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Pyotr Aksenov

( The Prefect of the South-Western Administrative District of Moscow.)

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Biography Pyotr Aksenov
photo Pyotr Aksenov
Born August 25, 1946, Mr.. village Pavlovskoe Lebedinsk district of Lipetsk region. Father - Aksenov Nikolai Kuzmich. Mother - Aksenova (Doroshina) Alexandra Antonovna. Wife - Sofia Aksenova Yaroslavovna. Son - Vladislav Petrovich Aksenov. Daughter - Aksenova, Elena Petrovna.

Rhode Aksenov traditionally characterized mechanics, strong people, where the main cult was the cult of the family. Father was a machine-wide profile, a master of all trades. His mother worked on the farm, but its main occupation were children.

From childhood Pyotr Aksenov had two passions: chemistry and books.

After high school, he chose the Leningrad Institute of Chemical Technology, but he has been returned home, handed documents to the College Lebedyan. In those years, his father, a war veteran, an infantryman, who was awarded several military decorations and medals, and often very seriously ill. The question was about the operation, the family desperately needed the money. I had to choose a profession that could help the family financially. This prompted the profession's older brother - bricklayer. Thus, in 1965, Peter is in Moscow, where he began his career in construction management? 76 trust "Mosstroy".

In 1965, Mr.. his call in the army. Service was held in Western Ukraine in Missile Forces. In 1968. after transfer to the reserve Petr Aksenov marries and goes to work in RemStroyTrest Soviet district of Moscow, where he was destined to work out for almost 18 years. Without a job, he ends the evening Construction College, then-Union Correspondence Engineering-Construction Institute (1977), specializing in industrial and civil construction ". For 11 years he worked on the schedule: all day at a construction site, in the evening - study.

After post parquet, master, engineer, in 1973. VP Aksenov appointed chief engineer of the trust. At this time in Moscow is the rapid construction of prefabricated buildings, . one after another entered whole neighborhoods, . but significantly delayed the social sphere, . finish construction and put into operation by the Soviet district of Moscow must trust PN Aksenova,
. Kindergartens, sports and recreation complexes, and lots of other facilities, built in Lenin Dachnoye, Orekhovo-Borisovo, ridge Chertanovo, Biryulyovo.

In 1978. PN Aksenov appointed manager RemStroyTrest. In 1986 he conducted the rotation of staff and was offered the post of Vice-chairman of the Soviet District Council.

In September 1990, Mr.. at a meeting of the District Council of People's Deputies come election of the president. PN Aksenov his candidacy. He is one of 16 applicants for this position, but one of the few who have and work experience and management skill area. In the first round of voting he did not have 5.6 votes to defeat his rivals. However, in the second round he won by a large margin and has served as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Soviet District Council.

In the period of radical restructuring of city management in 1991. He already holds the position of deputy prefect of the South-Western Administrative District of Moscow, and in October 1993. he was appointed Prefect of the South-West, a member of the Government of Moscow.

In millionth district had to decide not only the issues of his life, but also give a new impetus, adequate efforts being made for the reconstruction of the city Yuri Luzhkov. First and foremost, to provide input first-class housing in the North Butovo. Here, almost for the first time provides complex building of all the elements that should be in a modern city, to work, life, leisure residents could be full. Today North Butovo - one of the best districts of Moscow, where residents have it all: great modern schools, kindergartens, clinics, a wide network of domestic enterprises located in the ground floors of residential buildings.

South-West is often called the lungs of Moscow: one-third of its area covered by forests (Bitsevskiy, Troparevsky and other parks). However, in 1994. in ecological survey district were unexpected results: County residents have serious problems with broncho-pulmonary disease profile. In this regard, was posed and solved the problem of the construction of 12 modern health centers, which use the newest methods of preventing these diseases in children: the mountain air, inhalation, phyto-cocktails, etc.. The work of these centers by 70% funded Prefecture, and 30% - paid by all municipal councils of districts. In 1999. put into operation a unique broncho-pulmonary health center, equipped with modern medical equipment, which will contribute to radical improvement of health not only the inhabitants of the district, but all Muscovites.

PN Aksenov was one of the initiators of the reconstruction of obsolete 5-storey housing, so-called "Khrushchev". He had to defend this idea, develop a complex mechanism of the demolition of old buildings and build in their place a new, luxury property, and to do so at the expense of extra-budgetary sources

. Crisis management, . which occurred in industrial districts, . its prefect, together with the heads of some companies is creating financial and industrial conglomerate, and clusters of industrial zones with special status, . under which developed a series of unique and promising projects,
. Their goal - to ensure implementation of the most advanced technologies, improve the economy and finance companies, to create for domestic and foreign investors, the relevant conditions.

Today, South-West district of the capital has become an experimental site of introduction of modern technologies of management of housing and communal services, health promotion, education, local media.

PN Aksenov - Candidate of Economic Sciences, an honorary professor of the Moscow Institute of Law Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. He was awarded with the Badge of Honor "(1980)," Friendship of Peoples "(1993), medal" In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow "(1997). For services in the field of construction and years of diligent work he was awarded the title "Honored Builder of Russia" (1996) and "Honored Builder of Moscow" (1998).

Hobby PN Aksenova - Work. In his spare time he likes to attend theater and concert halls, listening to classical music, read the historical literature. Prefers domestic films, based on a real-life situations.

Favorite sports - athletics, skiing, Sambo.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Moscow, Sevastopol Prospect, 28, korp.4. Tel: (+7-095) 128-27-22.

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Pyotr Aksenov, photo, biography
Pyotr Aksenov, photo, biography Pyotr Aksenov  The Prefect of the South-Western Administrative District of Moscow., photo, biography
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