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( People's Artist of USSR, USSR State Prize Laureate, laureate of international competitions)

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Biography CEMENYAKA Lyudmila
photo CEMENYAKA Lyudmila
Born January 16, 1952 in Leningrad.

Dancing ability and artistry Ludmila first appeared in the choreographic circle of the Palace of Pioneers Zhdanov. At 10, she enrolled at the Leningrad Choreographic School named after Agrippina Vaganova, . already in the 12 years she made her debut at the Theater of Opera and Ballet, the Kirov (now Mariinsky Theater) in the solo part a little Marie in the Nutcracker ballet (staged Basil Vainonen),

In 1969, Lyudmila Semenyaka became the winner of the First International Ballet Competition in Moscow, where she saw Galina Ulanova and Yuri Grigorovich

. In 1970, she graduated from college in the class of Nina Belikova, . student of Agrippina Vaganova, . and was invited to the Opera and Ballet, the Kirov, . where she performed soloist roles in Columbine, The Bronze Horseman ", . Cupid in "Don Quixote", . Princess Florine in "Sleeping Beauty", . pas de trois in "Swan Lake" and worked under the guidance of Irina Kolpakova.,

. In 1972, after the All-Union Competition choreographers and ballet dancers in Moscow, where Lyudmila became the silver winner, Yuri Grigorovich, invited her to the Bolshoi Theater
. In 1972, the artist has successfully made its debut in the Bolshoi Theater "Swan Lake" at the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses in the role of Odette-Odile. Her mentor was the legendary Galina Ulanova, be the most significant impact on the work of ballerina.

Artistic off Semeniako swift and successful. Yuri Grigorovich asked her all the classical repertoire and the central party in all his ballets. Among her roles - Odette-Odile (Swan Lake), . Giselle (Giselle), . Aurora and Princess Florine (Sleeping Beauty), . Kitri (Don Quixote), . Nikia (La Bayadere), . Raymond, . La Sylphide ( "Les Sylphides"), . Ballerina ( "Petrouchka"), . Katherine ( "Stone Flower"), . Shirin ( "Legend of Love"), . Marie (Nutcracker), . Phrygia (Spartacus), . Juliet (Romeo and Juliet "), . Anastasia ( "Ivan the Terrible"), . Rita (The Golden Age "), . Shakespeare's images of Lady Macbeth ( "Macbeth" by Vladimir Vasiliev), . Hero and Beatrice ( "Love for Love" Faith Bokkadoro explanation of the comedy "Much Ado About Nothing"),
. For the role of contemporary women Valentina Angara A. Eshpai (based on the play "Irkutsk Story" by Alexander Arbuzov) L. Semenyaka awarded the USSR State Prize (1976).

Ballerina successful tours of the best scenes of the world. Her performances have become an event in Paris, London, Stockholm, Tokyo, New York, Prague, Budapest and many other cities. Also in 1976 she won first prize and gold medal of the First International Ballet Competition in Tokyo and in Paris, Serge Lifar gives her name as Anna Pavlova Prize of the Paris Academy of Dance.

At the same time Semenyaka actively involved in the artistic life in their homeland. In 1975 she was awarded the Lenin Komsomol Prize, which takes into account the best achievements of young people. Ballerina is a welcome guest and participant of festive creative reports, patronage concerts, public shares. She became a member of the Committee for Protection of the world, its invite to the National Academy of creativity and as a promoter of art of Russian ballet directed to a variety of tours throughout the country. Ballerina is gaining popularity from Petrozavodsk to Krasnoyarsk. In 1986 it awarded the title People's Artist of the USSR. In the same year, Lyudmila Semenyaka receives prestigious London Evening Standart British prize for excellence in the choreographic art.

Fate brings her to the outstanding masters of ballet Marina Semenova, Asaf Messerer, Alicia Markova, and many others. Among the partners Lyudmila Semeniako were about 100 dancers, . including the best performers of his era: Vladimir Vasiliev, . Mikhail Baryshnikov, . Nikolai Fadeyechev, . Maris Liepa, . Mikhail Lavrovsky, . Alexander Godunov, . Yuri Soloviev, . Irek Mukhammedov, . Farukh Ruzimatov, . Laurent Iler, . Fernando Buhones, . Julio Bocca, . Per Arthur Segerstrom and others,
. Lyudmila Semenyaka - the first performer of the party Roxana in the ballet by Roland Petit's "Cyrano de Bergerac" to the music of M. Constant, . transferred to the Bolshoi Theater in 1989, . as well as the party Sonia Marmeladova in the ballet "Crime and Punishment" to the music of Arvo Part Aarvo, . delivered to the ballerina choreographer Murdmaa May 1990 in the Theater "Estonia" (Tallinn).,

. Her name is among the outstanding masters of the world of ballet and is synonymous with "Russian school of classical dance"
. Interpretations ballerina dozens of articles devoted to the world's leading ballet critics and dance historians, Mary Clark, Clive Barnes, Anna Kisselgof and other. The famous English critic Clement Crisp wrote about Semenyaka: "This is a classical dance in its grandeur and purity, exquisite technique, combined with extraordinary expressiveness. Her art has an impeccable pedigree, is part of a living tradition, directly related to the famous St. Petersburg ballerinas XIX century. Lyudmila Semenyaka with honor continues the tradition of his style of dance, aristocracy, which permeated her every gesture. "

. Style Semeniako ballet called bel canto: the most virtuosic choreographic passages she performs easily and clearly, if they are placed specially for her
. Admire the perfect addition ballerina, . criticism is especially appreciated in its natural dance style, . freedom, . with which it enjoys natural data and techniques in dance, . as well as the organic combination of impeccable academic Petersburg with a vivid emotional style of playing in Moscow,
. When Semenyaka appears on the scene, the audience seemed to pass through an electric discharge, causing the monitor every movement of the ballerina. Semenyaka - diverse artist. It continues the tradition of the psychological school of the Russian theater that had developed in the works Yermolova, Chaliapin, Anna Pavlova, Stanislavsky, Ulanova. Especially close Semenyaka Russian icons and the main motives of Russian art. Her heroines are peculiar delicacy, lyricism, radiant illumination, and at the same time, resistance, sacrifice, service debt.

In the 1970's, in an era of strict separation between Role, Semenyaka was one of the first dancers who begin to perform diverse roles. When in the early 1990's among artists in the habit to take on any role and performing style leveled, it is again one of the first, went into stylization. Ballerina finds ways to create an image of old-style, without abandoning modern dance techniques and aesthetics.

. Lyudmila Semenyaka acts in the best theaters in Washington, . New York, . LA, . London, . Paris, . Vienna, . Stockholm, . Amsterdam, . Berlin, . Frankfurt, . Wiesbaden, . Madrid, . Rome, . Milan, . Venice, . Warsaw, . Prague, . Budapest, . Cairo, . as well as in Australia, . Japan, . Philippines, . Argentina, . Brazil, . Chile, . Mexico and other countries of the Bolshoi, . as well as with leading international ballet companies,
. Among its most significant foreign interventions - participation in the jubilee concert of Galina Ulanova (Hommage a Oulanova, . Paris, . Pleyel Hall, . 1981), . performances in the main parties in the classical repertory theater performances ABT (New York), . Grand Opera (Paris), . Royal Swedish Opera and other,

. In 1990-1991 worked as a dancer under contract in the company of English National Ballet (Cinderella's debut in the party in Prokofiev's "Cinderella", . Choreographer Ben Stevenson) and the Scottish National Ballet (debut as Aurora in the ballet "Sleeping Beauty"),
. Historic event press called Ludmila Semeniako a troupe ColцЁn (Buenos Aires, Argentina), marked with a special prize. In 1990, about her participation in the premiere of the ballet "Sleeping Beauty", the Argentine newspaper "La Nation" wrote: "Modern technology and expressiveness Aurora Semeniako transform into a symbol of eternal beauty of classical dance. Its line of exquisite and clean ". In 1992, Lyudmila Semenyaka with great success dancing in the theater ColцЁn's ballet "La Bayadere" in editorial Natalia Makarova. As events are perceived and charity galas Ludmila Semeniako, speaking surrounded by international ballet stars in New Orleans, the cities of Israel and Brussels

. The period of creative maturity dancers came in the era of Mikhail Gorbachev, . Semenyaka granted the right to make ballet symbol adjustment: in 1987 on stage in Washington, Kennedy Center, she performed in a gala concert, . anticipating the historic meeting of the Secretary-General of the CPSU with U.S. President Ronald Reagan,

Lyudmila Semenyaka participated in the revival of the charity movement in Russia. In 1989, with the support of the Cultural Foundation and the Government of the USSR, it held one of the first charity events - a gala concert "Invitation Lyudmila Semenyaka" in the Moscow Concert Hall named after PI. Tchaikovsky, which was attended by ms. Gorbachev and his wife and members of the Government of the USSR. The evening became a significant social and artistic development. Along with scenes from classical ballets and performances of the Bolshoi Theater Semenyaka presented fragments is not performed in our ballet "Sylvia" and Balanchine's "In Search of Lost Time" by Roland Petit, . as well as the pas de deux from ballet "Esmeralda" (editorial Gilpin / birch) and "Talisman" (choreography by Marius Petipa in the wording O. Jordan and A. Ermolaeva, . restored P. Gusev for Ludmila Semeniako, . Prime 22/12/1984, . Bolshoi),
. Partners dancers were Irek Mukhammedov, Yuri Posokhov, Vadim Pisarev, Gediminas Taranda.

After working 25 years at the Bolshoi Theater ballerina, continues to expand its repertoire. In the St. Petersburg Opera and Ballet Theater named after Mussorgsky she meets with the Danish keeper choreographic school Elsa-Marianne von Rosen, who broadcasts Semenyaka role in the ballet La Sylphide by August Bournonville. Her repertoire includes Female ( "Vision of roses", . Choreography by M. Fokine), . central roles in the ballets "Serenade" and "Theme and Variations" (choreographer Dzh.Balanchin), . Fanny Cerrito ( "Pas de Quatre", . choreographer Anton Dolin, . explanation of Jules Perrot), . Grand Pas from Petipa ballet "Paquita", . "The Swan" (choreographed by Fokine), . pas de deux of "Summer" (choreographer K. MacMillan), . Lady of the heart in "Fantasy on a Theme of Casanova" (choreographer Mikhail Lavrovsky) and Juliet in the famous production of "Romeo and Juliet" choreographed by Leonid Lavrovsky,

In 1999, Lyudmila Semenyaka debut as a choreographer-director, preparing for her solo performance number "from the role in part to the music of Mozart

. By connecting with the Bolshoi Theater, . Lyudmila Semenyaka tours, . participates in major international festivals in Russia and Ukraine, . successfully advocated for all pedagogical Position: giving lessons, . masterclasses, . helps dancers to prepare the party and contest programs,
. She - Jury member of international ballet competitions: in Ljubljana (1998), . international competition named after Yuri Grigorovich "Fuete Artek" (Crimea, . 1998 and 1999), . behalf of Serge Lifar (Kiev, . 1999), . in Nagoya (2000 and 2001), . international prize Benois de la danse (2000).,

. Drama gift Ludmila Semeniako found unconditional support to the dramatic scene
. In 2000, the Theater School of the modern play, especially for L. Semeniako was delivered a performance of perfect cure for boredom "on the play Seeds Zlotnikova, where her partner was made by Albert Filozov

. With its participation to make a film-ballets: "Dancing Lyudmila Semenyaka", "The Bolshoi ballerina", "Monologue of a ballerina", "Invitation Lyudmila Semenyaka," "Raymonda," "Spartacus," "Stone Flower", "The Nutcracker", "World Ulanova, and others.

. Artistry and creative energy Ludmila Semeniako evident in many areas
. It creates a ballet libretto, develops design ballet costumes and accessories, studying literature, music, cinema, painting and sculpture. She - a welcome guest of radio and television. Enjoyed a creative meeting with the public and colleagues who generously shared his experiences with the pupils, which takes care of a motherly.

For it is very important to communicate with nature, in which the ballerina is the source of many artistic ideas. High sense of his life Lyudmila Semenyaka sees in the upbringing of his son Ivan, who is willing to transfer the best qualities of his personality.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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CEMENYAKA Lyudmila, photo, biography CEMENYAKA Lyudmila  People's Artist of USSR, USSR State Prize Laureate, laureate of international competitions, photo, biography
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