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Lev Kofman

( Chairman of the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports of the Government of Moscow.)

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Biography Lev Kofman
photo Lev Kofman
Born on November 7 1936. g.Vasilevichi in the Gomel region of Belarus.

Graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical Institute im.V.I.Lenina (1957-1962 gg.) Specializing in history lecturer, Russian language and literature, physical education ".

He began his career lecturer at the Department of Physical Education MGPI im.V.I.Lenina (1960-1965 gg.), And then went on a senior lecturer at the Department of Physical Education IISH Kyibyshev. From 1966 to 1971. served as deputy director of educational and sports complex "Science". Since 1971. present - director of the central high school sports skills, which in 1988. was reorganized into the Moscow City physical training and sports association, and since 1991. also appointed deputy chairman of the Moscow Committee of Education. Since March 1999. is chairman of the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports of the Government of Moscow.

LB Kofman has been actively teaching career, leading to the 1987. Department of Physical Education, Moscow State Pedagogical University im.V.I.Lenina. Is a doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor.

In 1989. developed a system for management of physical culture and sport in Moscow, which was approved by the Ministry of Education and recommended for implementation in the regions of Russia. In 1998. the direct participation of LB Kofman were first developed and successfully held World Youth Games under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee.

Awarded the Order of Honor "(1996), medals" For Valiant Labor in commemoration of 100 anniversary of the birth of Lenin "(1971)," 850 anniversary of Moscow "(1997 ), as well as Gold Medal VDNH USSR (1992). In 1998. honored with the President of Russia for participation in the preparation of the national team of Russia to the Olympic Games in Nagano (Japan), as well as senior IOC Olympic Order.

LB Kofman - Honored coach of Russia, Honored Worker of Physical Culture, judge-Union and international categories, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor. He is president of the Federation of Russia in freestyle (since 1994), a member of the Executive Committee of the Olympic Committee of Russia (since 1995), chairman of the International Coordinating Committee of the World Youth Games (since 1998)

. Has more than 60 publications, . including: "Sport classes today and tomorrow" (1981), . "The concept of physical education and health of children and adolescents" (1992), . "A comprehensive program of physical education classes students VX secondary school" (1992), . "Statutory basis of training young athletes", . "Your Olympic tutorial: Tutorial for educational institutions of Russia / Olympic Committee of Russia" (1996), . "Youth Sport and Physical Education of Youth" (1998),

Favorite leisure activities - reading books, especially on historical topics. Do not miss opportunities to view theater and cinema news. Playing tennis. He likes to spend time with her grandson and family.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Sylvia g.mlazo for Lev Kofman
  • Dear Lev! Great to see you on the website. I and my children Monica and Martin are invited to the Unesco International Conference on Inclusive Education, May 14-18. We shall be in Moscow on May 18-20. Hope we can see you then. Will appreciate getting an email from you. Warmest regards and looking forward to seeing you and your family. Sincerely yours, Sylvia Lazo from the Philippines
  • Tahseel for Lev Kofman
  • Hi ! Mr. Lev B Kofman i am from UAE and really need o talk to you to get some details from you. kindly revert back to me, waiting to get the an email from you. Thanks.
  • Diane & Noel Cipriano for Lev Kofman
  • Oh Lev, what a surprise to find you here. We would love to reconnect. What wonderful memories we have of our Long BeC MS Sister City connections. Please let us know how we ca. Reach you. So many great memories. . .sending hugs . . .Diane
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