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Igor Ter-Ovanesian Aramovich

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of the USSR, three-time European champion, multiple champion of the USSR, two-time bronze medalist, multiple world record holder, Europe and the)

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Biography Igor Ter-Ovanesian Aramovich
Born May 19, 1938 in Kiev. Father - Ter-Hovhannisyan Aram Avetisovich. Mother - Elijah Valentina Ivanovna. Wife - Ter-Hovhannisyan Olga Arturovna. Son - Ter-Hovhannisyan, Igor I. (1963. born.). Daughters: Ter-Hovhannisyan Karina I. (1967 g. born.) Klein, John I. (1982. born.).

Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan Aramovich belongs to the small group of athletes who have earned the right to be called "a legend of sport". He was in many respects the first. Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan - unique in the history of the Olympic Games, who took part in the long jump at five Olympic Games. He was the first Soviet jumpers in length became an Olympic medal, and then repeated this success. First set a world record, then pushed the box further.

Sport came into his life is no accident. His father, Aram Avetisovich was Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, the country's record holder in the discus throw, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor. One of the first graduates of the Moscow State Institute of Physical Culture, he refers to the remarkable constellation of domestic scientists and practitioners, such as N.T. Ozolin, VM. Diachkov, D.P. Markov, VA. Alekseev, FI. Suliev, FI. Sergeev, laid the foundations of domestic science of sports training.

Igor's mother, Valentina Ivanovna, also graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture, is seriously engaged in volleyball and tennis.

Thanks parents Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan a child engaged in various sports. It turned out wherever he goes to train. Began with acrobatics. After moving to Moscow, spent whole days at the stadium of the Institute of Physical Culture, which took possession of many types of athletics. Teachers invited young Ter-Hovhannisyan to class and said: "Igor, show students how to jump shallows, and now - the wave, make barrier exercises ..."

. In 1954, Igor established his first record of the Soviet Union - among youths in long jump, in 1956 - the first of 11 all-Union records - 7 meters 74 centimeters
. A year later he became the first champion of the country. Overall, his account would be 15 gold medals, the primacy of the Soviet Union.

In 1956, Ter-Hovhannisyan entered Lviv Institute of Physical Culture. It was here that he began an organized athletics under the guidance of a coach in. Zaporazhanova. He was a specialist in pole vaulting, so Igor began classes just to develop this discipline, although he always dreamed of being MULTIATHLONISTS and admired the great Bob Mathias. Moreover, the development of other types of athletics was not a less successful.

In 1958, Ter-Hovhannisyan was the strongest jumper Europe. At a subsequent championship of the continent in 1960, he won two gold and two silver medals, won two winter championship, but after a while became the first European, jumping the length of 8 meters - at 8,01.

. In 1960 at the Olympic Games in Rome, Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan won the bronze medal, and in 1962 the first Soviet athletes set world record (8.31) and was twice champion of Europe.

. In winter 1963, three Soviet athletes - Valery Brumel, Valery Bulychev and Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan - the first time participated in a series of winter starts in the U.S., including in the open championship of the United States of America
. Coach at that time was Gabriel Korobkov. Here is how he describes these events in his book "Notes athlete":

. "... What really happened the evening of 1 February? Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan stunned his old rival Ralph Boston, where in the penultimate jump, set a new world record for indoor - 8 meters 18 centimeters.

. I have often seen, as Boston won its last leap
. Cheers chorus of many thousands, he went to the track. Concentrating, began a rapid spurt. However, a sigh of disappointment that followed the explosion in the stands, meant that jump Olympic champion is not counted. Igor was named most outstanding athlete Milrouzskih games.

Ahead of the U.S. championship. February 23 for the competition in Madison Square Garden, watching the whole of America. The gallery was buzzing somewhere high above his head in the clubs of cigarette smoke. But we clearly saw dressy audience in the best locations. Starch cuff, the gleam of gold and precious stones, glasses, flamboyant hair and coat ladies, gentlemen sleek face. At the center stand, sat "himself" General Douglas MacArthur and his entourage.

. 75-year anniversary of the American athletic association and participation of a large number of foreign "stars" did soccer truly outstanding event.

. First, this time to lift out Igor
. Checking off run, he told me that as before, no rollers, locking spade, no. Despite my protests, the competition began with a violation of the rules. My worst assumptions have come true. First jump of Boston - 772. First attempt Igor - not counted. Boston jumped to 7 meters 86 centimeters. The second jump of Igor, I see it, very far. This is evidenced by the reaction tribune. But the judge again, it will not count. I see how Boston is coming to judge and tells him that it is unfair and that he does not want this victory. The announcer solemnly announces that Igor is just another attempt to enter the final. Unavailable to strip, he shows the result is sufficient for the final.

The fourth attempt. At this time we can not deduct - can be seen all. Result - 803. Igor came forward. The last attempt Boston. Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan becomes the first Soviet champion United States in 1963.

. In 1964 Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan is twice winner of the Olympic Games, winning a second Olympic bronze medal at the Games in Tokyo.

. Preparing for his third Olympics (1968 in Mexico City), Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan repeated belonging to a world record, set in 1962, - 8,35
. So the Olympics go, it can reasonably expect to win. His duel with Bob Beamon became a worldwide sensation, and went into the history of sports as one of the most dramatic. Then a miracle. Bob Beamon at the first attempt to set an incredible mark - 8,90. And all hopes were destroyed ... Nevertheless, to take revenge from the Olympic champion Ter-Hovhannisyan was able in the next year, in the traditional game of the USSR - USA in Palo Alto. Also in 1969 he became a three-time European champion.

. All the years of sporting career Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan spoke for 5 Olympics, . 5 European Championships (three gold medals - 1958, . 1962, . 1969), . 15 times, became the champion of the USSR in the long jump, . 4x100 meter relay, and 5 times - winner of national championship in the long jump, . 4x100 meter relay and the decathlon,
. He set 2 world records, 6 records in Europe and 11 records of the USSR. One of his informal achievements will live forever - 27 years, he has continuously owned the record for the USSR. Even after a great jumper left the sector, the last of his record lasted another 12 years.

Descending from the sector Aramovich Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan still with him. First as deputy head coach of the Office of Athletic Sports Committee of the USSR (1972-1976), . then worked as a senior coach long-jump union high sports school (1976-1978), . senior coach long-jump team (1978-1983) and, . Finally, . head coach of the team of the USSR (1983-1989),
. On the coaching career he has succeeded a lot, making a bet at finding talented young athletes. It is named Ter-Hovhannisyan trainer linked fantastic rise Sergey Bubka and Gennady Avdeyenko, when 19-year jumpers won the first world championship in 1983 in Helsinki, and 5 years later became an Olympic champion.

. In 1989-1992, IA
. Ter-Hovhannisyan was president of the Athletics Federation of the USSR. From 1993 to 2000 worked as deputy chairman of the RF Committee for Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism. Since 1991 he has actively participated in the International Athletics Federation as a member of its Board. Today he is - Chairman of the Main Board of the coaching teams of the Sports Committee of Russia (2001) and president of the Sports against Drugs "(2000). Under his leadership, developed a comprehensive program promoting healthy lifestyles in the media regarding the establishment and consolidation of facilities in the mind, helping to actively resist the dangers of drug abuse.

IA. Ter-Hovhannisyan - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of the USSR, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor of the department of athletics Russia State Academy of Physical Culture, Commander of the Order of Honor.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Igor Ter-Ovanesian Aramovich, photo, biography Igor Ter-Ovanesian Aramovich  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of the USSR, three-time European champion, multiple champion of the USSR, two-time bronze medalist, multiple world record holder, Europe and the, photo, biography
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