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Renat Akchurin Suleimanovich

( Academic Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, laureate of USSR State Prize)

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Biography Renat Akchurin Suleimanovich
photo Renat Akchurin Suleimanovich
Born April 2, 1946 in Andijan Uzekskoy SSR, in a family of educators. Father - Akchurin Suleiman Safievich (1909 g. born.). Mother - Akchurina Tazkira Kiyamovna (1912 g. born.). Wife - Akchurina Natalia Pavlovna (1946. born.), works at the Research Institute of Eye Diseases Helmholtz. Sons: Maxim Renatovich (1973 g. born.) Andrew Renatovich (1978. born.).

In 1964, R.S. Akchurin graduated from high school? 1 in the city of Andijan and Andijan enrolled in medical school. In 1968 he transferred to the 1-st Moscow Medical Institute named after IM. Sechenov. In 1970, in the student's medical unit participated in the aftermath of the earthquake in Peru

. After graduation from August 1971 to September 1972 worked as a practitioner, a therapist at Reutovskaya City Hospital, Moscow region, and was then transferred to a post trauma surgeon, worked there until September 1973
. Concurrently, a surgeon in the 70 th hospital in Moscow and traumatologist in Balashikha district hospital.

In 1973, Renat Akchurin was enrolled in a clinical internship in surgery, Scientific Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery of the Ministry of Health, headed by academician BV. Peter. In March 1975, after graduation he was accepted to the post of research assistant in the Department of microvascular surgery VNTSH Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1978 he defended his thesis on "Organization and indications for microsurgical replantation of fingers" and was transferred to the post of senior researcher department of microsurgery of vessels.

In 1984, at the suggestion E.I. Chazova Renat Akchurin began to specialize in cardiac surgery and was sent for training at the clinic of the famous American surgeon Michael DeBakey (Houston, USA). After his return he was appointed head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Institute of Clinical Cardiology behalf AL. Myasnikov Cardiology Research and Production Center of RAMS. In this capacity, R.S. Akchurin works to this day.

Professor R.S. Akchurin widely known in Russia and abroad as a respected scholar and expert, developed the unique direction in reconstructive, vascular, and cardiac surgery. His research and contributions to the health associated with the development of microsurgery, microsurgery of the development of coronary. For many years he worked on such pioneering areas, . as plastic and reconstructive microsurgery, . reconstructive and plastic surgery of extremities, . reconstructive microsurgery of the coronary arteries, . Surgical treatment of coronary heart disease, . Surgical treatment of arrhythmia, . myocardial protection, . Laser angioplasty, . of transplantation of the heart and heart-lung complex,
. In the sphere of his scientific interests and issues of surgical treatment of diseases of the aorta and its branches, the issues of surgical treatment of multifocal atherosclerosis, the use of modern technologies in surgery of cancer.

R.S. Akchurin is a sponsor of the first in the country operations replantation of fingers, . transplant toes to brush, . composite plastic surgery to restore adactyl brush, . transplant skin-muscle flap to replace the muscle and skin defects of the neck, . forearm, . legs,
. In 1982, for work on replantation of the fingers and wrist with microsurgical technique, he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR. Working in Cardiology, he is the first in Europe to introduce an operating microscope and microsurgical techniques in coronary surgery, microsurgical operations on the branches of renal arteries, the vertebral arteries.

In the Cardiology Research Center, Professor R.S. Akchurin heads work on "Reconstructive microsurgery of the coronary arteries". He worked in experimental and clinical guidelines coronary microsurgery and substantiated the necessity of their introduction to a broad medical practice. Under his direct supervision performed all scientific and technical research on the basic and related issues of this work. For the first time in the country, he established a school of domestic coronary microsurgery and has trained many leading specialists. It is no accident in 1995, it was he who was appointed head of the team of surgeons successfully operated the RF President BN. Yeltsin.

High operational activity (6-8 operations per week for open-heart) R.S. Akchurin successfully combines with teaching and research activities. They are 6 doctors and 20 candidates of medical sciences in the field of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.

R.S. Akchurin - author of more than 300 publications on various aspects of modern medicine (physiology and pathophysiology, experimental models, vascular microsurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation, cardiology). He is the initiator and one of the main developers of the Federal program "Medical high-tech", . has been thoroughly investigated and handled most of the leading scientific and medical institutions as the Ministry of Health of Russia, . and the Russia Academy of Medical Sciences.,

. The fact widespread recognition of distinguished service professor R.S
. Akchurina is his election a member of Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, and a member of the Board of Directors of the International Surgical Society of M. DeBakey (1995), a member of the Scientific Council of the World Society angiologists (1994), a member of the presidium Rossiyskogo Society for Cardiovascular Surgery (1994), a member of the European Society for Cardiovascular Surgery (2000).

R.S. Akchurin awarded the Order of Honor (1996), the Order of the Commander (Peru, 2000), as well as the Order of the Eagle III degree (1997) and the International Order of the Paul Harris, a non-governmental organization Rotary International (1998).

. Renat Suleimanovich fond of music, sports, hunting, fishing and tourism.

. Lives and works in Moscow.

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Renat Akchurin Suleimanovich, photo, biography
Renat Akchurin Suleimanovich, photo, biography Renat Akchurin Suleimanovich  Academic Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, laureate of USSR State Prize, photo, biography
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