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Gaponyuk Peter Yakovlevich

( MD, Ph.D., professor, head of Research Center JSC 'Firn M')

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Biography Gaponyuk Peter Yakovlevich
photo Gaponyuk Peter Yakovlevich
Born June 8, 1941 in Kiev. Father - Gaponyuk Yakov Petrovich (1901. born.) specialty - Agronomist. Mother - Sakun Tatiana (1907. born.) doctor. Wife - Elena Markova (1943 g. born.), biologist. Daughters - Gaponyuk Marina Petrovna (1969. born.), a physician; Gaponyuk Polina P. (1978 g.rozhd.), a student at the University of Melbourne. Son - Ilya Markov (1969. born.), economist, head Farmtsentra.

In 1941 the father PO Box. Gaponyuk went to the front. He went through the war, participated in the Battle of Stalingrad, came to Berlin and met with a victory in the rank of captain in the troops of 5-Second Shock Army 2-nd Russian Front. Mother of future professors, military doctor, together with the wounded soldiers and their two sons - an infant Pete are not even 2 months - in 1941, plunged into the train, heading to the East. In the steppes Salsk Stavropol train was bombed, and the family ended up in the North Caucasus, in the city of Essentuki.

The fact that Peter will go into medicine, no doubt, no one initially arose - such is a family tradition. His mother worked in medicine for over 55 years, my grandfather, Eugene N. Sakun, also a doctor, in 1920 founded in the Kuban Medical Institute, Department of balneology and balneotherapy. In fact, it was he, Soviet Russia was obliged to resumption fashionable at the royal regime mud ...

With the Kuban Medical Institute, a student whose PO Box. Gaponyuk began in 1958, bound and more ancient blood ties. Great-grandmother on the mother, Antonina Radzivonauna Pospolitaki, in the middle of the XIX century was brought up here girls (in those years the building housed a medical institute Yekaterinodar finishing school).

. Peter Gaponyuk since childhood to learn from all five
. He with a gold medal graduated high school? 2 cities Essentuki. And the institute has received the red diploma. However, a student, he was distinguished not only brilliant answers to the exams, but also astonishing thoroughness. He absolutely did not want to teach what you do not understand and get to the essence of the subject, often came to conclusions which astonished the teachers. Excellent Gaponyuk criticized everything he thought worthy of criticism. One even tried to get to the true meaning of the word "socialism" that had almost led to the most deplorable consequences.

In 1964, after the institute, its activity has moved to Obninsk, the Institute of Medical Radiology, Academy of Medical Sciences. There, graduate student and Associate Department of Radiation Pathophysiology PO Box. Gaponyuk under the leadership of one of the greatest scientists of the world in the field of permeability and inflammation of Professor I. Oyvina defended his Ph.D. (1967) and prepared a doctorate (1975) dissertation, . gave a theoretical justification for the action of all anti-inflammatory drugs.,

. Gaponyuk proved, . that the effect of these drugs are based on reducing the energy processes in the tissue, . formulated the principles of anti-inflammatory therapy, . based on suppression of energy processes in cells of vascular endothelial, . demonstrated the presence of contractile elements in these cells and the mechanism of increasing vascular permeability, . based on the reduction of endothelial cells to form between them channels, . where the rush of blood proteins, . ie the mechanism of formation of edema during inflammation.,

. He also proved, . that the restoration of normal endothelial cells (from the cuts and which depends on both times the permeability of fabrics) should begin as early as the acute period of illness - then the tissue respiration recovers quickly and completely, . that can significantly reduce tissue damage, . Even with acute myocardial infarction.,

. In Obninsk Gaponyuk headed the Council of Young Professionals
. The board met color young domestic science: fifteen thousand 320 candidates in the age of 33 years. With many of them Peter Yakovlevich maintains relations still. By the way, the wife of Peter Yakovlevich, Elena Markova, too, was a member of the council.

In 1973, PO Box. Gaponyuk goes to work in the 4-th Main Directorate of Ministry of Health of the USSR. Gaponyuk recommendation letter written by Professor M. Oyvinom Deputy Chief of 4-th Main Directorate of Ministry of Health of the USSR in. Savenko, consisted of two lines: "I recommend to you his disciple, the most talented of all my years."

However, the conduct of science in management was more difficult than in Obninsk, as the institution still therapeutic. Gaponyuk began working as a senior research associate laboratory of clinical pharmacology and intensive care, developing methods of diagnosis and treatment of acute myocardial infarction. However, and here he was able, together with Prof. Dr.. Saprygin (originally from the same Council of Young Scientists Obninsk) for the first time in the Union to develop a method of diagnosing myocardial infarction only on the analysis of blood (now it is considered more accurate than the opinion on the electrocardiogram).

. Then again, the first in the country began to treat pain syndromes (humeroscapular periarthritis, . intercostal neuralgia, etc.) in the acute period of myocardial using reflexology, . effectiveness which, . still working in Obninsk, . tried to "own skin" - cured myself by myself sciatica, . earned in the campaign and treatment by means of official medicine did not yield.,

. Interested in the mechanisms of the effects of reflexology, Gaponyuk immersed in the subject and started on its tradition of good, dig to the bottom
. Very soon he came to the conclusion that all the arguments that the gold needles affect differently than silver and that is the point of activation and inhibition - the essence of the legends and myths. The only important place and intensity of exposure.

Gaponyuk reached the following conclusions (affirming them, of course, experimentally): the basis of reflexology is the irritation of the peripheral receptors and nerve agents. By stimulating their doctor blocks the flow of impulses to the diseased organ sends control centers of the brain, disorganizing the normal operation of these centers. Acupuncturist distorted signals are blocked and, moreover, affected organs through the peripheral nerves gives the command to tune to the normal operation, increasing the metabolic processes in target organs, thus exercising their neurostimulation.

. Considering the major advantage of the fact of eastern methods of detection on the body surface areas, which normalizes the effect on internal processes, Gaponyuk decided all confirmed experimentally and systematize
. Interactions of one or another point, he actually wrote them a portrait of vegetative

. Later, in 1983, he created the first (outside China) Topographical atlas of acupuncture points, where as clearly and simply depicted and described where and how to influence, to normalize the functioning of an organ or system.

. Most of these studies was conducted Gaponyuk the Central Institute of balneology and physiotherapy of Ministry of Health of the USSR, where in the years 1977-1988 he headed the Department of electroacupuncture.

. Conditions for Peter Yakovlevich created for myself - to get money, . equipped the department splendid equipment, . as a clinical base selected 32 to Hospital and Polyclinic, . serving all companies Krasnopresnensky area (more than 20 thousand patients).,

. Along with the practical reflexology he was involved in scientific and social activities as vice-president of the All-Union Association of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine, . and volunteer worked as a deputy commission on new technology in the field of physiotherapy in the Ministry of Health,

As deputy chairman of the Commission on the audit of one of the institutions, he refuted the whole research area is a priority in the military-industrial complex. It was, no less, the establishment of secret weapon, based on principles similar to reflexology. In his academic records of Biophysics, trying to prove that if you create some devices, it can be controlled by man (including conditional opponent) at a distance, "nasylaya" to him all sorts of ailments and bringing to a state of complete unfit for battle. MIC all these projects from time to time, he gladly and generously funded and the results especially not hurry ... Gaponyuk experimentally refuted this direction. Developers had to admit that the money went to the MIC wind. Research turned.

And that's another story. Once in the commission of a new technique called the designers of one of the defense enterprises of the city Fryazino and offered to test apparatus millimeter therapy for the treatment of peptic ulcer. Initially, the proposal to use the squared therapy on resonant frequencies Gaponyuk reacted skeptically. But trying to influence on the sensory apparatus of the acupuncture points, was struck: the result has surpassed all expectations. Peter Yakovlevich came to the conclusion that the principle of the millimeter therapy is similar to the principle of acupuncture - the same point impact on the peripheral nerve. Only receptors stimulates the homing device.

He began to promote the miracle of technology, with an obsession with truth-to prove that thousands of clinical trials conducted throughout the country, showed its highest efficiency. However, the director of the Institute was fundamentally against all these new. Despite this, Gaponyuk yet obtained permission to serial production of instruments and sell them.

In 1988-1991, PO Box. Gaponyuk head office reflexology diseases of internal organs of All-Union Scientific Center of Medical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. In 1991 he established his own company - NGO Firn (the successor of which is now the company Firn M), which developed the machines fiziorefleksoterapii and had its own profile Training Center. Half of the former Soviet nuclear power stations were equipped with cabinets Gaponyuk. However, in the early 1990's, most large enterprises, as well as hundreds of other institutions, found themselves in dire financial condition and devices are no longer purchased.

Add team of the company without a livelihood Gaponyuk could not. He decided to study pharmacology. Work in this area has given outstanding results: Pyotr Yakovlevich dispelled the myth of the invincibility of influenza and in 2000 patented drug Grippferon - as experience has shown its clinical use, . better, . than all known antigrippoznye vaccine and drug products.,

. Taking the conventional interferon, who had once betrayed babies in a children's clinic, Gaponyuk increased concentration, penetrating drug and created a technology to preserve its activity in liquid form (two years)
. The result had been Grippferon (genetically engineered, . which makes it possible to produce it in large quantities and do not be afraid of hepatitis), . demi nasal drops, . able to raise the level of interferon as, . that the body can reflect the first attack of any new respiratory viruses and begin to produce antibodies thereto,

Today, Professor Gaponyuk patented several unique products, one of them, for example, solves the problem of allergic rhinitis, which for decades fought scientists around the world. PO Box. Gaponyuk patented a means for AIDS prevention, making it an optimistic vision for the future in dealing with this terrible disease.

PO Box. Gaponyuk - doctor of medical sciences, professor, academician of International Academy of Information, Information Processes and Technology (1998). He is the author of more than 140 publications, . 22 patents and 5 books, . including: Acupuncture (reflex-puncture) therapy "(1983), . Gold that acupuncture "(1999), . "Rukovdstvo on acupuncture therapy" (1999), . Pocket atlas of acupuncture therapy "(1999),
. In 2001 he was awarded a gold medal for scientific work of the International Academy of information, information processes and technologies.

Peter Yakovlevich - a supporter of the new, progressive. In particular, he is fond of Internet technologies. Another of his hobbies is an entirely different plane: a comparative study of life and lifestyle of Australians.

Lives and works in Moscow and Melbourne, which develops new areas of research.

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Gaponyuk Peter Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Gaponyuk Peter Yakovlevich, photo, biography Gaponyuk Peter Yakovlevich  MD, Ph.D., professor, head of Research Center JSC 'Firn M', photo, biography
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