were pop and folk songs, but the true hallmark of the ensemble was the song "Guys seventieth latitude". VIA Thing "toured the country, appeared on shock Komsomol construction projects, including KAMAZ, BAM, the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station, spent more than 1,5 thousand concerts, toured in Finland, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia. In 1972 the ensemble was awarded the Moscow Komsomol. YI. Feldman was a permanent soloist of the ensemble and, moreover, played bass, guitar, drums. Several times he offered to go to the professionals, but, as in the case of cycling, he chose science.

Now Yuri Izrailovich and his wife, Larisa S. Latynina, with which they have been together for over 15 years, live in Moscow. But are the vast farming, caring for pets, grow a big garden. Proximity to the ground gives both spouses vitality and satisfaction. And in his spare time, they play tennis, billiards, fond of horse riding.

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FELDMAN Yuri Izrailovich, photo, biography
FELDMAN Yuri Izrailovich, photo, biography FELDMAN Yuri Izrailovich  Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, academician of Russia and the International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences, Master of Sports of the USSR, photo, biography
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