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Vanslov Viktor

( Active Member and member of the Presidium of the Russia Academy of Arts, Doctor of Arts, Professor, Honored Artist of Russia)

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Biography Vanslov Viktor
photo Vanslov Viktor
Born May 16, 1923 in the town of Vyatka, in a family of educators. Father - Vanslov Vladimir Vladimirovich, candidate of philological sciences, docent. Mother - Vanslova (Fesechko) Maria Leonidovna, candidate of philological sciences, docent.

From 1933 to 1939 VV. Vanslov lived with his parents in the city of Kalinin (now Tver), studied in school and music school, visited a children's studio of art. At that time, he is fond of drawing and playing the piano, but first won music. In 1939, a young man he moved to Moscow and entered the theoretical and composing the music department at the College of the Moscow Conservatory, . which he graduated in the year and a half years and at the end of 1940 was passed to the historical and theoretical faculty of the Moscow Conservatory.,

. In 1941, in connection with the war, VV
. Vanslov was declared unfit for military service on sight and together with his parents moved to evacuation in Barnaul, where he entered the literary department of the Barnaul Pedagogical Institute, which he graduated in 1944. Then he returned to the historical and theoretical faculty of the Moscow Conservatory, graduating with honors in 1948. In 1946-1947 VV. Vanslov his postgraduate studies at the Institute of Philosophy Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the sector of aesthetics.

Thus, even in the years of study defined the versatility and breadth of education VV. Vanslova. This could lead to some uncertainty and dispersion, . what, . however, . happened not only because, . that everywhere he studied at the well and tried to learn things deeply, . but because, . was able to find literature, . Music, . Art brings together some of their top,
. They became the aesthetics, which VV. Vanslov carried away and studied it particularly seriously and that in the early stages was the basis of his creative work.

Gainful employment VV. Vanslova began in 1947. In 1947-1948 he taught theoretical discipline in the College of Music in Moscow Conservatory. In 1948-1950 he was a senior editor of the book publishing editorial "Muzgiz" in 1950-1958 years - the youngest, and then Senior Researcher Institute of Philosophy of aesthetics USSR. In 1955-1957 years concurrently taught aesthetics at the Moscow Conservatory.

Starting to work in the field of music and aesthetics, VV. Vanslov not broke, and visual arts. Auditor studied some courses in oriental department of Moscow University (in Yu.D.. Kolpinskogo, AA. Fedorov-Davydov, GA. Nedoshivina), visited the exhibition and artists' studios, had extensive contacts in the artistic environment. Therefore, in his books on the aesthetics of "Content and Form in Art" (Moscow: Art, . 1966) and "The Problem of beauty" (M.: Politizdat, . 1957), he is equally relied on the literature, . music and art, . and giving lectures on aesthetics in a team of Bolshoi Theater, . was introduced to his repertoire and in 1956 began to write reviews of opera and ballet performances.,

. In 1958, VV
. Vanslov resigned from the Institute of Philosophy and until 1963 worked as a lecturer on aesthetics, criticism in the field of musical theater and theatrical-decorative art in the theater-Russia Society. He traveled almost all the musical theater of the country, where he lectured, conducted the discussion shows, write reviews, participated in academic conferences.

During this period, VV. Vanslov especially carefully studied ballet. He not only visited and criticized the ballet performances, but was present at the rehearsals, observing classes at the ballet school, I studied all the available literature on the choreography.

The result of the VV. Vanslova in All-Russia theatrical society began generalizing this activity book "Opera and its stage incarnation" (M.: WTO, . 1963), . Fine Arts and Musical Theater (Moscow: Soviet Artist, . 1963), . "The artist Vadim Ryndin (Moscow: Soviet Artist, . 1965), . "The artist Simon Virsaladze (Moscow: Soviet Artist, . 1969), . Ballet Grigorovich's choreography and problems "(Moscow: Art, . 1968, . 2 ed,
. 1971) and others

From 1963 to the present VV. Vanslov working in the Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts, Russia Academy of Fine Arts. Here, in the years 1963-1973 he was head of the department of theory, in years 1973-1988 - deputy director for science, and from 1988 to the present day is the director of this institute.

In recent years, under the initiative and active participation of VV. Vanslova the institute raised the role of scientific trends by type of art, new study sections: ancient art, domestic art of the twentieth century, design, and publishing sector. To work in the Institute was invited by a number of talented scientists, and here today employs 20 doctors and 35 candidates, six leading scholars elected to Rossiyskuyu Academy of Arts.

Conducting administrative work, VV. Vanslov pays primary attention to the scientific and creative. He has participated in many collective works of the Institute is systematically performed with articles in the press and published several books on aesthetics, fine arts, ballet. The most important of them: "Aesthetics of Romanticism" (MA: Art, 1966), "Comprehensive development of personality and arts" (Moscow: Soviet Artist, 1963, 2 nd ed. 1966), . "On the easel art and its fate" (M.: Visual Arts, . 1972), . "Progress in the Arts (MA: Art, . 1973), . Fine Arts and the problem of aesthetics "(L.: Artist of the RSFSR, . 1975), . Fine Arts and Music "(LA: Artist of the RSFSR, . 1977, . 2 ed,
. 1984), "Aesthetics. Arts. Art studies (MA: Art, 1983), "What is art" (MA: Art, 1988), "Articles on ballet. Musical and choreographic challenges Ballet (L.: Music, 1980) and others

Viktor Vanslov - one of the constellation of art of the twentieth century, whose works have made an outstanding contribution to the national science of art. Over five decades of faithful service to art and art-science had written and published 20 Basic Research, . trained more than 700 articles on aesthetics, . Art, . theatrical decorative art, . Choreography, . Opera, . music in various encyclopedias, . reference and bibliographic publications, . collections of scientific, . release, . catalogs, . specialized journals, . newspapers, . TV, . radio and other media.,

. VV
. Vanslov - one of the authors and editors of publications such fundamental, . a five-volume anthology of the "Monuments of the world of aesthetic ideas" (M.: Art, . 1967-1970), . book "Paths of development of Russian art of the late XIX - early XX century" (Moscow: Art, . 1972), . "Modernism,
. Analysis and criticism of the main directions (MA: Art, 1-ed. - 1969, 2 ed. - 1973, 3rd ed. - 1980, 4 th ed. - 1987), "Peredvizhnik" (M.: Visual Arts, 1975) and others. Many creative powers invested in the academic publication panoramic study - 2 volumes album "Imperial Academy of Arts.

The contribution VV. Vanslova in the creation of various kinds of dictionaries and encyclopedias. He is the author of several articles in the 'Short dictionary of aesthetics "(MA: Education, . 1983) and dictionary "Aesthetics" (M.: Politizdat, . 1989), . encyclopedic dictionaries "Young artist" (Moscow: Pedagogy, . 1983), . "Young Musician" (Moscow: Pedagogy, . 1985), . "Young viewers" (Moscow: Pedagogy, . 1989), . in encyclopedias "Moscow" (Moscow: Soviet Encyclopedia, . 1980), . Ballet (Moscow: Soviet Encyclopedia, . 1981), . Russian Ballet (Moscow: Consent, . 1997), . in an international encyclopedia "The Dance" (New York, . 1988), . as well as in the 'Short glossary of Fine Arts (Moscow: Soviet Artist, . 1965) and in terminological dictionaries "Plastic Arts" (M.: Passy, . 1-ed,
. - 1994, 2 ed. - 1995) and "Apollo" (Moscow: Ellis varnish, 1997).

In recent years, VV. Vanslov carried away the problems of use in art and art-science of new information and multimedia technologies. He wrote a series of methodical and methodological plan, the institute efforts of his staff created information retrieval system, Russia Academy of Arts since its inception in the XVIII century to the present day.

In 1950, VV. Vanslov defended his thesis on the theme "Music as a reflection of reality" in the Moscow State Conservatory named after PI. Tchaikovsky, in 1964 - a doctoral thesis on "Synthesis of Arts in opera at the State Institute of Theatrical Art named after AV. Lunacharsky. Since 1973 he is a professor.

VV. Vanslov is a member of three creative unions: the Union of Composers - since 1951, the Union of theatrical figures (former WTO) - in 1961 and the Union of artists - from 1965. He is a member of a number of the Academic Councils and Arts Councils in the Academy of Arts and other institutions. He participated in the creation of "Ballet" magazine in 1981 and since then has been a member of the editorial board of this journal.

In 1973, VV. Vanslov elected a corresponding member of Academy of Arts, in 1988 - a full member in 1998 - a member of its Presidium. Since 1984, VV. Vanslov - Honored Artist of Russia. He was awarded medals of Friendship and "For Service to the Fatherland" IV degree, as well as medals.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Vanslov Viktor, photo, biography
Vanslov Viktor, photo, biography Vanslov Viktor  Active Member and member of the Presidium of the Russia Academy of Arts, Doctor of Arts, Professor, Honored Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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