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Totsky Konstantin V.

( Colonel-General, Director of the Federal Border Service of Russia)

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Biography Totsky Konstantin V.
photo Totsky Konstantin V.
Born February 23, 1950 in the town of Kagan, Bukhara region of the Uzbek SSR in the family of a soldier. Father - Totsky Vasily Konstantinovich (1909-1981). Mother - Totsky Antonina Feodorovna (1910-1994). Wife - Totsky Nadezhda Petrovna (1950 g. born.), agricultural chemist by profession. Daughters: Totsky Alla (1974. born.) Totsky Elena (1981 g.rozhd.).

Father KV. Totsky, Vasily Konstantinovich, born and raised in the Voronezh region, up to 16 years, rotten, then got into the army, graduated from military school, became an artillery officer. Participated in the Soviet-Finnish War, where he was severely wounded. When the Great Patriotic War, repeatedly asked to send it to the front, but because of his health request rejected. Up until 1956 he served in Central Asia, retired from the army with the rank of Major.

After the war, Vasily Konstantinovich married Antonina Feodorovna, the first woman whose husband was killed in the storming of KцTnigsberg. By the time her arms were three children: two daughters and a son. A few years later Vasily Konstantinovich and Antonina Feodorovna born sons of Constantine and Alexander. In 1956 the family moved to the city Totsky Elec Lipetsk region. Here Basil K. got a job director of the cinema, and a few years later became director of film distribution.

In Elets Konstantin Totsky finished school. No problems with the choice of profession he has not emerged. Father's love for the army and went to the children. No accident that all his sons were military: senior, Stanislav, served in the Northern Fleet, Jr., Alexander, now - a colonel working in the public company Rosvooruzheniye, and Constantine fate was predetermined by a border guard ..

. Huge influence on the choice Konstantin Totsky its future military profession had a good old Soviet films of the border - "Zastava in the mountains", . "Djulbars", . "Over the Thyssen and other, . deeply sunken into the souls of hundreds of boys 1950-1960-ies and to build up their quivering attitude to the military in green caps.,

. I decided to become a border guard and Konstantin Totsky
. In 1967 he entered the Moscow Higher Command School of borderline. He studied with pleasure, learning the basics in many ways romantic, but dangerous and responsible business. With warmth and gratitude Konstantin V. remembers their teachers and exchange officers, who were utterly devoted to the border troops, and who laid in it a profound sense of loyalty to the profession.

. After graduating from college Konstantin Totsky offered to go to the Komsomol, and offered to serve in the exploration Border
. But he chose to serve directly on the border and in 1971 received his first appointment in life - the deputy chief of the frontier post Allakurtinskogo border unit in the Arctic. A few months later the young officer became head of 8-th frontier Murmansk border detachment.

In 1974, KV. Totsky joined the then newly created Department of Border Troops of the Military Academy named M.V. Frunze. After the Academy for almost 4 years served as commandant of the border commandant's Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Border Detachment (1977-1980).

There was not just a change of duty station. Itself has changed its specificity. And not only that the lieutenant Totsky succeeded to the post of Lieutenant Colonel and his command were captains and majors. I had to learn and completely new to him a system of border - this time marine. However, in the opinion of the Konstantin Vasilyevich, it really helped him in the future.

In 1980, KV. Totsky for three months was an officer of the 1 st division of the headquarters of the Pacific border district of the KGB of the USSR in Vladivostok, and then - Deputy Chief of Staff of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk border detachment. In 1981-1985 he was the Chief of Staff Nakhodkinsoye border detachment.

In 1985 - again big changes. KV. Totsky appointed chief Khorog border detachment. Service was to take place on the territory of Afghanistan. After a short acquaintance with the situation at the border and inside Afghanistan, Major Totsky arrived to a new duty station. Area of Responsibility border detachment was located in mountainous terrain, inaccessible to the technology: the complete absence of roads, only trails, which could take place only by people and donkeys. Therefore, the only transportation, exercising the lion's share of freight transport, were helicopters, which, to honor the airmen, the lack of special gates unit did not suffer.

Here KV. Totsky immediately felt the uniqueness of the tasks that were solved by border guards in Afghanistan: they had to guard the borders of the Soviet Union and simultaneously conduct combat operations against the Mujahideen. Terms of terrain did not allow the rebels to create large formation. They operated in small groups, armed mostly with small arms. This left an imprint on the character of the fighting: the exhausting pursuit of mountain trails for thugs almost did not bring tangible results.

. This was compounded by the fact that the Afghan border guards often shied away from sharing tasks, preferring to sit behind the walls of makeshift fortresses, garrisons set up in small villages
. Therefore KV. Totsky, often in defiance of the higher commanders, decided to focus on an operational combat raids and ambushes, in which small groups and destroyed dushmans and smugglers. Subsequently, this method of action moved the whole district.

As a result, in one of the ambush, carried out under the command of KV. Totsky, was killed by one of the local leaders in charge in this zone for supplying arms militants. For the successful implementation of this operation, the chief border guard detachment received its first combat award - the Medal of Military Merit "and ... scolding from the Chief of Border General Shlyakhtina are regarded as an amateur Totsky decision to become personally involved in ambush. However, Konstantin V., and now convinced that the commander should not raise combat mission subordinates, based only on theoretical knowledge.

. Another concern of border guards were constantly working with local communities, providing humanitarian assistance to
. Every year at the site Khorog border detachment residents of villages gratis 1-1,3 tons of food and medicines from different regions of Tajikistan.

Service KV. Totsky in Afghanistan lasted 4 years. Much has been done to them in order to make life easier for the local population, to minimize casualties among the border guards, to prevent violations of the Soviet state border, to ensure the safety of the population in border areas. These activities bring tangible benefits. Hard to believe, but the fact that for all 4 years of bombardment from the adjacent territory has suffered only one woman was slightly injured. And the perpetrators of the gangsters were soon identified and destroyed.

To avoid further such incidents on the Soviet-Afghan border helped adopted on the initiative of the commander of border troops of General VA. Matrosov tactics, according to which each share held militants against the border guards or civilians inevitably punished and the perpetrators were eliminated, even if the inevitable retaliation took months.

. In 1987, for their courage during the provision of international assistance to the Republic of Afghanistan, KV
. Totsky was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

6 months after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in November 1989, KV. Totsky was appointed head of Lankaran border detachment. Good service did not work and here: now and then flashed riots, violent colors blossomed unprecedented dimensions smuggling ... From Azerbaijan to Iran in large numbers crossed metal, appliances, vodka, and from Iran - women's jewelry, textiles, consumer goods. The average day in the zone of responsibility of the detachment was delayed up to 80 offenders.

KV. Totsky handy experience in Afghanistan. He and his subordinates have minimum losses at the cost of defending the border, to prevent the demolition of the existing system of protection and honorably perform tasks faced by border guards.

In 1991-1992, KV. Totsky served as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Transcaucasus Border District KGB, and in 1994, graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff, was appointed Chief of Staff of the North-West Frontier District. In December the same year he was promoted to major general.

In 1996, General KV. Totsky was summoned to Moscow, where he was informed of the decision to appoint him head of the Academy of the Federal Border Service of Russia. Appointment This is discouraging and somewhat disappointed. It's no secret that the Armed Forces have long felt that for such appointments, as a rule, should the dismissal. Totsky also wanted to serve, and age has not given reasons to think the dismissal. But orders are orders.

Over time, academic work has lured not seem quite so boring. Experience gained over years of service experience executive officer prompted KV. Totsky, it is necessary to change and tweak the system of training for border troops. And in this field he achieved significant results: in just one year have been adjusted all the curricula Academy, . the state educational standards of the border specialties, . they were included in the classifiers civilian occupations,
. Academy FBS Russia, the first of the military educational institutions of this level has received state accreditation.

Since the post of Chief of the Academy of FBS Russia KV. Totsky was appointed director of the Federal Border Service of Russia. Now his main task, he believes first and foremost conservation officer training, combat training and improvement of social conditions of service in the Border Troops. For this purpose, under his leadership is working for the reorganization of the Federal Border Service of Russia, its technical upgrading and improving the prestige of the profession border guard. These and other measures laid down in the programs for 2002-2010, the adoption of which is not far off.

Generaloberst KV. Totsky awarded the Order of the Red Banner (1987), "For Service to the Fatherland" IV degree (2000), medals "For Service in Battle" (1987) and "For Distinction in Protection of State Border of the USSR" (1982).

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Totsky Konstantin V., photo, biography
Totsky Konstantin V., photo, biography Totsky Konstantin V.  Colonel-General, Director of the Federal Border Service of Russia, photo, biography
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